wrote the lyrics without a guitar part or rhythm in mind. Picked up guitar next morning and recorded this. Needs more.
in time ill read
this/ it will remind me
of when
i wasn’t sure of any
thing, i wish
figured out the timing
to invite-
ing, just lying,
a bribe to loosen up the
hold im in
its alright to forgvie
when theres a fight to win
alright, alright
i shold have known
from the beginning

both stating opinions
prolong furlough

its alright, yeah its alright .
it is all right.


Nashville’s Finest :: @Lovenoise “Harder. Louder.”

There’s one name that is consistently associated with some of the best concerts and shows that Nashville has to offer, Lovenoise. Solely and through strategic partnerships, Lovenoise has been responsible for bringing some of the top artist in the industry to different venues throughout the city.

In January, Lovenoise kicked it off with the Stellar Awards, hosting concerts with a line up that consisted of Award winning artists and up-and-comings making their mark in the industry. From comedians like Mike Epps and Cedric the Entertainer, to hip hop legends Salt & Pepa, Biz Markie, Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, ?uestlove and newcomer Wiz Khalifa, to R&B headliners El Debarge, Eric Roberson, Chrisette Michelle, Miguel, Melanie Fiona and Marsha Ambrosius; the caliber of show formats and artists continues to improve and keeps getting better.

Tonight, Lovenoise hosts Big K.R.I.T., formidably one of the top rappers to come out of the South in most recent years. The Mississippi native is generating a buzz the industry can’t deny and word is, he’s going to bring it all to the Mercy Lounge stage. Next week on June 25, Cedric the Entertainer, will hit the stage at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium. Followed by Lovenoise’s annual Independence Day Bash which will get the city ready to host Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean on July 8. 

When The Queen’s Castle spoke to Lovenoise executive, Eric Holt, about the increased volume and quality of shows the company is offering, he shared, “We are at a place with Lovenoise where we are maximizing every opportunity. This year our motto is ‘Leave no show behind,’ and we are offering larger shows as frequently as possible."  

If the last several months are any example of what we can expect for the rest of the year and years to come, Lovenoise will keep doing it best, but harder and louder, than anyone else in their industry.

For more information on Lovenoise or upcoming shows and concerts, visit!


Eric Holt – 29 – Osteokinesis probably  – Knights of Cydonia

  • basically a privileged little punk even though he’s 29 and should be acting like an adult
  • his dad owns a multi-million dollar company so naturally Eric takes advantage of this by going out and partying and doing stupid things that might get him in trouble. (daddy will bail him out or cover it up right?!)
  • thinks he’s hot shit because he comes from a rich family with a long line of rare/unique powers
  • pretty sure his dad thinks he’s a failure, and he wants to prove to him that he’s not. He’s just not really… motivated
  • can be loud, brash, slightly overbearing, and stubborn
  • he is also not really the sharpest tool in the shed, either
  • so his slight lack of intelligence and his kind of short temper makes for a bad combination
  • but that is okay because Eric actually really likes fighting. He thinks it’s a lot of fun and will jump at the first opportunity to do so
  • more might be added later but this is all I’ve got for now

Boyz In The Hood [Acoustic Cover]

Often times while im out and about walking the k3 area i end up singing aloud songs that i grew up on, if not because i need to fill the time then because they are ingrained in my memory.

Got me thinking perhaps i should make a compilation of songs from “when i thought i was cool.” Result being i managed to pull my thoughts slightly away from the dulling writings of a junior high students favorite “artist” and toward a somewhat motivating, and much needed, kick back into music. ha.

So here it is… Boyz in the Hood …with a little twist.

RIP EAZY E…and i suppose those fellows from Dynamite Hack.

There may or may not be some more 1998-2003ish ruffian favorites.


Here is the speaker I’m watching ATM who is discussing race and food accessibility.