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‘Black While Funny & Female’ 18 of our favorite actresses for LA Times

Aisha Tyler, Tracee Ellis Ross, Loretta Devine, Tichina Arnold, Regina Hall, Erica Ash, Loni Love, Retta, Sheryl Underwood, Tiffany Haddish, Rainab Joshnson, Amanda Seales, Sherri Sheperd, Kym Whitley, Yvette Nicole Brown, Luenell, Yvonne Orji and Marsai Martin

#Comics #Supergirl  Facebook Live Chat with #EricaDurance #Smallville

Erica Durance did a Facebook Live Chat with the fans top answer their questions about her new gig in “Supergirl”. Here are the questions she answered:

David Palffy: Hey you remind me a lot of my mom! I think you will be an amazing Alura as I know that you are an amazing mom! Oh by the way it’s your son! Love you as always and forever!
Erica Durance: Is that my wonderful son? My inspiration and constant source of pride.

Brandon Christopher: When are you going to get Tom Welling to make an appearance? Not that you alone getting back into Superverse isn’t awesome!
ED: It’s on my to do list. Ha!

Luke Tucker: Welcome back to the land of superheroes! After 5 years on a different style of show in Saving Hope, what are you most enjoying being back in this genre (action, comedy, costumes)?
ED: Hey Luke! Yes, after Acting, producing, and directing…the blood, gore, and science of medicine, it is nice to have pretty hair, beautiful dresses, and a wind fan.

Rachel Fitz: Will we see you again in season 3 with Melissa aka Kara in a scene and maybe see your character alive just like we all think Mon'el is alive too but on another planet Erica?! #Supergirl#AskErica
ED: I have worked with Melissa, loved it, she was what you would expect. Down to earth and incredibly generous. As for Alura’s future. We will be seeing more of her in new and very creative ways…

Sam Hudson: Did you ever foresee a moment where you would become another character in the “Super” world, much like many actors became new characters on Smallville?
ED: No I didn’t, but it seemed like it would be fun, and I looked forward to working with dear friends…..SUZANNE

Olivia Luder: What does it mean to you to be on such a feminist show, particularly in this day & age?) thank you!
ED: Any chance to be part of something that puts women in the forefront is a pleasure.

Aaron Price: An as aspiring actor, I always love the work of others in the industry. My question Erica, what got you interested in acting and who was your inspirations idols?
ED: Knew I wasn’t going to be a neurosurgeon… so… acting it was. HA! Seriously though, just gravitated to it and kept coming back for more.

Cindy Kat DM: Did you needed to do an audition to get the part in Supergirl? + If you needed to do one pls tell me the details of it! Thanks!
ED: No, just spoke with Andrew.

Rachel Luciano: You looked stunning in the season premiere! Can’t wait to see what else is in store for you this season. Can you share a fave memory so far?
ED: I had a scene in an upcoming episode with the young Kara… It was really nice to play a mother/daughter dynamic.

Carey Johnson: Erica, you’re coming into an established show, Supergirl, much like you did with Smallville. How do you navigate being the new kid on the block, compared to being the lead, like on Saving Hope?
ED: Good question. After 5 years as a lead i needed a break, so this is lovely to come in, do my work and then take off home to my babies.

Nathan Sponenberg: Are there particular versions of Lois that you looked to for inspiration when playing the character? To me, you’re the perfect live action version of the Animated Series Lois.
ED: Thanks, to be honest, when I started on Smallville, it was fast and furious, so not a lot of time for research. But loved Margot Kidder.

Eric Johnston: How many episodes have you filmed so far?
ED: About 5 so far but its been great

Giovanni Mark Mane: In general who is better Lois Lane or Iris West?
ED: Why do they have to compete?

Chantël Rodriguez: How does it feel to be apart of the supergirl cast?
ED: Everyone has been very welcoming. Fun to be apart of this universe again.
Black while funny and female: 18 comedic actresses on working in Hollywood
Eighteen funny ladies on the challenges of being black in Hollywood.

Making it in Hollywood is no easy feat, and doing so as a woman is even more difficult. If that woman is black — or Latina or Asian or otherwise nonwhite — the odds just aren’t in her favor.

But with the release of “Girls Trip,” four black women — Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish — attempt a takeover of the buddy comedy, possibly the first time black women have led such a picture.

One reason as to why? The number of black women thought to be able to carry a studio-backed film is slim, and there hasn’t been a bona-fide black female comedic superstar since Whoopi Goldberg.