This video is just the best!

delightfulcoconut-blog  asked:

LIIIIIIZZZZZZ!!! First of all, hi :D We haven't spoken in forever!! And secondly, you are KILLING me with all the Erica/Jack flail, omg omg omg omg omg. WHY WOULD ANYONE CUT SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL? WHYYYYYYYY?

HI BESS. I’ve missed you! Hope you are well ♥♥

And secondly, I KNOW RIGHT?!?! IS THIS SOME SECRET TACTIC TO GET US TO CAMPAIGN HARDER THAN BEFORE? BECAUSE IT’S WORKING. I mean, knowing we could’ve had all those ~MOMENTS~ instead of the crazy angst? MY HEARTTT.


“We have a lot of fun. I chose to sit on the floor [laughs]. We had a lot of fun. She’s so easy to work with. She’s the first actress I’ve really worked with, where it’s like “yeah she’s my mom and I care about her”, so just look at her eyes, and you fall apart.” - Logan Huffman