Niestety, nie jest to plakat, a szkoda, bo ilustracja jest fantastyczna i pięknie by wyglądała na ścianie, gdyby ją można było sobie wyjąć :) To chyba moja ulubiona książka Erica Carla, już dawno ją kupiłam, z sześć lat temu chyba, a wciąż nie doczekała się polskiego wydania, choć inne tytuły tego autora już u nas są.


over the weekend, i visited the gallery opening of The Ocho Boat show, Curated by Will Teran and featuring several local artists. including my good friend, Joe Pimentel. All the art was situated on the lower level of Gully’s Restaurant Boat. It was great to see such great work from so many talented individuals. The show will be running until mid August. To see more of the artist work who were featured here, go check out their sites.

Joe Pimentel

Will Teran

Meech Borrello

Erica Hauser

David Yawman

Amanda J Light

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Photographer: Carmen Santorelli / Event Design & Coordination: To La Lune / Hair & Makeup: 10.11 / Floral Design: Plenty of Petals / Invitation Designer: Peanut Press Creative / Calligraphy: Nancy Hopkins / Rentals: Folklore Vintage Rentals \u200b/ Tabletop Rentals: The Hostess Haven / Bride\u2019s Dress:Watters \u200b/ Veils & Hair Accessories: Erica Elizabeth / Suit: J.Crew / Model: Brianna Barnes

Bambi Looking Real Single Isn’t She With Scrappy

Bambi Looking Real Single Isn’t She With Scrappy???

Ok guuurl, Bambi Looking Real Single Isn’t She With Scrappy because this is a hot mess and Tammy Rivera is stirring up some mess.

Yes its true on the upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Tammy Rivera is stirring the pot while sitting with Rasheeda at Bambi’s new video.

If you remember Monday’s episode of LHHATL you know that Bambi was secretly working on a new video with another man, Laudie, who has done more for her in the short time she’s know him than Scrappy has done in two years.

Bambi told Tammy that she hadn’t told Scrappy about the video, so it appears Waka’s wife is doing a little dirty work and leaking the info to a PBX operator to spread the word. Tammy tells Rasheeda, so you know this is gonna go viral once Kirk finds out.

Basically the ish is about to hit the fan in 5, 4, 3, 2 …

Who knew Tammy Rivera is the Regina George of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 4?


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You have been Accepted! Congratulations Erica

___ Is that [JUSTIN BIEBER]? Oh my bad its just [JEREMY WILD]. He is a [20] year old [SOPHOMORE] here in FSU. He/She is from [FARGO NORTH DAKOTA] and just moved here to Tallahassee. He/She majors in [SOCIOLOGY], and is housing at [Sigma Alpha Epsilon]. Rumor has it that, he/she is known as the campus’ [SEX ADDICT]. Guess we’ll just have to see to find out

You have 12 hours to send in your account. Be sure to check out the welcome page

Lil Scrappy Comes For Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy Comes For Erica Dixon!!!

Even when the cameras are NOT rolling, Lil Scrappy Comes For Erica Dixon claiming that his baby mama Erica is Petty & Hiding his daughter from him.

Really Scrappy?

Erica and Scrappy have been battling over custody of their daughter, Emani – since its obvious that the co-parenting is NOT working out and Scrappy has allegedly NOT paid child support.

The rapper and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star took to his Instagram today with a picture of Emani as a “throwback Thursday” post.

Scrappy writes:

“#tbt I miss my daughter so much, I can’t explain the pain, of having a kid that you can’t see because the mom is petty an want me to be miserable, she’s mad cause all the lies she told didn’t work in court so she’s hiding in a new house and hiding my daughter and acting like I threatened her and everyone was arguing at the reunion but she went and lied to the police and my daughter is hurting because of it and I can’t do nothing but wait for the judge and people can ride for my daughters mom all day long but when it comes out about what she did and how she played with my lil ones summer and time with her dad you won’t be any more God bless the strong father that takes care of his kids through all the bs, I love you Emani I’m praying everyday and I shed tears and miss sleep about you all the time, you are my gift from God.”

We hope that Scrappy and Erica are able work this out, if not for themselves, at least for the sake of their daughter!


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Music In The Tree Tops Cover
  • Music In The Tree Tops Cover
  • featuring Erica J. Martinez
  • Airy's Professional Tracks

Hi Everyone! or should i say everypony…lol. Anyway, here is a random cover I have done based on a small song from one of my favorite shows My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I actually have a youtube channel called Airy Canary to do covers but I haven’t posted anything because I don’t think my mixing is good enough.  Well, have at it internet.

Joseline Hernandez Covers Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine

Joseline Hernandez Covers Scrilla Guerillaz magazine!!!

Stevie J may have hired Margeaux for the cover of Scrilla Guerillaz magazine, but that doesn’t entitle Joseline to walk  all over everybody.

If you are a fan of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, then you saw last night’s episode when Stevie J used Nikko London’s wife, Margeaux in a revenge plot. 

Margueax was booked for the cover of SG magazine aka Scrilla Guerilla Magazine. When Stevie walked in to crack Nikko’s face, Margueax got heated.

Despite the drama Stevie J had to deal with, when Margeaux came for him, He has kicked off the magazine with Joseline Hernandez on the cover of scrilla guerillaz magazine.

Let’s be real, Joseline gets nasty with it and we loving SG magazine cover:


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Erica and Scrappy Try To Co-Parent

Erica and Scrappy Try To Co-Parent!!!

Since Bambi is now Lil Scrappy’s main woman, well for now, Erica and Scrappy Try To Co-Parent while throwing their daughter, Emani’s birthday party.

During the Princess Party Bambi claimed to be uncomfortable, but let’s be real she is the girlfriend, NOT the baby mama, so pull it back and let Scrappy handle his family.

All Bambi needs to do is smile and keep it moving. Erica Dixon is the mother and Scrappy is the father, but the two parents are learing to co-parent for Emani’s sake.

Watch these two co-parents try to come to an agreement on Emani’s birthday party location:

What do you think?

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Is Scrappy Pitting Rasheeda Against Erica

Is Scrappy Pitting Rasheeda Against Erica?

It appears Monday night is about to get Mui Caliente on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, from Stevie J setting up Margeaux to Scrappy Pitting Rasheeda Against Erica.

We don’t know what to say, but it looks like Mona Scott-Young has been watch UnReal on Lifetime, because the LHHATL reality TV series is a but UnReal this season with mysterious pop ups and relationship scenarios like this one.

After Rasheeda told Scrappy that she’s ready to focus on her businesses and family, he opened up about his struggles with his baby mama Erica Dixon.

During a heart-to-heart between Lil Scrappy and Rasheeda, Erica Dixon’s ex gets revenge on his baby mama saying that she hates him and that she’s always trying to make him feel down. 

We’ve NEVER seen Scrappy pull the manipulative card before, but he’s NOT to good at it like Momma Dee is. Anyways, while the two friends are chopping it up in the studio about music, Scrappy tries to pit Rasheeda against Erica.

Rasheeda tried to stay out of it doing an exit stage left, but when she tried to run, Lil Scrappy reminds her that her that their friendship trumps the one she has with Erica. 

Check out Scrappy being messy to wreak revenge on his baby mama, Erica Dixon:

Out of all the relationships on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, these two have been legit friends for years and they go way back.

See what goes down when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Monday at 8/7c!

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