Mum and I had a Food Network marathon this morning, finishing with Eric Lanlard’s Glamour Puds.

Eric Lanlard is a French patissier, and has the most delightful accent on television. Today, he baked a variation of the Austrian sachertorte and kept referring to it as ‘ma ohn vehr-shion’. Amazing.

I love the Food Network. The other 99 cable channels can sod off. 


5 Steps to Spectacular Spun Sugar with Eric Lanlard

I got an email this afternoon to say I’d won a copy of this book, yay! I never win anything (apart from this laptop) and I’d completely forgotten I’d entered the competition so it was a nice surprise.

Eric Lanlard’s cakes are amazing, I could only aspire to be as good as him one day.

He may be Baking Mad, But he definitely makes a good cake..

Eric Lanlard. A newly discovered favourite of mine.. he’s French and he makes cakes. What’s not too like? I’ve been watching his programme ‘Baking Mad’ recently and love the simplicity yet elegant look of his recipes. Something which an amateur jumps at the chance of trying out herself. And so, with my friend Sam’s birthday that evening and the Baking Mad website in front of me, I decided to make the impressive-looking Lemon Meringue Cupcakes for her present; Something which I’d seen him bake with ease on his Programme.

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes. Click Here for Recipe from the Baking Mad Website.

Okay, so they might look quite as Impressive as Mr Lanlard’s himself but for a first attempt I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. They tasted bloody good too…(What? I had to eat one to make it an even 4.. and too check that they weren’t poisonous of course). And yes, they were very easy to make! Wrapped in some tissue, and in a pretty pink cupcake box with gold ribbon, these made a lovely little present for my food-loving friend.

Off to meet a friend in a mo for a bit of a Baking/Cath and Kim Sesh so looking forward to seeing (and tasting) what we end up making…

Are you 'Baking Mad'?

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A new show started a few weeks ago surrounded by the awesomeness that is baking! With the genius Eric Lanlard, a french Patissier.

To catch up on privious episodes follow this link:

And to find out more about Eric and his great cake making skills follow this link:


Ok so we’ve ended up with a ballistic mega mix.

The one suggested by sutton has caused controversy so here are the three other suggestions.

The first: Balls vs Jackman suggested by juke boxx  (um ….yeah, maybe i guess)

(also check out the illustrious suggestors we’re getting these days)

The second: Balls vs. James by Oates 

the third was one that crash and i saw the other morning and we both at the same time said that if balls was a bit more effeminate and baked and was french he would totally be baker extraordinaire Eric Lanlard

Book review: Tart It Up by Eric Lanlard

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This book is one of the best I’ve seen, for thoroughly explaining how to make different types of pastry and showing you how to do so in clear, step by step photo diagrams. The book opens with Pastry Basics in which Lanlard runs you through Shortcrust (basic, almond, sweet and chocolate), Brioche, Puff, Lining a tin (so useful), and Blind Baking.

Eric demonstrates brioche pastry

You are then set up to make any and all of the tasty recipes in the book! It contains about half sweet and half savoury recipes, which is really great. All are inspired, original and delicious-looking, from the Spring Garden Green Tart (literally overflowing with fresh asparagus and peas), Iberian Chicken Pie, Miso Cod in Brioche Pie, Brittany Seafood Tart and Pork & Cider Pie (phwoar)…

Spring Garden Green Tart

…to Apricot, Honey & Pistachio Tart, Chocolate & Earl Grey Tarts with Roasted Figs, Matcha and Yuzu Tart (looks very delicate and refreshing, can’t wait to try it out) and the divine-looking Southern Chocolate Mud Pie, a proper American-diner style pie with gooey-looking chocolate filling… I’m drooling already. Also includes the ultimate versions of some family favourites, such as the ‘Proper’ Quiche Lorraine. Yum!

Southern Chocolate Mud Pie

It also has a lot of vegetarian-friendly recipes (focusing on the vegetables, not cheese and cream) which is really wonderful and refreshing to find.

The book is beautifully laid out with lots of gorgous photographs of the food… and thankfully no 'filler’ pictures of Lanlard standing about. (Handsome as he is, I can’t abide filler pictures!) Every page in this book is excellent value.