I think Eric’s brother Kevin has a daughter and named her Erica after him and honestly what a shitty person to be named after. Like I get that within a family she’s a Harris and Eric will always be his brother and her uncle, but people must look at her funny or treat her differently. I can only imagine people freezing up when she says “my name is Erica Harris.” Like. Your father named you after his brother who committed the most infamous school shooting of all time. Is there anything to live up to? What do you live for exactly with a name like that? What’s the legacy you’re responsible for carrying with his name?

as long as you’ll have me

request: Could you do a harry thing where he meets your bffs for the first time and they are not sure if he is Good for you at first but they come around

warning: anxiety

“He’s a celebrity, Y/N.” Erica said, as if this explained everything.

I paused painting a nail to look up at her, “What’s that supposed to mean? You think he can’t be into me because he’s famous?”

She sighed, “That’s not what I meant. I’m just worried about you.”

“I don’t need you to worry about me, I’m an adult.” I grumbled, turning back to my nails.

“It’s just… It’s only been a couple months, but you’ve already lost yourself in him, I can see it.”

I shook my head, “If anything I’m more myself than I have been in a while.” I smiled to myself at the thought.

Erica sat in front of me, “I’m happy you’re happy, honestly. But I’ve seen his reputation.”

“You don’t even know him.”

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We never really hear much from Eric’s family. However, Eric’s brother, Kevin, has 2 daughters named Erica and Rebecca.

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Could you reccomend any sock patterns? I've knit a couple pairs of vanilla socks and I'd love to move on to something more interesting!

Oh gosh of course!!! Socks are my favorite thing to knit ever😭

Okay well I’ll start off with my knitting sock “bible.” It’s a PDF or book called:
“Socktacular” by Knit Picks Design Team
It comes with 12 different patterns that range from beginner to intermediate. They are all so beautiful and I love this book so much and would recommend to everyone!!! Most of my socks that I have knit, come from this book.

I do however always go for FREE patterns because, free is always the way to go (especially since I am a college student on a budget). Here are some of my favorite patterns found on Ravelry:

“Seed Stitch Socks” by Bex B
This pattern is super simple, knits up really fast, however this pattern is for an afterthought heel but I go with my heel flap because it’s my favorite! Totally up to you on your preference.

“Business Casual” by Tanis Lavallee
This is a classy pattern, super pretty. I used this pattern to knit a pair of men’s socks and I absolutely loved the outcome!! I need to knit a pair for myself😊

“Basic Ribbed Socks” by Kate Atherley
This is a rib pattern that is not just the basic K2, P2. It’s super simple to follow and great for beginners!

“Hermonie’s Everyday Socks” by Erica Lueder
Harry Potter inspired socks!!! You can’t go wrong with that😊 It’s texture pattern is easy to follow and should knit up pretty fast!

I hope this helps!!!!!! Happy Knitting❤️❤️

Venomous Pt 2

Season 2 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,478

Warnings: Some Dirty Language

   “Derek is not gunna kill her without proof,” Scott sighed when Stiles blurted his worries on the way to our next class.

   “So, he tests her. Like he did with Jackson, right? But when and where?” Stiles said. Derek was testing her with the venom because apparently snakes are immune to their own venom. So if Lydia didn’t get paralyzed, it meant she was the Kanima.

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Killer Couple

 WARNING-Murder and violence against a man and a woman are in this imagine. Along with some other sensitive content is discussed in this imagine, proceed with caution. Thank you!

“Oh cmon y/n you two together are absolutely killer cute!” I chuckled as Eric wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to him. Eric and I had been together for a little over one year. We met by complete accident, through my brother Dylan. He had Eric and Nate over while our parents were out of town, that is where it all started. Eric was given the cash by Nate to go out and buy more cheap drinks, I thought maybe Eric wasn’t really fit to drive. So I offered to drive and he could go in and negotiate with the cashier/good friend. He slurred out a chuckle and “I think I can drive better drunk than you sober hun.” I grimaced at him and walked up to jerk the keys out of his hand, he tugged his arm away from my grasp and held the keys above his head. This prompted my shouting fit for Dylan and Nate, as soon as I began to shout he began to shush me. He got closer and closer until finally he mashed his lips against mine in a sloppy attempt of a kiss. We held that pose until Dylan and Nate both appeared and began to shout. Eric pulled away with a smirk as Nate held Dylan away from Eric while I giggled like a giddy school girl. This prompted Dylan to begin shouting obscenities like “GET THAT GODDAMN SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE REB! SHE IS A DAMN SOPHOMORE!!” 

With that Eric and I became closer and closer, Dylan hated it but eventually got used to it. He would always check up on the both of us, making sure Eric was treating me well. It always made me smile when Dylan would mumble “How are you…two doin?” It was a little cute how much he cared about the both of us. Of course some people were not exactly “supportive” of our relationship. Columbine was a shit place to be to begin with, but when you were on the lower end of the food chain it was survival of the richest. If you weren’t dumb, a jock, a bimbo, or rich you were total shit in the eyes of everyone else. We were the underdogs, Me, Nate, Brooks, Dyl, Eric, Brandi, Robyn, and Chris. Dylan didn’t really intentionally drag me into the “trench coat mafia” it just kinda happened when Eric and I got together. A large part of me loved the fact that we were the underdogs, but I also want to be accepted. I hate when they pick at us for being together, they always call me the “cover up” or my personal favorite “the crazy dyke bitch.” How can I accomplish being a dyke while I have a boyfriend? 

“Y/n am I walking you home?” Eric whispered into my ear as I lay my head on his chest during free hour. “Yeah, you’re still grounded from the firework stunt?” He laughed as he looked over to Dylan, I could feel his smirk “Yep, no car for at least another couple days babe.” He rubbed my back as we sat together, not even attempting to hide our relationship. We all lived outside town, well only one of us didn’t and that was Brooks. “Cmon up with you baby, you have 1 more class then home.” I groaned not moving from his warm welcoming body, he was always so warm. “I don’t wanna go babe.” I whined as I moved to face him. He smiled down at me as I stretched out like some sort of cat, this caused him to chuckle. “Kiss me harris.”I demanded and with that he blushed and leaned down and pressed his soft lips against mine. “Guy’s cmon I am right fuckin here. Have some shame!” Dylan joked as Eric pulled “Your sister makes me lose all shame V, sorry.” I laughed as Eric pulled a sly grin making Dylan scoff as he pulled himself off the bleachers to go into AP Calc. “It’s just gym, just say you feel sick and sit out baby.” Eric groaned as he kissed my forehead. “You know that isn’t the problem reb.” He nodded as I leaned up and watched him gather his stuff, “I’ll wait outside the west downstairs exit, okay baby?” I nodded and stood up to give him a hug as everyone piled into the gym. “I love you hun.” He wrapped his arms tight around my waist and gave me a sloppy kiss on the neck “Just think about that until we get to your place, Loves baby.” With that he jogged down the stairs and suddenly as he reached the bottom turning back to wink and do that god forsaken lip bite. I raised my eyebrow as he smiled and turned away just as the warning bell began to ring. 

I tapped my foot as I stood waiting outside West downstairs exit, then I saw Dylan running towards me with a panicked face. “Y/n it’s Eric, h-he’s fighting Garret fuckin Walker.” My jaw hit the sidewalk as Dylan Grabbed my wrist and tugged me to the smoker’s pit. I ran faster than I ever have, pushing past countless people to see Eric laying on the ground. I jumped between them without thinking and caught Garret’s fist to the side of my head. I was only out for a couple seconds because when I came to Eric was hovering over me with only rage behind his eyes. I could still hear voices around us mumbling in shock, “I’ll kill him.” was the only words falling from Eric’s mouth. “You o-okay babe?” I asked still setting up in the dirt with a grin, he smirked “Am I okay, you caught a fist to the fuckin temple.” I chuckled and looked at the crowd around us. “Y’all got a fucking problem? Get the fuck outta my face.” I boomed as Eric stood above me sneering at the cluster of shit heads around us. He lowered his hand to me as an offering of help up. “Thanks babe.” I said as I took his hand, he pulled me up and dusted my back off. I saw Dyl leaning against the pole with a smile, I flipped him the bird. “Hey hey, you saved Eric’s fuckin nose from that whopper of a punch.” I chuckled and looked at Eric as he looked down at the ground with a frown. “Go on home Dyl, I gotta talk to Reb.” He tossed his hand up and I smiled waving him away. 

“Are you for real y/n?” Eric asked as I looked around the parking lot “Yeah it’s possible, everyone is cleared out and it would only take a second.” Eric started walking to the north entrance and I followed in suit. We pushed past the big metal doors and looked around, way too obviously nervous. He headed up stairs as I followed behind like a good little soldier. We said nothing until we reached the main office doors. He looked at me as he pushed the door open to an empty dark office. He smiled at me and walked over to the desk and sat in the swivel chair. Waking up the old computer as he tapped his feet nervously “I’ll stand watch outside the door, write it down on a sticky note and keep the pen.” I said kissing him roughly and sauntering out the door. Only 8 minutes later he came out and grabbed me by the arm pulling me into his arms kissing me roughly “You’re so hot, you know that?” I smiled as he ran his thumb over my cheek. “Let’s fucking go baby.” I whispered as I looked in his eyes with a sort of lust that isn’t describable with words.

Eric paced back in fourth as we stood in Garret’s back yard. “We are gonna walk in, I am gonna knock the absolute fuck out of him and we leave. Simple as that hun.” Eric shook his head and stopped “That’s too easy to actually work y/n.” I grunted and stood up off the swing in frustration “Fine, I’ll go by my damn self.” I stood up and made for the back door, Eric didn’t say anything most likely out of shock. I flung open the door, knowing full well his parents were gone and his room was upstairs. I made my way up the stairs quietly and paused at the last door on the right. I took a deep breath and opened the door, he was setting on his bed.

 “Hey honey.”I said with a smile. His mouth was open as I walked over to him and straddled his hips, “You’re one hell of a man baby.” I whispered into his ear and begin to kiss his sickly salty neck. He groaned and mumbled something like “Mhm why are you here?” I giggled and kissed on his neck, “Just for this babe.” I stabbed my knife into his fucking gut, twisting it as he coughed. I couldn’t help but smile as I yanked it out and pulled myself off his lap. He fell forward busting his face on the floor, then made quick work of this and flipped him on his back so he could look up at me. I sat on his hips yet again and looked into his shock and pain filled eyes. “You should never hit a lady Garret.” I said with a small smirk and with that I drug my knife across his throat stopping right below his block chin. Slowly I began to push it into his neck, and it was much easier than I thought it would be. He began to sputter as his mouth filled with blood. I smiled as I let the knife stick out of his neck, I pulled away to gently caress his cheek as the life drained from his big brown eyes. He lay there as I hummed “Ring of fire” by Johnny Cash. I pulled the knife out with a odd squelishing sound, and stood up stuffing the knife in my pocket. I turned to the door to see a petrified Eric. “W-what have you done y/n?”

Hope you guys enjoyed! If you have any requests or comments feel free to send them my way-Erica<3