erica curtis


I would like for you to do me a big favor for our family. I would like you to video you and/or a group of you singing (or singing along to if you aren’t comfy with singing) to the FanFiction version of ‘Carry On’. I plan to make a video of the fans singing the song to the cast & crew. Just another way of us say we love you to the Cast & Crew. Sky’s the limit so have fun and be positive in your videos. No hate or anything obscene please and though I am a shipper, no shipping stuff please, let’s just keep the love to the whole show. If your video fails to meet this standard, I do reserve the right to omit it from the final cut. Remember…. love love love. Be silly, be serious, be passionate, be yourself.

Please have your videos sent to me (either upload them to YouTube and email me the link or just get them to me somehow) by November 30th. Email is I want to have the video made up by Christmas. So that should give me plenty of time to get it together. Once I do, I’ll post it here.

If you want your name in the credits, please add in your message to me the way you want your name presented and email, Twitter or tumblr handle. One will be chosen (default will be twitter). If you do not tell me anything about how you want to appear in the credits, I’ll assume that you don’t want to be listed.

If you have questions, message me!