Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Sorry, couldn’t help the Rihanna reference! I know obsession is a word I throw around a lot on this blog but in this case it would be a total understatement. I think I’ve spent hours googling images of this bad boy–the Diamond Light, designed by Eric Therner. I’ve always loved the look of bare bulb pendants but this definitely ups the glam factor. And who doesn’t love diamonds?

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D  E  S  I  G  N  E  D  by


“With a 15-watt halogen bulb encased in clear glass, the aptly-named Diamond Lights emanate a romantically vintage vibe balanced by a modern form. Created by Swedish graphic designer Eric Therner, Diamond Lights challenge the typical smooth pear shaped bulb in favor of something faceted, exuding both comfort and intrigue.”



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They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”…

Well I want to play it Monroe style and have plenty of these in my living room to brighten up my nights!

This light bulb in the shape of a diamond was created by the Swedish (!!) designer Eric Therner. They are sold at €40.00 which is quite expensive since we don’t usually want to spend money on something that we see as disposable…but they last around 2000 hours (that’s about three months) which makes this cool piece of design more worthwhile.

Now would love to be on the run with this Beetle and all those special presents!!

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I have wanted this light by Eric Therner for such a long time after seeing it on a design sight a while ago. Now I’m all settled into my new apartment and got my first pay check from the restaurant I celebrated and it is finally mine!

The packaging it came in is so nicely designed and timeless (I love it when things come in really great boxes) and because it’s a light bulb it is so simple to install and relatively cheap for a statement lamp.

I painted the light cord black to match it (rather than shelling out for a new one) and boy am I proud.

It’s always good to have a little bling in your life.


Someone special who I care about dearly surprised me with this. I have wanted this light bulb for as long as I can remember.  It’s uniquely shaped in a diamond form for god sake! I checked Eric Therner’s website almost every day but no luck. Michael, you’re are truly a diamond in the rough.