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Columbine Highschool Memorial Investigation 2

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Smut where you go swimming with the boys and they've never really got to look at ur body because you normally cover up but they finally see you in the bathing suit and hOLY FUCK

As the heat shimmered off the concrete stairs of the west entrance of columbine high you wondered to yourself if this was how you died. To your left and hogging all of the shade Eric stretched out and also complained about the heat.

“Quit your bitching REB, you’ve got all the shade anyways!”
“Yea it’s like a whole 1 degree cooler over here y/n…”
“It still cooler!”

Eric lifted his aviators and grinned at you before settling back down. It was the middle of summer and the last place you wanted to be was cooking like a piece of bacon in the sunlight. You and Eric had decided to skip 3rd hour and were seriously regretting your choice. Who would of ever guess that you’d rather be in class right now. Not a fucking soul that’s who.

Reaching into your back pack you pulled out your drink bottle, cursing at the now Luke warm water. You grimaced as you gulped back a large mouthful. Eric’s arm shot up in your direction, his hand giving a grabbing motion.

“Give me a sip would you y/n”
“Pfffft as if!”
“Come one don’t be a bitch!”
“Stop being a pussy then REB”
“Fuck you then y/n!”
“Yea nah I’m good Eric”

Using your hand as a visor you scanned the entrance. A group of people were coming out, you quickly spotted Dylan’s lanky ass and called out to him to join you both. Waving he picked his way through the people, his black duster flapping behind him. When he reached you he muttered about it being hot as balls out here, he kicked Eric’s feet out the way then sat next to you.

“Why ain’t you in the shade y/n?”
“Yea Eric why ain’t I in the shade?”
“Hey you snoozed you lose y/n”
“What? It’s true V”

You rolled your eyes and kept at people watching. It was the usual jocks acting like animals in a zoo in a pathetic attempt to make the girls around them laugh. You vaguely heard Eric and Dylan talking to each other but weren’t really listening to them. You glanced down at you baggy pants and baby doll Rammstein t-shirt, Then back at the barely covered bodies of the jocks girls, wondering to yourself if they were feeling the heat as you were.

You were never one to show much skin. You thought If a guy was interested in you he should look at your face, not your tits. Though this mind set always bit you in the ass come summer time. Dylan nudged your shoulder to get your attention.

“Hhhmm what dyl?”
“Wana Ditch and hit my pool?”
“Does a bear shit in the woods? Fuck yea let’s go!”
“Cool you wana ride with me?”
“Na I gotta swing by my house and get my bathing suit so I’ll meet you at yours.”

Peeling out of the parking lot you quickly made it to your home, glad to see your mom or dad hadn’t come home early that day. They’d been riding your ass hard about hanging out with Eric and Dylan. They thought they were bad influences. And we’re trying to stop you being involved with them. You quickly rummaged around in your draws before pulling out your simple black two piece. You cringed a little as you realised just how much of your body you’d be showing. It wasn’t that you didn’t LIKE the way you looked it was just…well, nobody really saw your body. Like ever.

You shrugged. Meh, it was only Eric and Dylan, and you were pretty positive they just saw you as one of the guys so you had no reason to feel uncomfortable. That and they’d never shown any kind of interest in you in that way before.
You quickly put on your suit, and put your normal clothes on over they too before stuffing a towel and change of underwear into a bag then set off for Dylan’s.

You wound down all your cars windows and floored it, letting the air cool you down as it flowed in and out, blasting your eardrums. When you arrived you could already hear the splashing and shouts coming from the pool house. Slipping inside quickly you arrived just in time for Dylan to soak you with a cannon ball.

“Shut up Eric!”
“Shit sorry y/n!, look go lay your clothes out over there, they’ll be dry in no time in the sun.”
“Yea yea…”

You moved over to the area Dylan pointed to. Turning your back to the boys you stripped off your t-shirt and pants. As you arranged them in the sun, it was then you realised how quiet it had suddenly gotten. You half turned and saw both Eric and Dylan staring at you. Mouthed open.

“What? What are you looking at? Is something on my back?”

Both boys coughed, going red in the face. Dylan slipped under the water as Eric avoided your gaze.

“Ok what’s up! You two are freaking me out!”
“It’s um..its…”
“Spit it out Eric!”
“We’ve never seen you so um…clearly”
“What are you talking about?”

Eric tried to look anywhere but at you, and failed miserably. Dylan resurfaced and gave you the same problem, you turned to face them fully before walking g over to the edge of the pool and sitting down, dipping your legs into the cool water.

“Alright start fucking talking, what’s the matter dyl since Eric won’t give me a direct answer!”
“We’ve never seen you with like no clothes on!”

Dylan’s hands flew to his mouth as the words left it. Eric barked out a laugh before unsuccessfully trying to turn it into a cough. Dylan slipped back under the water and Eric swam towards to you.

“Look y/n, we’re guys, your wearing next to nothing. You look hot. Sorry but that’s the truth of it.”

Now it was your turn to be silent, your own face beginning to burn and not from the sun. You crossed your arms protectively over your chest unaware it just was giving you more cleavage. Dylan resurfaced with a interesting expression on his face. Something in between longing and fear. Eric now being much less subtle let his eyes roam all over you.

“Um…maybe I should go…”
“NO! I mean no you don’t have to y/n”
“Well I’m not liking that you guys are uncomfortable Dylan…”
“Were not! Your..your just beautiful ok?”

Eric had swum next to you by now, Dylan quickly joining him on the opposite side, they seemed to share some telepathic conversation because before you knew it they both pulled you into the pool. You broke the surface, taking a deep breath before cursing at them both. They came closer and closer to you, making you walk backwards, essentially pushing you against the edge of the pool. Hungry looks painted on their faces.

“What are you both doing?”
“What do you mean ‘nothing yet’ Eric?”
“You’ll see y/n.”

Dylan gently tucked a strand of your wet hair behind your ear, his eyes full of lust. You felt a hand gently grasp your waist as Eric turned you towards him more. His fingers digging gently into your flesh as Dylan came closer behind you, so close that you felt his warm breath on your neck and shoulder.

“Tell us to stop and we will y/n”
“….guys I…um…oh fuck!”

You gasped softly as Dylan’s lips met your neck, sending electric waves coursing through your skin, his own hands running down your shoulders before reaching your bikini straps. His long fingers quickly undoing the knots and peeling it from your skin.
Your hands automatically flew to cover your chest.
Eric gripped your hands and pushed them down, slowly trailing down to your ass and gripping it tightly. Dylan’s hands curled around your chest and cupped your breasts, kneading them and pinching at your nipples. Eric lent in and captured your lips with his own, his tongue melting with yours as Dylan continued to nip and kiss as your neck. They pushed harder against you, sandwiching you between them as you felt their erections press against you from both sides.

Eric and y/n filming Dylan

Eric and y/n filming Dylan.
“Babe I have a good idea ” whispered my boyfriend Eric

We were sitting in the commons waiting for Chris and Brooks to get to the table. Dylan was writing or drawing in his notebook while I was drinking my soda.
Eric was looking around and picking at his hands.

“What’s your idea babe” I asked Eric

“You see Gabby over at the table near the door” asked Eric
“Yea why” I asked
“Well since Dylan likes her I think he should ask her out to a date” said Eric
“Wait he likes her? I thought he liked Rosie this whole time” I said

“Dylan why don’t you ever talk about Gabby” I asked

Dylan looked up at me and blushed a bit
“Because I like to keep my thoughts to myself” he said and went back to writing.
“Well I think she likes you back because right now she is looking at you” said Eric

As that sentence left Eric’s mouth Dylan looked up quickly and turn to the direction of where Gabby was sitting.

She was sitting with three of her friends but she wasn’t talking. She was looking over at our table but when she noticed everyone from our table looking at her she went red and looked away.

“Ohhhh someone has a crush” I said

“Go ask her out dude” said Eric

“No way” said Dylan

“Why” I asked

“Because she will say no” Dylan said

“And why would she do that” I asked

“Because have you seen me? I’m way to tall and I can’t even talk to a girl without slightly stuttering over my words” said Dylan

“Dude if I was a girl I would so date you ” said Eric
At that moment Chris and Brooks walked over and sat down and heard what Eric said.

“That’s weird” said Brooks under his breath.

The table got quiet real quick after what Eric said

“What I’m just saying ” said a embarrassed Eric
“Babe shut up for a minute please just let the girl talk because I know more about what to say to a girl then you ever will know” I said

A series of ohhhhhhs or ahhhhhs were heard from our table
“You just got burned man” said Chris
“You’re gonna need ice” said Brooks

I turn to Dylan and say “just ask her out and if she says no then she totally doesn’t know what she is missing out on”

“Thanks y/n you always know what to say unlike some people ” said Dylan and the last part he looked at Eric

Dylan got up from his seat and walked over to Gabby’s table
“Hit record” I heard from one of the boys
I look over and see that Chris is filming Dylan with Eric’s camera.
“What are you doing shit head” I asked
“Filming memories duh” said Chris
I rolled my eyes and continued to watch Dylan and he looked happy and walked back over.
It was later that day and Eric got his film from his camera turned into a VHS tape.
Dylan came over and ate dinner at my house with Eric and my brother.

My brother left for work and Eric said he had a surprise for Dylan.

He put in the taps and hit play

Dylan looked down in embarrassment
“Wait I have another version of this” Eric said
Eric put in another tape and hit play again
The same video played but it was edited to make the video into a song. Eric and I were laughing so hard that I almost pissed myself. A couple minutes later Dylan was laughing along with us.
The end. Hopefully you like what I wrote. Sorry it took so long to write. I haven’t been in such a writing mood and because school is coming up.