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DT’s TW Fic Recs #3

This is a Rarepair Edition, where I can bring attention to some lovely non-sterek fics!

any way you want it by @banshee-cheekbones

Pairing: Malira

Why: This is some sweet and lovely femslash! Featuring masturbation, a healthy relationship, and cookies! What could be better? Kira was very cute in this, and her hesitation to masturbate in front of Malia was very realistic. I also really loved that Malia was very straightforward in this, but never pushy or pressuring.

Two Beds + Three People by @authorkurikuri

Pairing: McHaleinski (Scott/Derek/Stiles)

Why: I loved this fic so much! It’s a Werewolf Convention fic, which is one of my favorite tropes, and features a lot of pining from Derek. There’s established sciles in this, and Derek’s longing to somehow be a part of their relationship is palpable. It’s a really lovely, sweet fic. Also, there’s some smutty goodness at the end!

untitled ficlet by @allirica

Pairing: allirica (surprise!)

Why: This is such a sweet little fic! I love the idea of Erica and Allison working at the library together, flirting in the stacks and sharing their lunch. The care and trust between them is really apparent, and it’s so lovely. (mild warning: Erica is human in this, and sustains an injury from her seizures)

Take My Hand by @inell

Pairing: Stiles/Danny/Derek

Why: I really loved the dynamic in this fic. Danny works with Stiles in the FBI, and has had many failed relationships, mostly due to being kinda in love with Stiles and Derek. It unfolds really well, and I liked the way Danny realized that his pining was maybe not so secret. These three are super cute together, so even if you’ve never considered this pairing, give it a shot!

allirica’s 2016 Fic Round Up!

It’s been a really rough year for me, but one thing I am grateful of is the amount of writing I managed to get done.

Thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged, gave kudos and bookmarked, and supported and encouraged my writing this year.  Special shout out to @ericadays @inell @queerlyalex @banshee-cheekbones and @sleepy-skittles, thank you all so much! <3 


Teen Wolf:

Untitled Fictlet [Jackson/Kira; tumblr ficlet]
Untitled Drabble [Scott/Stiles/Boyd; tumblr drabble]
Untitled Drabble 2 [Allison/Lydia; tumblr drabble]


Teen Wolf:

Family [Boyd/Erica/Lydia; ficlet; kid!fic] 
Untitled Smut Fic [Allison/Lydia/Erica; smut; BDSM; tumblr ficlet]
Clueless [McHaleinski]
Slipping Away [Braeden/Laura Hale; smut; ficlet]
if you want to go to heaven [Allison/Scott/Kira; smut; ficlet]
Instincts [Stiles/Braeden; AU; first part of a series]
Untitled Fictlet [Stiles/Derek; tumblr ficlet]
the violence in the pouring rain [Stiles/Derek] 
sickly sweet [Stiles/Scott/Boyd]
foundations [poly pack]
Anytime [Stiles/Braeden; angst; blood; injuries]
floral snapbacks and awkward kisses [Jackson/Kira]
love in the stacks [Allison/Erica] 
second chances [Lydia/Derek; prelude to Lydia/Jackson/Derek; kid!fic]
if we’re talking body (you’ve got a perfect one) [Allison/Caitlin]
Put It On Me [Stiles/Isaac; smut; this one was put on ao3 later, but was written and uploaded on tumblr in February] 

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