erica and quinn

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Winter break and new years spent together!!! Here is a snap shot of our adventures :) 

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I want a love like Erica and Quinn’s.
No it does not mean I want a relationship with solely a girl (though it maybe really nice!) . Maybe i’ll end up with a guy or a girl one day. We’ll never know till I liveblog about it. I just want a love where I know that that person is the one. That type of love you’d drop everything for just to have them in their arms. That type of love that you can’t keep your eyes (or your lips) off each other. That type of love that’s worth fighting for regardless of what others say. They’re honestly the cutest couple I’ve seen and they give me hope I’ll find someone just like that one day.

So if you two ever see this, your love GMH.



This is my attempt to work at my dream job! Ellen or anyone who works for Ellen, I promise if you give me a shot I won’t let ya down :) If you guys like this please share it, I really hope she sees it someday!!!! 

If anyone wants to contact me for anything having to do with hiring or any reason at all please feel free to contact me at:


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New Video… WARNING: Some tears may have been shed.. 

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Chapter One 

Your Responses

To all of you who follow Quinn and I, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Breaking up with someone when you love them as much as we love each other might be the hardest thing that will happen in life. But doing it facing the fear of letting thousands of people down adds a whole new level of difficulty to it.

I know I speak for both of us when I say that we are so thankful and blessed for the love and support you all have shown us during this hard time. To thank you I want to promise to keep you all updated.

I left today back for California. Quinn and I have decided to cut off all forms of communication in hope that we can take the time to do a few things. We need to be able to let go in a healthy way and make sure we never allow resentment to form as we both go on our ways trying to figure out who we are now. We both talked and we know that this time apart will be the best way to make sure that no matter how we end up in each others lives, that we will be. 

As for youtube, I am still deciding on the direciton I want that to take but your support has made me confident in making a decision to keep it up and running. I have some really great ideas running through my mind that I hope in time (when I am able to stop crying haha) I will be able to share with all of you.

So again, thank you all, and I am sorry I have decided to send this one response in response to all of your amazing messages because my inbox got a tad overwhelming. (in the best way possible) 

We thank you, we love you, and please. Keep an eye out my girl. 

love you all.

staying. fearless. 


SO we have this amazing follower who just surprised us with this cute cute cute video!!! It’s called a kiss real lol so I’m going to rate this PGL (Parental Guidance becase of Lesbians) haha so much kissing, but so cute! THANK YOU follower! if you wanna check out sage’s tumblr click here! :) 

One year. Five months.

Quinn Laurie,

I know this is not the typical way people go about being romantic…but you know me, do I ever do anything normal? ;) Well gorgeous girl, I just wanted to say happy year and 5 months. If we make it to a year and a half you will be my longest (and already most amazing) relationship ever..and well it means so much to me that it’s you, that you are the one that I make it to forever with because well, I love you, easily put. You’re it. And I know people can get lost in these tumblr blogs and be too gushy that’s why I thought I would do this the way I want to do it :) So this my love is just a little reminder of what is yours. ALL yours…normally this is for your eyes only but I wanted to put it in a place where you can really see it haha. The reason I picked this is because I’m hoping that this will keep you going for the next month of our amazing lives together. Of course I’m not worried about losing you any time soon haha this was just to be EXTRA sure I don’t before the end of the month ;) I love you quinn. One month from today, you will be my longest, then it’s just a count down to forever…


love, your girlfriend