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No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I’m always gonna be behind you. Always and always and always.


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9/? | eric and tami, friday night lights

“You know you’re an example to aspire to, don’t you? You give them an opportunity to express themselves that they wouldn’t have otherwise, you know that? Because you’re always there, ready to listen to ‘em. You never shy away from difficult subjects. They know they can trust you. That’s a rarity. You are my wife, and I am damn proud of you.”

“There is not a person in the world that could do this except for you. This is what you do. I’ve seen you do it with my own eyes. I believe in you. I believe in you with every cell in my being.”

Tami: Look at you. I love you.
Julie: I love you too, mom. I’m gonna miss you.
Tami: Go knock ‘em dead, babe.
Julie: Thanks, mom. I’m sorry I missed your game.
Eric: It’s for emergencies, all right?
Julie: Okay. Thank you. I love you.
Eric: Be good.
Julie: Bye, baby girl.
Gracie: Bye, Julie.
Eric: All right.
Julie: Bye, guys.
Eric: Oh… Wow.

Friday Night Lights 5.01 - Expectations

This scene killed me. The dialogue isn’t very elaborate but it’s all in the acting. Those three? They don’t need lines to make us feel something, they’re that good. And that long look they exchanged? So good, so many emotions in that look. I missed you show.

TAMI: Hi y'all, I’m here to talk to you a little bit about Coach Eric Taylor, and you all know him as your leader, your kind of father figure, hard ass guy screaming at ya from the sidelines, but there’s a whole other kind of Eric Taylor that I know that maybe y'all don’t know and I’d just like to share that with you a little bit so let me start with what I’ve learned from him as a human being. I mean, what he has brought to me as a person…the Power I, the nickel defense, the 3-4, the 4-3, and of course the spread formation. The ways I have grown since I have been with this man could fill a stadium! Then there’s Eric Taylor the family man. We have wonderful Sunday mornings together…watching game film. Saturday afternoons with our daughter, watching game film. Oh, and then Taylor Tuesday where we’ll have a pizza delivered and play Scrabble and then watch some game film. I want to tell you all, he’s a very busy man, y'all keep him very very busy, but he is also a sensitive and caring husband, and he will take me out for quiet, romantic evenings, just the two of us, and we’ll commonly be heard shouting things like “Pick up the blitz!” or “Hit and drive!” and my favorite “Go for two!” Seriously, Eric Taylor is a kind and decent man and he’s strong, and he has vision, and he’s passionate, and he’s real good at impartin’ that passion into the hearts of the people around him, and he loves y'all kids. Every single one of y'all. I just want to tell you how much you all have touched us, and how important y'all are to us, how deeply we care about you, and so thank y'all from our whole family. Thank you.

Eric: Why is it that I’m driving you to go to Philadelphia while I get to stay, my finals are coming up. Time when I need you the most.
Tami: You’re gonna do that right now, on the way to the airport, you’re gonna bring that up right now, you’ve got a problem with this?
Eric: Well you put that feeling out-
Tami: What feeling?
Eric: You said “Eric, you need to be quiet about this, we’re not talking about it anymore. The conversation’s over.”
Tami: You have lost your mind!
Eric: I haven’t lost my mind.
Tami: I was very straightforward about this-
Eric: Yeah, straightforward…
Tami: I was very straightforward about how I felt, about how important it is to me, how sorry I am to miss you’re game, I’m so sorry about it, breaks my heart, but that’s how important this is! I could use a little support, quite frankly.
Eric: I’m driving you to the airport.
Tami: Like I’ve done for you a million times!
[awkward pause]
Eric: Did you get the window seat?
Tami: Don’t try to change the subject.
Eric: Well, you’re kicking my ass here!
Tami: Well, that’s right your ass needs some kicking.
Eric: Who’s gonna cook dinner for me?
Tami: Oh, poor baby. Gracie.

Friday Night Lights 5.11 The March

Is it normal that I loved that fight? And I love how Eric is mumbling things while Tami’s talking.