These are some paintings by artist, Eric Cash. I think they’re rather nice! 

The top three are called Mendips, Lose That Girl and Harmony and prints of those are exclusive (I think) from

The lower ones are Country Gentleman, Starr Quality, Paul on Mic, Love Is All You Need and Lennon ‘64 and you can get prints of them from

I like Mendips and Lennon ‘64 best. I think he’s quite got the knack of John’s look! 


‘Mrs. Taylor? It’s Tyra. I’m sorry to bother you so late, but um… I’m in a little bit of trouble. Please don’t be mad, but I’m in Dallas right now. I came here with Cash but now he’s gone and I don’t know where he’s at, and I don’t have any money. And my mom’s out of town, and I can’t get a hold of Mindy, and I didn’t know what else to do. Sorry, can you come pick me up?’

Columbine Playlist

  1. Bombs in the Lunchroom - Bones
  2. The Cafeteria - Bones
  3. Rampart Range - Bones
  4. Sick - Salem
  5. Sweet Dreams (Alt. Version) - MM
  6. Killing Strangers - MM
  7. Disposable Teens - MM
  8. The Nobodies (Against All Gods Remix) - MM
  9. Where Is My Mind - Pixies
  10. Dead - Korn
  11. Hurt - Johnny Cash
  12. Radicals - Tyler, the Creator
  13. Pigs - Tyler, the Creator
  14. History Repeats Itself - A.O.S (NBK Sountrack)
  15. O Children - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

A list of the songs that remind me most of Columbine, Eric and Dylan.
The Definition from Richard Price

Following the success format of the prior novels, concentrating on the casual characters pushing a seemingly casual event to law compulsion’s conditioned reply, gives Richard Price a particular benefit in describing the New York streets, that unique mixture of honest, criminal enterprise and hopeful citizen, the corrupt and well-meaning caught in an ominous web where consequences are unpredictable

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Eric Cash. Smoking at Disneyland.

[Good lungs.]

12/8. Eric Cash Special Recording [2 SHOWS!] @ Lost Weekend Video. 1034 Valencia St. SF. Featuring Natasha Muse and Xander Deveaux. 

Eric Cash has had a rough year. After getting married and losing his wife to breast cancer in the summer of 2012, and then having to relocate to the Pacific Northwest to care for his father with stage 4 lung cancer in the early part of this year, his plans for his comedy career have repeatedly had to be set aside to deal with heavy, real world issues, and the madness that comes with mourning and trauma.

But he’s refused to let those things stop him. Working material nightly at showcases and open mics for the last year and a half in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and everywhere in between, he’s finally ready to set forth with the DIY comedy special he’d been planning since the spring of 2012.

If you don’t know who he is, Cash is an outspoken underground comic who has performed all over the world, including the Edmonton Fringe Festival and the Melbourne Comedy Fest. His new onslaught of material is dark surrealism based in hard reality with topics ranging from creative ways to cope with PTSD to the nature of nightmares manifested in the real world.

[This show is a long time coming. Eric Cash has a story to tell and has a voice to tell it. Great openers, great venue, I highly recommend.]