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I think if there’s a single thing that’s actually happening so far during this administration that is reshaping government and affecting the population broadly, it is what is going on in the regulatory area. … Trump … for the most part, his legislative agenda has not really gone anywhere, but more quietly, in each of the agencies across the federal government, his appointees have been rolling back rules … in just about every sector of the government – from health and the environment, and financial regulatory matters, and workplace safety. And it is pretty extraordinary and it’s happening at such a rapid pace.
—  Eric Lipton, New York Times reporter, with Terry Gross

Albeit going down an abyss in the past, the trio seem to be climbing their way up top. While some friends have left their life, some fans have grown to dislike their neutral harmonies, and some negative thoughts had once taken over their minds, all that could be done is to keep going up. Above their weaknesses, fears, and heartfelt depression, the band stands today knowing they can overcome anything that tries to get them down to rock-bottom once again.
NYPD officers accessed Black Lives Matter activists' texts,
Exclusive: Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal details of how police posed as protesters amid unrest following the death of Eric Garner
By George Joseph

The documents, mostly emails between undercover officers and other NYPD officials, follow other disclosures that the NYPD regularly filmed Black Lives Matter activists and sent undercover personnel to protests.

Officers shared the locations of individual protesters at particular times. The NYPD emails also include pictures of organizers’ group text exchanges with information about protests, suggesting that undercover officials were either trusted enough to be allowed to take photos of activists’ phones or were themselves members of a private planning group text.

Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD detective sergeant said “It would be pretty amazing that they would be able to get into the core group in such a short window of time. This could have been going on a while before for these people to get so close to the inner circle… If you take out the biggest mouth, everybody just withers away, so you concentrate on the ones you believe are your organizers. Once you identify that person, you can run computer checks on them to see if they have a warrant out or any summons failures, then you can drag them in before they go out to speak or rile up the crowd, as long as you have reasonable cause to do so.”

“The documents uniformly show no crime occurring, but NYPD had undercovers inside the protests for months on end as if they were al-Qaida,” said David Thompson, an attorney of Stecklow & Thompson, who helped sue for the records.