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There’s a saddening lack of books with pansexual/panromantic rep included in queer book recs, so I’ve compiled a list of books for us pans, that I will be continuously updating.

Some notes: I haven’t read the majority of these books, so I’m trusting the people who sent me recs and the research I’ve done. Some of the books are part of series, and I’m not sure if the pan character is in one or some/all books, so keep that in mind.

For each book I’ve put the genre, the names of the characters if I could find them, if it’s canon or implied/hinted, and a goodreads link.

Happy reading!

Hello everyone! Do you all remember the giveaway that went around from @riptidepublishing for the super cool book Don’t Feed The Trolls by Erica Kudisch? Well, happy to say, that I totally won a copy! Thanks SOOOO much to riptide publishing for giving me the ebook, I was soooo ecstatic you wouldn’t believe! A book about a nonbinary, pansexual gamer who was figuring themselves out while also dealing with the awful consequences of being female-alligned while gaming? Incredible! I was so thrilled by the idea of it!
So because I JUST finished reading it and yes, I love it so much, I wanted to write a nice review for riptidepublishing on Tumblr before I swooshed off to write one for Amazon.
Daphnis’ adventures with gender, sexuality, harrassment, and love through both Eternal Reign and their IRL life was so interesting and well thought out. The abuse Daphnis suffers is also all too real for feminine people on the internet and in games, it really struck a chord with me and reminded me of the awful Gamergate event. There were a lot of heartfelt moment to get me through the moments of pure sadness Daphnis inflicts on the reader, you and them both feel so trapped and you really can’t help but root for them for even the bare minimum they do in a day!
Overall, the story was so charming and real, I couldn’t get myself away from it while I took the train to class (having the MTA announce delays at every stop was also great for once!). So please please please if you’re interested in transitioning stories of a nonbhinary person figuring out what they liked to present as and what they felt throughout that, or also into seeing what happens between them and Daphnis’ main villian, The Trolls, I would recommend buying it off Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.
Thanks again to riptide for sending me this book, and thanks to the author, Erica Kudisch for writing such a great story.

anonymous asked:

do you have any fic recs for an aro/ace person who really just wants some good, close relationships without the whole gross kissing thing? implied pairings are ok, too !! (just reread c'est la vie by you and it was perfect, thank you for being so brilliant and creative)

You didn’t specify a fandom so these are basically all the fics I know with asexual characters or just little to no romance. Some still have a bit of kissing but not overly much I don’t think.

Tales From the Avengers’ Mansion by Coneycat (Avengers)

When Loki arrives at the Avengers’ Mansion with a puppy for Thor, and an elaborate tale about how he acquired it, Tony can’t help but wonder what he’s really up to.

Second Chances by glacis (Bleach)

Ichigo trains in his soul and keeps his secrets, because the Hōgyoku is just a baby, Muramasa is the most loyal being he has ever met, Shiro is a troublemaker, Zangetsu’s a truth-teller, Ichigo isn’t as trusting as he used to be, and they all deserved a second chance.

Scales by Straight-Outta-Hobbiton (Bleach)

In which Ichigo is a dragon and his hoard consists of people.

Ranking by Straight-Outta-Hobbiton (Bleach)

Ichigo gets diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. He doesn’t tell anyone.

Lost Boys by glacis (BleachxHP)

After the Triwizard fiasco, Harry leaves Britain behind for a new life. Uryuu befriends Ichigo at a much younger age. Sirius escapes. Points converge and lost boys find a family. Isshin fails. So does Ryuuken. Kisuke finds a friend. Ukitake covers and cleans up. Fate changes.

Mad geniuses and fluffy tigers by amlago (Calvin and HobbesxMarvel)

This is the story about how Calvin drops out of MIT and got a job at Stark Industries. A job, and one and a half cubicle for him and Hobbes. And a yearly supply of high grade tuna for as long as he works there.

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