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Momma Hale request - Teaser

You turned on your heels while Derek hurried after you, scooping you into his arms and kissing you. “Did she just threaten to take Derek’s balls?” Erica asked and turned to her Den-mates who were covering their crotches with their hands, looking worried.

“We should go hang out with Scott for a bit.” Isaac mumbled nervously.

“Yeah Momma looked serious.” Boyd agreed as they hurried into the woods to leave Derek to deal with you.

Momma Hale AU pt 2

Pairing: Derek x Female!Reader

Word Count: 2127

Warnings: None

Request:  Anonymous said:
Can you maybe do a part 2 of the one where the pack are babies or toddlers? It was so cute!!

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Proofreader: @hanktheswaggyhonkeydonkey


Ages: Liam-4 Stiles-5 Isaac-6 Lydia-6 Jackson-8 Erica-8 Allison-9 Scott-10 Boyd-10

Again, I apologize for this being fem!reader. 

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A year went by and nothing more than laughs and fun went by. The family was tight-knit, but one day, they decided they might want one more. That day, they went and adopted Liam Dunbar, a four-year-old child with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. The child was the youngest and would soon be someone everyone loved, though it would take some getting used to. Here are some more lovely stories from the lovely couple.


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AN: So One Derek Requests Are My Guilty Pleasure (Still Need To Release My Derek Smut Fic), And Two Derek Always Looks Sad When I Try And Make Gifs… :D Enjoy <3

The bickering between Erica and Isaac could be heard from the Hale house driveway. If Derek hadn’t chosen that exact second to yank open the front door and stalk his way over to the car, you would have driven away.

“Help me.” He muttered as he opened your door and buried his face in your neck sucking and kissing the skin gently. His large hands soon found their way up your thighs and you hand to slap his shoulder to pull him out of his lusted daze.


“Nope, you chose to turn a load of kids they are your problem.” Your smug smile fell from your face when Isaac stormed over to you and picked you up as if you weigh nothing and began using you in his argument.

“ENOUGH, Isaac in your room Erica get the groceries from the car and BOYD… do you ever miss behave?” You asked him as he stood from his seat to help Erica. He smiled at you and hurried past Derek who wrapped his arms around your waist.


“What, why am I…” He stopped fighting you when you raised an eyebrow at him and he quietly retreated to the room he’d claimed as his own.


“God… so hot when you do that.” Derek’s eyes flared and it wasn’t until you planted a kiss on his jawline that he gained control of his self again.

“Ew hello kids here.” Erica said with a dramatic eye roll. You chuckled and attempted to unwrap yourself from Derek who reluctantly let you go.


“Please you do much worse than that with plenty of boys.” The comment made both Male werewolves glower. Boyd sniffed subtly at Erica and a frown of disappointment settled over his face, Derek however used your careful gaze as the distraction he’d need to slip a hand under your shirt to rest on your stomach.


Your phone beeped and you grabbed Derek by the front of his jeans, so you could walk over to the kitchen counter, without fighting to free yourself from his grip. He lent his head on yours as you began flipping the running commentary of Stiles’ problem of the day, you sunk into Derek as you thought about how much work helping the hyperactive boy was going to be. Derek, however, was more than happy to shift the way he was standing for you to be comfortable in his arms.


“He says he needs a witch.” You groan. Erica stormed over to you and gripped your arm, growling when Derek didn’t let you go.


“Look what he’s doing.” She winged at you. you followed her upstairs to find Isaac laying in nothing but boxers on Erica’s bed.


“I’m going to help Stiles, get Derek to deal with him.” You mutter when you saw the troublesome glint in Isaac’s eye.


“But you can’t leave me alone with them… that’s what you did this morning.” You smiled and kissed the end of Derek’s nose, knowing if you got any closer he’s wrap you in his arms again.


“Watch your pack Derek.” You sing as you skip to his car, the keys dangling from your hands.



“Momma Hale glad you could make it.” Normally you’d object to Stiles’ name for you but the boy seemed to be vibrating on the spot which was never good.

“Well you said you needed help.” You sucked in a deep breath as you took in the state of his normally almost spotless room.


Pink string was zigzagging from one wall to the other, papers and pictures coated the floor and Stiles himself was tangled in string. When you looked closer you realised that he was making some sort of complex plan that seemed to utilize every member of the Hale and McCall pack.


“Stiles… sweetie what’s going on, you feel ok?” You asked wearily. You jumped when he slammed a piece of paper against the wall next to you with a large picture of Lydia splashed colourfully in full print.

“I’m gonna kiss Lydia.” The way he said it was how you imagined someone planning to climb a mountain would reveal their plans. All you could do was nod and smile as you tried to untangle him from the string.

“Well… it looks like your all good here so, I’m gonna take these away and drop them with your dad.” You grabbed the bottle of medicine that he’d clearly taken to much off and put him to bed before dropping them off with John and picking up dinner on the way home.



“Thanks Momma Hale.” Erica muttered as she grabbed her take out and ran up to her room, Boyd did the same which made you look at Isaac and Derek for an answer.

“Boyd lost it when I sent rolled her bed and kinda… alphad her beta, it was really gross and loud.” Isaac smiled and sat between you and Derek, missing the irritated glare Derek was giving him as he began devouring his food.

“Alphad her beta?” you questioned.


“Yeah they were…”


“Isaac go eat somewhere else.” Derek grumbled before he could finish. He nodded, not stopping shovelling food in his mouth as he walked to the living room.


“Stiles didn’t need my druid skills, simply needed Momma Hale to put him to bed.” You mumble as you poke at your food.

“See they’ve called you Momma Hale so much your using it.” The Alpha grinned wolfishly when you punched his arm.


“Can’t help it if they love me.” He chuckled and kissed you lightly.


“You gonna Alpha her Bet…” Derek’s flared red and he snarled at Isaac who was stood with an empty take out box and a smug grin on his face.


“Derek don’t he’s just board.” You say as you run your fingers over his jawline. He closes his eyes, leaning into your touch, forgetting Isaac is there at all.


“Well I’m off to bed, Night Derek, Night Momma Hale.” He called as he climbed the stairs.

“We could go to bed.” Derek said as he looked from Isaac’s retreating form, to you, although his expression told you that sleep was far from his mind.

Part Two     More Teen Wolf


Fem!Reader x Derek Hale

Requested By Anon

The front door swung open and Derek hurried in Isaac slung over his shoulders as he carried Erica in his arms, Boyd leaning most of his weight on Derek while dragging himself along.

“Oh my… here sweetie.” You say as you grab onto Boyd, helping him get upstairs to his room.

Once you were sure he was going to be alright you hurried to check on the others, finding Derek crouched over Erica as he stroked her head.

“What happened?” You hissed as your eyes fell on Erica’s still gaping wound.


“Nothing, just ran into some other wolves.” Derek snapped as he pushed past you to check on Isaac.


“Momma?” Erica croaked when you worriedly began fussing over her.

“Hey, you should heal in a little bit.” You say as she tries to get up.

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