Interstate Love Song
Stone Temple Pilots
Interstate Love Song

Daily Alphabet Artist Challenge - Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song”

Stone Temple Pilots are a strange band to attach to a certain branch of rock. They’ve covered so many different types, ranging from hard rock to psychedelic rock to bossa nova and country. But at their heart, lies a thumping good rock ‘n’ roll band. Listening to each album, you can tell how they have changed and adapted their sound. From beginnings as a more grunge band, today, they are more of an alternative rock band. Their most recent album was a solid effort and if they keep this up after their reformation, I hope there’s more life in the old dog. Perhaps Weiland’s stint with Velvet Revolver was a shot in the arm for him.


However, I’m here to talk about a more classic song of theirs – Interstate Love Song. Back in 1994, STP were still in their grunge roots yet this bossa nova tune did more for them than their grunge stuff ever would. Completed in only a handful of takes, this soothing song has an overall feeling of Southern Rock (especially with Weiland’s growl). The introduction creates a nice hook, a simple melody followed by a more aggressive crunching guitar riff which is repeated before each verse. Lyrically, the song deals with many issues, particularly honesty and Weiland’s relationship with his girlfriend and heroin. Eric Kretz provides a steady beat throughout the entire song with drum fills while the DeLeo brothers create a set of riffs that flow around each other, never impeding the other. This song may have a tinge of grunge to it but you can’t deny it’s become a timeless classic for Stone Temple Pilots.


Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song (1994)