There are misconceptions about the word. The way it is constructed — it’s obviously got ‘feminine’ in the word — immediately pushes men away from it, because they think, “Oh, it’s got nothing to do with me.” Also, they have this idea that it is about women competing with men, or being against men, or wanting to be men, which is a huge misconception.

Ah, Nightvale, you fickle thing. I just can’t shake you and your weird, macabe self. “You could say I was inspired by the angels from Welcome to Nightvale, but that’s just because it was on in the background …”

This is a re-work in pen and photoshop of a piece from almost exactly a year ago. It’s been a year of accepting my natural style, as I’m sure you can see when you can compare the two…  

I’ll have this at my table at this year’s Animazement~! Come say hi if you’re in the area. 


Fun fact of the day: Barbie has officially cosplayed GLaDOS.