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Love And All The Other Intangibles

Eric is six and on December 24th he spends most of his time in the kitchen with his mama rolling out pie dough and dropping biscuits onto baking sheets.

The rest of the family is in the backyard playing touch football. 

“You can go out and play, sweetheart,” Suzanne tells him as she wipes her hands on her apron.

From where he’s perched on the counter he has a clear view out the kitchen window.

He watches his twelve year old cousin, Sean, tackle his seven year old cousin, Peter. It’s a big hit and it takes a minute for Peter to get up.

All of the adults crowd around him and slap him on the back when he finally gets to his feet. He’s sure Coach tells him to walk it off and his Uncle Steve tells him to take it like a man.

No one reprimands Sean or even reminds him that that they’re not supposed to be hitting each other.

Eric looks down at the apples slices that he’s carefully layering into the crust and swings his legs.

“It’s more fun in here,” he says and Suzanne kisses his forehead and starts rolling out the top crust.

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Disney’s Mix & Match Villains by Eric and Susan Goldberg

Genie animator Eric Goldberg and his wife Susan have created this BEAUTIFUL and RIDICULOUS book where you take the iconic Disney villains (Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, Ratcliffe, Frollo, etc.) and mix and match their costumes, faces and legs to come up with some truly hilarious results. What’s more, the text also changes according to your mixing, as does the appearance of the side-kicks and protagonists!

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Jealousy Part 2 

You can read part one here.

The doctor decided to keep you overnight for observation. The next morning when Eric stopped by you refused to see him. You heard him arguing outside with the doctor and his nurse. They held their ground with Eric and you finally heard him stomp off. The next couple of days even though you were discharged you stayed by Peter’s side. You only left his side to shower, change clothes and grab something to eat whenever you knew Eric was training initiates and would not be in the apartment.  Peter friends often stopped by to check on him and would let you know how they were doing in training. Every one steered clear of the subject of Eric. The third day Peter finally open his eyes.

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milena-kunis  asked:

This is only my personal opinion but I think Eric and Donna's relationship wouldn't survive the long term. They never solved the problems that drove them apart in the first place and I just think they want different things. Donna has big dreams and Eric likes where he is and doesn't have as big aspiration. I also don't see Donna as a typical wife like Eric seems to want, I don't even see her wanting children. Maybe is because I'm so similar to her, but I just feel like they will end up apart.

I agree that we never saw them solvind their problems in season 5. I can see why you feel like their relationship wouldn’t survive, but I honestly think it can as long as those things are talked properly and both can focus on the fact that having a couple is not an ownership (for Eric) and not an obstacle (for Donna).

Yet, I think in a story, in a fanfic, would be very interesting to explore this side of what could happen in their future together. Would they remain friends? Would they not? How long would it take them to notice it’s over, how long would it take for them to speak to the other again?

All couples have a 50/50 of chances at some point, but in my honest opinion, I think Eric and Donna would survive the long term. They do love each other deeply and have shared great experiences as a couple, friends and people together. But everything is possible.