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Imagine Cartman coming out as transgender at school (sincerely, this time), and at first, no one believes him and misgenders/teases him anyway because they think it’s just another of his jokes. But Kyle finds Cartman crying in the locker room one day and realizes that there is more to this than just manipulation or attention seeking. So one day, Cartman goes to his locker to get his books for class, but there’s a makeup kit inside. At first, he’s angry because he thinks some jackass is mocking him, but then he sees the note: “There are some things you need to change about yourself, but who you are inside is not one of them. I support you. -Kyle.”

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Chasing After You

All his life, Derek has been trying to catch up with Stiles. Even when they were young and played tag in the forest edging his backyard, Derek was always a step behind. Stiles was fast and clever, and whenever Derek felt he was just about to tag him, Stiles would maneuver just out of his grasp with a laugh and a smile.

They’re older now, and the game is different but the feeling remains: the way Derek’s chest wants to burst with the effects of chasing after him, the way his eyes immediately search the area for any glimpse of Stiles, the echoes of his bright laughter tickling his ears.

Derek thinks about this now as he waits for Stiles to come pick him up. Stiles has been in Italy since January, doing a semester abroad for the second half of his freshman year. Derek has never gone that long without seeing Stiles in person, and even the promised Skype sessions never really happened–there was the time zone differences, the various schedule conflicts, the need for sleep. Derek has been trying not to think about it, about how he hasn’t actually seen Stiles’ face in over five months. He tells himself that Stiles did call him the moment he got back into the States and that they’re going to see each other now, but it’s hard.

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