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Spotify has featured playlists curated by APA artists in celebration of Asian America Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Artists include: Jai Wolf, Run River North, Far East Movement, Dumbfoundead, Year of the OX, SATICA, Kronika, Jay Pak, Eric Nam, Yaeji, Taiyo Na, David Choi, Yuna, TRACE, starRO

Here is all I've got!

Here are all the requests (smuts and one-shots). I know there’ve been many who were waiting for their request to show up on their dashboard but a little more patience.

Here are the upcoming imagines (including smuts) that I will be posting:

Scott McCall x Reader *smut*

Charles Xavier x Reader *smut*

Eric Coulter x Reader *smut*

Peter Hayes x Reader *smut*

Jerome Valeska x Reader *smut*

Illya Kuryakin x Reader *smut*

Michael Grey x Reader x Thomas Shelby *smut*

Thomas Shelby x Reader *smut*

Jace Wayland x Reader *smut*

Magnus Bane x Reader *smut*

Joker x Reader *smut*

Nick!Lucifer x Reader *smut*

Eobard Thawne x Reader *smut*

Finn Balor x Reader *smut*

Sami Zayn x Reader *smut*

Chris Jericho x Reader *smut*

Noam Dar x Reader *smut*

Luke Gallows x Reader *smut*

Logan Howlett x Reader *smut*

Lucifer Morningstar x Reader *one-shot*

Logan Howlett x Reader *one-shot*

As you can see, I’ve got a lot to write so collaborations are welcome! *gif*

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Ivory White

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Moriarty x Reader (Fluff)
Sherlock x Reader, Mycroft x Reader (Mostly friendship)
Moriarty x Reader (Mostly leaning towards friendship/fluff)


Hemlock Grove x Supernatural crossover (Friendship kinda?)


Hemlock Grove x Supernatural crossover (Friendship kinda?)


Teen wolf x vampire!reader (Lowkey angst)
Theo x Reader (FLUFF, angst)
Theo x Reader (FLUFFF)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Eric x Reader (Angst/fluff kinda)
Eric x Reader (Fluff and sadness)


Barry x Reader (Lil fluff)


Bucky x Reader (Fluff)
Bucky x Reader (Fluff)
Bucky x Reader (Angst, closest thing I’m ever gonna get to writing smut)
Loki x Reader (Idk what to categorize this as; angst kinda?)
Loki x Reader (Angst and fluff)


Raphael x Reader (Fluff)


Him x Reader (Really fluffy stuff, but also kinda weird)

Mind of steel

WWE imagine
Pairing: Tye Dillinger x Reader
Requested by CertifiedLoserNixon on Wattpad
Word count: 1,700

A/N: I’ve wanted to write about Sanity for quite some time, so needless to say I was super happy when this was requested. Hope you’ll enjoy!!
All my WWE imagines are on Wattpad as well!

You took a look in the mirror as the hair stylist was finishing straightening your hair.

“Nervous?” she asked.
“A little,” you confessed.
“I’d be too, if I were in your shoes. But hey, at least you get to watch and support him from ringside!”
“Except I’m not allowed to openly cheer for him – or anyone, for that matter.”

You were working in NXT as a ring announcer, and the staff had insisted on having you announce tonight. But tonight, your boyfriend, the Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger, had a match – a steel cage match nonetheless – against the leader of Sanity Eric Young. You were totally looking forward to that. You knew it was going to be exciting, the whole feud had been a blast to watch after all. But of course, you were also incredibly nervous. While you trusted Tye completely on this, Sanity was not to be underestimated. Those guys were dangerous, especially Nikki Cross.

“And you’re all set, (Y/N)!” the hair stylist smiled.
“Thank you. Oh, wow! Someday, you’ll have to teach me how to make my hair look so good!”
“That’d be my pleasure!”

You smiled at her and exited the room, only to see Tye standing there, leaning against the wall – obviously waiting for you.

“There’s my favorite girl!”
“Hello to you too,” you chuckled.

He pulled you into his arms and leant forward to kiss your forehead and the tip of your nose.

“You look beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful,” he smiled.
“Thank you,” you said, intertwining your fingers with his. “How are you feeling?”
“About tonight, you mean? Pretty good. Of course, you never know what to expect from Sanity, but hey! My girl is – technically – at ringside, and Roderick and Kassius have my back, in case Young decides to bring his little guard dogs. It should be fine.”

You nodded, a bit relieved – just a bit. At least, Sanity couldn’t play the number’s game.

“(Y/N), please report to gorilla position! (Y/N) to gorilla!”

You rolled your eyes.

“I gotta go. Be careful, OK?”
“I will. And (Y/N) …”
“I love you too!” you said, anticipating his next sentence.

He laughed and pressed a kiss on your lips before letting you go

* * * *

There it was. The match you dreaded and looked forward to at the same time. The cage had been set up, the ref was already inside waiting for the contestants, and you were at ringside, microphone in hand, concentrating on keeping your game face on. Tye’s music hit, and you felt a warm feeling bubble in your stomach as the crowd erupted into the usual Ten! chants.

“The following contest is a steel cage match!” you started announcing. “The only ways to win are by pinfall, submission, escaping through the door or over the steel cage with both feet hitting the floor.”

You had to take a deep breath to keep a calm voice.

“Making his way to the ring, from Niagara Falls, Canada; weighing in at 225 pounds; he is the Perfect Ten: Tye Dillinger!”

There was a hint of pride as you said those last few words. No one else – except Tye himself perhaps – would notice, but it was there. Tye briefly tested the cage before getting inside and starting his usual interaction with the crowd, throwing Ten’s around. Then, his eyes found yours, and he nodded slightly as if saying I got this. Your lips stretched into a small coin smirk, and you were thankful the camera wasn’t on you, as you found yourself blushing slightly. He still had that effect on you, even after months of dating him. Sanity’s music started to play and the whole stable came out on stage. As the first guttural laugh resounded throughout the arena, Eric Young turned around and gestured for his stablemates to leave. He seemed to play it fair – seemed being the keyword here, you did not buy it one second.

“Come on!” Tye yelled at Eric, urging him to get into the ring.

Once Young got into the ring, the two men started exchanging blows. At that point, your eyes started darting around the arena – you expected the rest of Sanity to come out any moment now. They were going to, you could feel it in your guts. Your eyes went back to the action in the ring just in time to see Eric Young gained the upper hand and throw Tye over the top rope and into the steel cage. You gritted your teeth, fighting the urge to shout encouragements to your boyfriend.

* * * *

Nearly ten minutes into the match, Tye had returned the favor and thrown Eric into the cage. Three times. Following with a series of kicks into the chest and a high kick to the head that left his opponent stunned. Damn, Tye was being serious about this, you thought as you saw blood trickle down from Young’s forehead. Your boyfriend proceeded to climb the cage, and you had to bit your lip to stop yourself from cheering out loud. But Eric Young stood back up and pulled him back down.

That’s when you felt it – the tip of a finger poking into your arm, while your name was whispered with each poke. You turned your head to see who was childish enough to be behind that, only to get pushed from your chair, landing stomach first on the floor. You looked back up to see a small figure will brown eyes and long brown hair and to hear a mad laugh. Of course, the one and only Nikki Cross.

“Wait a minute, is Nikki Cross targeting our ring announcer?” you heard Tom Phillips from the announce table.
“Get up (Y/N)! Come on!” Nikki shouted, her Glaswegian accent thicker than usual.

Before you could even get to your knees, she kicked you in the ribs. Twice.

“Hey Tye! Over here!” she called in a sing-song voice.

Tye looked towards her, and his eyes went wide at the sight before him – Nikki had grabbed a fistful of your hair to lift your face from the floor, while you struggled to get back up.

“No!” he yelled.
“Look at Tye’s face,” Percy Watson commented, “he takes the attack very personally!”

The Perfect Ten turned around to kick Eric in the midsection before rushing to the side of the cage.

“(Y/N)! Love, are you okay?”
“Don’t stop on my account, I can handle it!”

Cross dropped your hair, your face falling back into the floor, and she went to sit on the small of your back, straddling you.

“Get off her, Nikki!”
“Or what?” she taunted.

Meanwhile, Young had got back to his feet, and he grabbed Tye’s manbun to shove his face into the steel repeatedly before dragging him to the middle of the ring. Tye punched him to make him let go of the hair.

“I’d act wisely if I were you Dillinger,” the leader of Sanity warned.

Nikki laughed madly, and she went for the hair again – except you finally managed to roll to your side, knocking her off balance and sending her off your back. Hardly leaving you any break, she got back up, kicked you in the stomach and started throwing punches. But this time, you retaliated, sending her into the barricade. You finally got back to your feet, only to see Tye lying on the mat and Eric getting up.

“Tye, focus!” you shouted.

His eyes snapped open, and he grabbed Young’s ankle, preventing him for going any further, before finally standing up and hitting him with the Tye Breaker.

Next thing you knew, you laid flat on your back again, and a fist connected with your jaw. Nikki was back in action. You blinked a few time to shake out the daze and recompose yourself, when you heard the sounds of a huge fight next to you – Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe had come out to assist their stablemate, and Roderick, Kassius and Ruby Riot were busy trying to keep Sanity from interfering. You shot the three of them a thankful look. The massive Dain managed to put both men down and started climbing the cage, but Tye ran straight into him from inside, making him lose his grip on the steel structure.

“That’s it! Head in the game!”

It was too late to be professional now, Nikki had made it very personal the second she thought using you to get to your boyfriend was a good plan. Speak of the devil, Cross was struggling to get back on her feet, but you hit her right into the midsection, knocking the air out of her.

“That’s for using me against my man!”

You heard the crowd pop into a huge TEN!, bringing your attention back to the ring. Dain and Young were both lying on the mat, and Tye was sitting, his back leant against the rope, shaking. Your mind quickly put two and two together – a crossbody from the top of the cage, and he was riding off the adrenaline rush.

“Now Tye! Come one, baby, you got this!”

The Perfect Ten crawled out of the ring through the door, both feet hitting the ground, and locked the door once the ref had got out. The crowd erupted in cheers and you leaped in joy, looking around for your microphone and trying to keep a calm voice.

“Here is your winner,” you finally announced, “Tye Dillinger!”

Both the ref and Roderick were lifting Tye’s hands. Roderick went to hug his best friend briefly, while you laid your microphone on the table. You then rushed to your boyfriend, jumping onto his chest, as he closed his arms around your small frame.

“Are you alright, love?” he whispered.
“I’m good. And I’m super proud of you!”

He kissed your lips briefly before setting you down, and went on to jump around the ring to cheer with the crowd.

Soon, the Ten! Chants turned into a general Thank you, Tye! that reminded you this was his last appearance on NXT. A new wave of pride hit you. After what he had just accomplished tonight, he was going to be just fine on Smackdown Live. You could feel it.

anonymous asked:

Who originally thought about bombing and shooting up Columbine, Eric or Dylan?

We don’t really know. We don’t know how that conversation first began or who initiated the idea. However, we can guess.

In November 1997, Dylan writes “[redacted] will get me a gun, I’ll go on my killing spree against anyone I want”. It’s the first mention we have of murder (and, more importantly, of a killing spree) after he already mentioned suicide more than once in the previous entries. One of those suicide-entries also has him reflecting on [redacted] getting him a gun so Dylan can use that gun on himself. What’s interesting is that this gun provider was not Eric, as Eric’s name remains unredacted throughout the evidence. Dylan’s first reference to NBK happens in February 1998, but the person he names as wanting to do that with is also redacted.

Eric didn’t start his journal until April 1998. In its third entry (still within that same month), he writes “ when I go NBK”. The choice of words here – when instead of if – shows that the idea had already taken shape prior to the entry and that Eric was already treating it as something definite. There is more murder-related stuff on his website, though no direct references to NBK the way he mentions it in his journal, but none of those entries were dated (though they’re likely to be from the 1997-1998 era).

Note that both of these entries are still individualistic: they talk about a killing spree/NBK as something they’re going to do alone. Dylan first writes of going NBK with Eric in January 1999. He didn’t sound too happy about it and many have speculated that this wasn’t his first choice. Eric, on his part, writes “when we go NBK” in October 1998 and mentions Dylan later on in that same entry in connection with these plans.

Logically speaking, we could say the following:

  • The idea of a killing spree was born a little before Dylan’s earliest mention of it in November 1997. I’d tentatively put mid-1997 as the initial birth of the idea.
  • By February 1998, Dylan mentions going NBK with someone else. He’s already moved forward into not wanting to do this alone.
  • Eric first mentions going NBK as a solitary idea in April 1998 – something for him to do alone.
  • What’s interesting here is that they both use the same terminology for the idea: both use the codename NBK for this. That would suggest that they spoke about the notion with each other, probably in conjunction with the movie they both liked, some time in early 1998.
  • By October 1998, Eric is already convinced that he’s going to do this together with Dylan.
  • November 1998 sees them acquiring the guns.
  • By January 1999 Dylan acknowledges the plan and says “maybe going “NBK” (gawd) with Eric is the way to break free”. Dylan is still treating it as an option instead of as a definite at this point.

Who originally thought about it? The evidence suggests that it was Dylan who first came up with the idea of going on a killing spree, but we don’t have any dated writing by Eric from that time. That makes it hard to know what was going on in the latter’s head at the time Dylan first wrote about the killing spree. However, it’s very clear that the two really came together on the idea between April and October 1998, though Dylan already knew he wasn’t going to go through with it alone as early as February 1998. I have no doubt that mid-1998 saw the actual birth of NBK as we now know it: Dylan’s notion of a killing spree with guns combined with Eric’s love of explosives in those months and that’s when the idea of bombing the school and shooting the survivors/first responders came into being as a definite sort of plan. It’s likely that they spoke of the idea among themselves earlier on than that, too, but I personally think that it didn’t really come into definite being prior to those months because Eric still mentions lone-wolfing the whole thing as late as April 1998.


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