They are the couple on my list with the most ‘JUST GET A ROOM’ chemistry.

I know that quite a lot of people did not warm up to Kyle Hobbes as a character, they couldn’t understand the reasons behind why he acted the way he did. If V’s second season had gotten as many episodes as it was supposed to have, then Kyle’s storyline in the first four or five episodes, which most probably explained (and maybe justified a little) what he did in the last four or five episodes, would not have been cut.
I don’t even know why I feel connected to the Kyle Hobbes character, but I do, and if I was asked I could probably justify every single one of his actions, because I have quite a bit of head!canon for him.

Anyway … back on topic:
I shipped Erica with Hobbes from his first episode, but it was mostly in a 'YOU TWO JUST WANNA TEAR EACH OTHER’S CLOTHES OFF AND GET IT ON LIKE BEASTS’ kind of way, because for me, there is/was something almost animal-like about their chemistry.

Erica and Hobbes are way more alike than different. I’ve said this before, but I always saw Kyle Hobbes as what Erica would be if all hell broke loose. And when all hell did break loose, well Erica actually ended up doing things that even Hobbes thought was too extreme.
I don’t even think they actually realised how similar they were until Hobbes told her that he had lost someone he cared about (ie. mercenary code for 'loved beyond reason’) too.

As for the fact that he just packed up and left without a word, I was CONVINCED he was one of the old friends Mike Donovan 2.0 (Lars Something, I think) was going to “introduce” her to, but he wasn’t, but that didn’t affect my opinion much, now I’m still absolutely sure that he was working with Project Aries all along, and that they called him back, because his undercover mission was over since they were bringing Erica in.
And since the show got cancelled, I cannot be convinced that it’s not true.

And he was tender and reassuring to her too :’). Ngl, when it was revealed that they had “sleep-overs” in the finale, I almost choked on my own tongue, I was not expecting it.