three dark crowns. three sisters black. one queen to rule them all

the first born, with shadows on her heart. hair as dark and wild as midnight. tongue as venomous as a viper as she cried out her curses. named after the female warrior, she took after her almost too well. a sinister smirk eternally upon her blood red lips. tormenting eyes, they sometimes darted around, for she never knew who would turn on her next. blood on her hands, dripping from her fingers as she cackled at the sight of her now dead niece. bellatrix black was never one for following the rules. she was never one for doing what she was told, for her black stiletto boots took just a few steps too far forward, and into the veil.

the second born, with a sort of lightness not many could see. hair as dark as ashes. a soft and velvety voice, one that could lie to you, and you may never find out the truth. named for the most beautiful daughter of a queen, who she truly was. she had always made her mother proud, but running off with a peasant, was no life for a princess, so she started anew. eyes that appeared dark at first glance, but perhaps with a second, they would slowly brighten; for she was not an exact replica of her elder sister, at least not at heart. andromeda black hid behind the shadows of her sisters, and darted off into the lightest path of the forest towards her last chance for love.

the third born, the smartest sister, she could play both the light and dark. hair as light as moonlight, much unlike her sisters. a soft voice almost a soft as her heart was, in reality. she spoke with tenderness and care for the ones she loved. named for the flower, and perhaps the narcissist, for she was delicate on the outside, and graceful like a petal, but knew her worth. glaring dark eyes, threatening those who would dare to attack. her smile was painted with elegance and grace. narcissa black followed the rules, she knew what was necessary and what was not, and even if she did disobey them, you would never have found out.

Fictional character: *dies*
Me: Nahh he’s okay
Show: *shows lifeless character in the floor*
Me: Everything’s fine. He’s alive.
Show: *character’s funeral*
Me: …
Me: He’ll be fine :)


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hey guys….this is me……..babbling again, being annoying!
nah but sup this is the harry potter accent challenge that my lovely gal @ameljiabones made! :) and i was tagged by my darling friend @delacour-flcur!

i ramble. yikes. so sorry guys.

but if you like listening to a girl from new york talk about how much she loves quidditch and george weasley then you should listen to this bwahah.

enjoy. :)