erica x cassidy

I have started watching Being Erica.

It’s great, I don’t know why but the atmosphere of the show reminds me a bit of Joan of Arcadia, though I don’t really know why - because the themes of the show aren’t really alike… although I can probably blame Dr. Tom and his sudden out of nowhere appearances in the past, and his mysterious and often irritating non-answers to Erica’s questions,and the fact that when he shows up while Erica’s in the past he’s always sort of working different random jobs (like dog walking, and radiator painting, and hot-dog selling), the only thing’s that’s truly different is that he’s not changing faces as well as occupations… and that he isn’t, you know… God (I don’t think).

I do have a problem however. Ethan. Well… not a problem, problem. I like him. I just don’t like him with Erica.

For that I blame the appearance of Anna Silk. I almost fell out of my chair when “Bo” showed up, and turned out to be an old almost flame. And then the painting thing happened, and the ‘I want to be honest, I’m straight / I understand that but in the spirit of honesty I’ve always wanted you’ thing, and the family dinner thing, and the dancing thing, and the kiss thing, and the another kiss thing, and the undressing thing, and the… crush her heart thing.

Yeah… I ship Erica with Cassidy. This is a problem, she probably never shows up again and Ethan’s the love interest with the special background song or whatever (it’s a nice song though). And Cassidy is left to pick up the pieces of her heart.

You know what 90% of my OTPs has in common with being in love with a straight best friend? Knowing it’s never gonna happen and yet being unable to do anything about the wanting.

Why do I always love the hopeless?