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It's maybe stupid, but what is the difference between tiaras and crowns?

Definitions like this are hard because there are always going to be pieces that don’t neatly fit into one of the categories but I’ll try my best.  So a crown is a jewelled headpiece that is worn by a monarch, consort, or sometimes heir that forms a complete circle around the head.  A crown typically features a velvet cap, arches, and heraldic symbols.  The British are the only ones that really still use their crowns since most European monarchies have stopped having coronations but some countries still bring them out and display them for special occasions even if they aren’t worn.  By contrast a tiara is a semi-circular jewelled head ornament that can be worn by anyone not just royalty.  For me I often think about what it’s purpose is, crowns are used for coronations and official state ceremonies like the opening of parliament whereas tiaras can be worn whenever the dress code calls for them.  But like I said earlier there are always going to be pieces that fall somewhere between like the British queens’ regal circlets which go all the way around the head and feature heraldic symbols but are used in a more general way like a tiara.  Here are a few crowns…

Crown of King Christian V of Denmark

Crown of Louis XV of France

Crown of King Willem II of the Netherlands

Crown of Carl III Johan of Norway

Crown of Eric XIV of Sweden

Imperial State Crown of King George VI of the United Kingdom

And a tiara is basically everything else featured on this blog.  I’ll queue up some of the British regal circlets so you know what I’m talking about with those.

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 Swedish Crown Palaces: Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle is located by Lake Mälaren in south central Sweden about 60 km west of Stockholm. 

A fortress was first built on this location in the late 1300’s by Bo Jonsson Grip. The fortress belonged the Grip family until 1526 when King Gustav I confiscated all the mansions and castles in Sweden.

The King tore down the original fortress and had a fortified castle built with circular corner towers and a wall for defensive purposes. The facade of the medieval wall still exists today. 

The Gripsholm that we see now was mostly built between 1889 and 1894 when the castle underwent a heavy restoration by architect Fredrik Lilljekvist.

Gripsholm has belonged to the crown since 1526, and was used as the official residence until 1713. This castle however is famous for its use as a royal prison. Between 1563 and 1567 King Eric XIV imprisoned his brother John and his consort Catherine Jagiellon at Gripsholm. Then when John overthrew Eric, he in turn imprisoned his brother there. In 1809 Gustav IV Adolf and his family were also imprisoned there when he had to sign his abdication document. 

Now the castle is a museum which is open to the public, notably containing the National Portrait Gallery, which is one of the oldest portrait collections in the world. Gripsholm also houses a badly-stuffed lion which has become infamous in recent years.

This is probably one of my favourite paintings. It was painted by Finnish Erik Johan Löfgren and it portrays king Eric XIV of Sweden and his wife, queen Karin Månsdotter.

I saw this painting couple of years ago in Joensuu Art Museum. It’s actually rather big - I think it would cover an entire wall in my apartment.

Eric XIV was the eldest son of Gustav I, who restored kingship in Sweden after the Danish rule. Before marrying Karin, who was of very common origins, Eric courted Elizabeth I of England among others. Eric’s rule only lasted for 8 years until he was deposed by his younger brother John. Eric, suffering from schizophrenia, was imprisoned and likely murdered.