Why You Should Read/Watch Gangsta

1. Ethnically Diverse Cast

Gangsta takes place in the fictional city of Ergastulum and it is where the main subjects of the story, Twilights -or Tags- try to coexist with humans. And due to things such as prison overcrowding and becoming home to refugees, the city became a very populated and diverse place and you can see things such as interracial couples and even important characters that are POC/ mixed such as:

Nicolas Brown (mixed- Asian/White)

Alex Benedetto (mixed- Black/Asian)

Galahad Woehor (black)

Doug (mixed- Black/???)

Worick Arcangelo (white)

Yang (Chinese)

2. Disabled Main Character That Kicks Major Ass

One of the main characters, Nicolas Brown, is deaf and often communicates using sign language (and on occasions, he will talk though his voice is distorted and slurred).

However, despite Nicolas being deaf, this guy will easily kick someone’s ass all over town with his katana.

In fact, that’s what he’s most known for: being able to kick someone’s ass even though he can’t hear a thing. Making him notorious throughout the streets of Ergastulum.

There’s also another male main character, Worick Arcangelo, who only has one eye and is sight-impaired because of it. He doens’t let it get to him though and his disability doesn’t make him any less threatening than Nicolas and Ergastulum also knows to fear the one-contract holding normal who’s apart of the Benriya Trio.

3. Badass Female Characters  

Probably one of the top reasons you should ever consider this series– the female characters are amazing. Despite some of the girl’s large busts, they aren’t being used for just plain fanservice and actually bring something to the show with varying aspects.

We have Alex, a former prostitute who suffers from PTSD,

but she is brave and won’t let her inability to fight stop her from jumping in to help her friends, even against people who are clearly stronger than her.

Loretta, one of the most accomplished girls in the story at a young age –15 to be precise– who is the leader of her own mafia family. She has men to do her bidding and to use at her disposal, but she blatantly refuses to sacrifice them and let them die needlessly– so she joins the fight too.

Connie, even when out numbered and overpowered due to her status as a normal(human)– she fights. She isn’t indestructible and she isn’t strong, but that’s exactly what makes Connie a powerhouse. She doesn’t step down and her willpower to survive and protect the people she cherishes most is outstanding.

And this is only to name a few of the beautiful women that grace this series (and the ones that aren’t even Twilights). 

4. Accurate Use of Japanese Sign Language

Though this possibly should have gone after reason number two, I digress. Another good reason to start looking at Gangsta is the fact that legitimate sign language is used and could be even be educational in the fact that you can practice reading it.

However, keep in mind that this Japanese Sign Language, so for those who already know some form of sign language– here’s a chance to pick up another type just in case you might actually be heading to Japan and encounter a person who knows it.

5. A LGBTQA Couple

Though not much has been explored on these two characters, Gina Paulklee and Ginger are two Twilight women that happen to be in an implied relationship with one another. Heavily so.

So if you want a series with an actual lesbian couple that isn’t just yuri-exclusive and it’s ACTUALLY canon, Gangsta is the series for you.

6. Nina

Nina is possibly one of the most precious characters in Gangsta and a constant ray of sunshine when things get too dark. She’s a nurse-in-training who works for a gruff doctor named Theo and is a very open-minded, gentle person who doesn’t discriminate people due to colour or species.

She’s not portrayed as a weak little girl either and will jump in a surgery as fast as possible, getting info as she prepares.

Also, Nina and Nicolas’s uncle/brother-niece/sister relationship is one of the most endearing and adorable things ever.

7. Delico

Another precious child who must be protected at all costs and is a total bae. (His tarot card representation is the hanged man like Kaneki, you know he needs a protection squad!)

8. Just An Interesting Series In General

Gangsta takes an interesting twist on things like discrimination with it’s dog tag wearing characters called Twilights and the mafia. The diverse cast of characters extends past the fact that they are different races and delve into deeper things like, what past events shaped up their current personality or reasons that lead to make certain decisions with their lives even if it wasn’t the best choice.

The girl characters are used for more than fanservice and there are more than just hetero couples, LGBTQA and interracial couples all included.

While this may be a phrase used to describe many other anime/manga, Gangsta is a series that is taking the otaku community by a storm due to bringing what other, more mainstream stories, fail to include in their storylines and Kohsuke is doing a wonderful job with it.

So at the very least, check out the first chapter or episode of Gangsta and give it a chance because this is a series that is worth a try.

I love how “..so pretty that I could hardly tell he was a man...” was the phrase which drove the nail in the coffin for Gut’s realisation that Erica was talking about Griffith.

ERICA: Oh right! You have a visitor…someone who says he used to fight with you in the past…

GUTS : …….

ERICA: …he has long silver hair..

GUTS: ……uh..wait….

ERICA: …infact he was so pretty, I could hardly tell he was a man.

GUTS: GRRRIIFFFFFIIIIIITHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Momma Hale

So cute =) Tell me if good or not.

Word Count: 763

Warnings? none

Requested? yes

It started out slowly, you knew Liam and Isaac thought of you as their mom, technically everyone thought of you as their mom, but when the boys started competing for attention, it was hell.

You were in the kitchen making their lunches, as they refused to eat the school lunches when you became Derek’s girlfriend. You were bobbing your song to some song you had playing in the speaker. You were making Boyd’s peanut butter sandwich when the door slammed into the wall.

You sighed, not looking up as you already knew who it was. “You seriously need to stop slamming doors when you need my attention, Isaac, you’re gonna make a hole in the wall at some point.”

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Things I will forever hate:

Season finale cliffhanger…and than the show being canceled. 

Stable Boy

Eric x Reader

“You can’t expect us to get along with them, they don’t want peace.” You hissed at Johanna who sighed.

“(Y/N), please, things are delicate enough as they are, just be polite to him.” She begged, greeting Max as she motioned for you to join Eric.

“We’ll try and be quick.” She promised before jerking your head towards Eric who was walking around the stables.

“You know they’re horses, the wont attack.” You tutted and pointed to his gun.

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AN: So One Derek Requests Are My Guilty Pleasure (Still Need To Release My Derek Smut Fic), And Two Derek Always Looks Sad When I Try And Make Gifs… :D Enjoy <3

The bickering between Erica and Isaac could be heard from the Hale house driveway. If Derek hadn’t chosen that exact second to yank open the front door and stalk his way over to the car, you would have driven away.

“Help me.” He muttered as he opened your door and buried his face in your neck sucking and kissing the skin gently. His large hands soon found their way up your thighs and you hand to slap his shoulder to pull him out of his lusted daze.


“Nope, you chose to turn a load of kids they are your problem.” Your smug smile fell from your face when Isaac stormed over to you and picked you up as if you weigh nothing and began using you in his argument.

“ENOUGH, Isaac in your room Erica get the groceries from the car and BOYD… do you ever miss behave?” You asked him as he stood from his seat to help Erica. He smiled at you and hurried past Derek who wrapped his arms around your waist.


“What, why am I…” He stopped fighting you when you raised an eyebrow at him and he quietly retreated to the room he’d claimed as his own.


“God… so hot when you do that.” Derek’s eyes flared and it wasn’t until you planted a kiss on his jawline that he gained control of his self again.

“Ew hello kids here.” Erica said with a dramatic eye roll. You chuckled and attempted to unwrap yourself from Derek who reluctantly let you go.


“Please you do much worse than that with plenty of boys.” The comment made both Male werewolves glower. Boyd sniffed subtly at Erica and a frown of disappointment settled over his face, Derek however used your careful gaze as the distraction he’d need to slip a hand under your shirt to rest on your stomach.


Your phone beeped and you grabbed Derek by the front of his jeans, so you could walk over to the kitchen counter, without fighting to free yourself from his grip. He lent his head on yours as you began flipping the running commentary of Stiles’ problem of the day, you sunk into Derek as you thought about how much work helping the hyperactive boy was going to be. Derek, however, was more than happy to shift the way he was standing for you to be comfortable in his arms.


“He says he needs a witch.” You groan. Erica stormed over to you and gripped your arm, growling when Derek didn’t let you go.


“Look what he’s doing.” She winged at you. you followed her upstairs to find Isaac laying in nothing but boxers on Erica’s bed.


“I’m going to help Stiles, get Derek to deal with him.” You mutter when you saw the troublesome glint in Isaac’s eye.


“But you can’t leave me alone with them… that’s what you did this morning.” You smiled and kissed the end of Derek’s nose, knowing if you got any closer he’s wrap you in his arms again.


“Watch your pack Derek.” You sing as you skip to his car, the keys dangling from your hands.



“Momma Hale glad you could make it.” Normally you’d object to Stiles’ name for you but the boy seemed to be vibrating on the spot which was never good.

“Well you said you needed help.” You sucked in a deep breath as you took in the state of his normally almost spotless room.


Pink string was zigzagging from one wall to the other, papers and pictures coated the floor and Stiles himself was tangled in string. When you looked closer you realised that he was making some sort of complex plan that seemed to utilize every member of the Hale and McCall pack.


“Stiles… sweetie what’s going on, you feel ok?” You asked wearily. You jumped when he slammed a piece of paper against the wall next to you with a large picture of Lydia splashed colourfully in full print.

“I’m gonna kiss Lydia.” The way he said it was how you imagined someone planning to climb a mountain would reveal their plans. All you could do was nod and smile as you tried to untangle him from the string.

“Well… it looks like your all good here so, I’m gonna take these away and drop them with your dad.” You grabbed the bottle of medicine that he’d clearly taken to much off and put him to bed before dropping them off with John and picking up dinner on the way home.



“Thanks Momma Hale.” Erica muttered as she grabbed her take out and ran up to her room, Boyd did the same which made you look at Isaac and Derek for an answer.

“Boyd lost it when I sent rolled her bed and kinda… alphad her beta, it was really gross and loud.” Isaac smiled and sat between you and Derek, missing the irritated glare Derek was giving him as he began devouring his food.

“Alphad her beta?” you questioned.


“Yeah they were…”


“Isaac go eat somewhere else.” Derek grumbled before he could finish. He nodded, not stopping shovelling food in his mouth as he walked to the living room.


“Stiles didn’t need my druid skills, simply needed Momma Hale to put him to bed.” You mumble as you poke at your food.

“See they’ve called you Momma Hale so much your using it.” The Alpha grinned wolfishly when you punched his arm.


“Can’t help it if they love me.” He chuckled and kissed you lightly.


“You gonna Alpha her Bet…” Derek’s flared red and he snarled at Isaac who was stood with an empty take out box and a smug grin on his face.


“Derek don’t he’s just board.” You say as you run your fingers over his jawline. He closes his eyes, leaning into your touch, forgetting Isaac is there at all.


“Well I’m off to bed, Night Derek, Night Momma Hale.” He called as he climbed the stairs.

“We could go to bed.” Derek said as he looked from Isaac’s retreating form, to you, although his expression told you that sleep was far from his mind.

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