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Okay. I managed to brainstorm some mini ideas for the remaining 2k Giveaway prompts that I have. My goal is to write two of these, at least, between now and Sunday night. The too many options/ideas thing tends to leave me unfocused & unable to write anything, so I’m requesting some reader input. I’m going to list the ships that I currently have the strong bunnies for, and you can comment or send me Asks with the ones that interest you the most. I’m hoping that will make the muse get some focus & the words can then flow this weekend! If you are a 2K Giveaway winner and see a ship you requested listed, it’s the choice from your prompts that is nibbling loudest at the moment, but that could change between now and when I write your gift!










Derek/Stiles with Scott Brotp









See anything that makes you excited???


Isaac x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Hey, you free to hang out tonight?” you asked Isaac who’d been acting weirdly since he came back to school.

“No, busy and you shouldn’t just hang around Beacon Hills after dark.” He muttered without looking away from Erica who was talking to Alisson.

“I’m not I’m planning on going to…” Isaac walked off before you finished the sentence, pulling Erica off somewhere.

“Hey you alright?” Danny asked when you turned and practically smacked into his locker as he opened it.

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  • <p> <b>Allison:</b> Everybody shut up *picks up phone* Hey dad<p/><b>Stiles:</b> HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!<p/><b>Lydia:</b> come back to bed<p/><b>Jackson:</b> *various sex noises*<p/><b>Boyd:</b> tell him I said hi<p/><b>Isaac:</b> aye! pass the weed<p/><b>Cora:</b> *blasting out curse words*<p/><b>Erica:</b> PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON<p/></p>

Just for fun I collected the heights of various Teen Wolf characters (based on the actors)

Core pack, up to S3b-
Lydia: 5’ 3”
Kira: 5’ 4”
Allison, Erica, & Malia: 5’ 8”
Jackson: 5’ 9”
Scott, Stiles, Peter, & Ethan: 5’ 10”
Derek, Danny, & Aiden: 6’ 0”
Isaac: 6’ 2”
Boyd: 6’ 3”

Additional characters-
Liam: 5’ 5”
Mason: 5’ 7”
Braeden: 5’ 8”
Dr. Deaton: 5’ 9”
Chris, & Deucalion: 5’ 10”
Gerard, Sheriff Stilinski, & Jordan Parrish: 6’ 0”
Coach: unknown lol

I find it amusing how, up to S4, Jackson is the shortest guy among the teens. Also I didn’t realize Boyd is that tall or that the twins are different heights. 

This is a good reference to have because Stiles is always said to be tall, but he’s the same height as Scott and he’s average height for the group. If you wanna talk noticeably tall white teens, that’d be Isaac.*

(*All these characters are played by actors older than twenty. So you can still have a headcanon where actual-teen Stiles shoots up in height first, just this is me saying Stiles’s height, on the show, isn’t that significant.)

My headcanons/au masterlist:

-Packmom!Stiles is my number one.

-Stiles is a great chef and baker.

-Puppy piles exist, and Derek hates that they get called that even though he loves all the tactile affection and it makes everyone feel safe.

-Derek is a dark chocolate covered marshmallow: Bitter in the outside and a complete gooey mess on the inside.

-Derek is pack dad, alpha or not.

-Isaac is literally the golden pup. He likes it when people play with his hair.

-Lydia is a badass motherfucker on every occasion and I can’t be convinced otherwise.


-Isaac is just the cuddliest piece of fluff.

-Jackson being way overprotective of the pack if anyone is mean to them, because he’s the only one who can bully them.

-When Erica is sad she and Stile’s watch Batman movies. She likes to mix popcorn with peanut M&Ms.

-Bisexual!Scott because then Isaac/Scott/Allison ot3

-Lydia has a problem with buying too many different teas.

-Isaac is addicted to extreme couponing.

-Erica is a catty bitch but also super kind to those she loves. Total badass.

-Boyd is a pillar of calm for everyone.

-Scott is megaprotective of Liam because he’s like precious okay.

-Alive!Allison, Alive!Erica, Alive!Boyd

-Please don’t ship Peter times anyone he’s an asshole and gross and just evil.

-Liam and Jackson are really close and they just click as best buds.

-Kira and Malia are into eachother because they both deserve better.

-Kira, Allison, Malia, Lydia, Erica and Mason have girl’s night out a lot. Mason is there as an honorary member.


-When Scott, Derek, and Lydia go out of town to get Intel from another pack, Stiles has to soothe Liam, Isaac, and Jackson because they’re damn puppies.

-Scott tries to give Derek and Stile’s alone time every now and then by taking everyone to the park.

-Derek brings Stiles curly fries when he has a bad day.

-Isaac likes to watch marvel movies with Stiles and Scott since Derek and Erica won’t.

-Jackson secretly likes the notebook and is a complete SAP but hides it well.

-Kira is a total klutz but literally makes everyone smile just by existing.

-Erica makes the best koolaid and it drives everyone insane because she’ll never share her secrets.

-Derek buys everyone a leather jacket except Stiles. He’s too turned on by Stiles wearing a red hoodie.

-Lydia does the pack finances and taxes with Mason’s help. Derek and Allison teach everyone hand-to-hand and gun combat. Erica and Malia make sure everyone gets to lacrosse on time and have their stuff since they have the least extracurriculars. Stiles and Isaac are in charge of the groceries because Scott, Erica, and Derek could eat them out of house and home. Everyone helps with chores around the pack house after Derek rebuilds the Hale house and gives everyone a room.

-Jordan is a sassmaster and he Derek like to grill together.

-Stiles loves when Derek leaves hickeys on him. Derek loves doing that.

-Everyone gets a part time job, just a couple hours a week to help pay for food and to have some extra spending money, Derek takes care of everything else.

-Derek rents an art studio to sell his work in town.

-Scott needs tummy rubs on occasion because he eats too many of the things. Isaac and Allison are happy to oblige.

-Liam, Isaac, and Erica are the hardest to wake up in the morning. Stiles and Malia are the easiest.

-Lydia is addicted to buying shoes. Total shoe fetish. But even worse about it.

-Even though the wolves and Kira and Parrish heal fast, Stiles always kisses their cuts and scrapes to make them feel better.

-Kira is a total cosplay geek and she gets Mason and Liam into it too.

-Derek complains his jeans are getting tight because of Stile’s baking. Stiles has no comment except that Derek has a nice ass.

-When it’s your turn in the cookie rotation you don’t get in trouble for fear of losing it.


Teen Wolf AU: The pack decide to take a road trip to try and forget about all the bad things that have happened to them over the past few months. Scott takes it upon himself to document the trip, recording everything. Everybody is happy, nobody’s dead and everything is beautiful. (part 1) (part 2)

anonymous asked:

I really liked that Stiles was slowly integrating himself into the Hale pack before the show started to become a hot mess. It was nice seeing him take care of Erica, corner Jackson with her and Isaac and try to awkwardly befriend Boyd. Stiles and Hale pack 2.0 is one of my fav tropes.

I agree with this so much!! In my mind Stiles is very much a part of the Hale pack along with Boyd, Erica, Isaac, and Jackson. I’m very grateful for fanfic because without it, we wouldn’t have so many variations of the Hale Pack. I’m disappointed with the show but I’m also glad they left it alone because I don’t wanting them ruining it even more.

It’s a sleepover!

Teen Wolf S6 Plot Holes

Things that would happen since Peter Hale is erased but didn’t:

1. Paige would be alive
2. Derek wouldn’t have killed Paige leading him to never have blue eyes
3. Laura Hale would be alive
4. Scott McCall wouldn’t be a werewolf
5. Lydia wouldn’t be a Banshee
6. Malia would never have been born
7. Allison would currently be alive since Scott was never turned
8. Peter was the benefactor, so season 4 doesn’t exist
9. Kate Argent would never have been turned
10. Peters ultimate goal was to make Beacon Hills into a supernatural sanctum where he can control the supernatural world. So…yeah none of that.
11. Where’s Jackson then?


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