erica walsh

Today, January 4, 2015, Once closes on Broadway at the Bernard B. Jacobs. In addition to each and every creator and crew member that has contributed to the show’s success over the past 2+ years, we thank the cast members that helped bring this beautiful story to life each night:

Adam Wesley Brown, Andrea Goss, Andy Taylor, Anne L. Nathan, Ari McKay Wilford, Arthur Darvill, Ben Hope, Brandon Ellis, Brandon McGibbon, Carlos Valdes, Charleene Closshey, Claire Wellin, Cristin Milioti, David Abeles, David Patrick Kelly, Don Noble, Elisabeth Evans, Elizabeth A. Davis, Erica Swindell, Erikka Walsh, J. Michael Zygo, Jessie Fisher, Joanna Christie, Joanne Borts, Joe Carroll, Katrina Lenk, Laura Dreyfuss, Lucas Papaelias, Paul Nolan, Paul Whitty, Ryan Vona, Samuel Cohen, Scott Stangland, Shannon O’Boyle, Steve Kazee, Will Connolly, Eliza Holland Madore, Jillian Lebling, Laurel Griggs, Madeleine Pace, McKayla Twiggs, Ripley Sobo, and Sophie Knapp

As the folk song “Leaving of Liverpool” goes, “Fare thee well, my one true love/When I return united we will be.”