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I think Jack likes to talk about his feelings a lot, but the problem has always been that no one is patient enough to listen to him. And it’s not always their fault. Sometimes they don’t even know that they’re interrupting him because he’s been silent for five minutes trying to think of the right words to say. His parents are too desperate for answers, or too sad to listen to the silence. His therapist will ask him another question if he doesn’t give him an answer fast enough, thinking that he just doesn’t have one yet. And Shitty will say that Jack doesn’t have to explain why he’s feeling down and Jack doesn’t even have the words to explain that there’s so much he wants to tell him.

Eric didn’t get it at first either. He would always try to fill the silence with something because the cold look in Jack’s eyes when he talks about the things that make him have bad days is something that still haunts him. But with time, with too many nights of being there and not knowing what to do, he starts to understand Jack’s need to take his time - just like he does with all his other emotions.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Eric will ask when he sees something bothering him. And Jack will nod, because he does, and then maybe not say anything for a few minutes. And Eric will hold him, run his fingers through soft hair, and listen to the silence until it’s ready to not be there anymore.

I don’t understand why many people here always want to defend Eric Harris even if it is clear he was racist, sexist and homophobic.

•Isaiah was shot because he was black, and also Eric was a Nazi. 

•Eric in his diary wrote many bad things about girls, that he wanted to fuck them like animals and so on. He also wrote: “Women, you will always be under men. It’s been seen throughout nature, males are almost always doing the dangerous shit while the women stay back. It’s your animal instincts, deal with it or commit suicide, just do it quick. That’s all for now.”

•And, about homosexual people, he wrote: “Gays…. well all gays, ALL gays, should be killed. […] Lesbians are fun to watch if they are hot but still, its not human. It’s a fucking disease. You don’t see bulls or roosters trying to fuck, do you? No, I didn’t think so.”

So please STOP defending him, STOP saying that he was sweet and STOP treating his as a victim of the Massacre.

Something Worth While (Pt. 2)

Alright y’all sorry this took forEVER to edit but here it is. I’ve got a basic idea of where I want this to go but I still don’t know how long it’s gonna be lol. I also decided to keep this on tumblr for now because for some reason I’m super self-conscious about it (I feel like I’m exposing myself IDK)

Also, thank you all for your lovely messages they really encourage me to get off my lazy ass and write this stuff

Heads Up: There is a scene that is a bit NSFW

(Pt. 1)


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[Part 2]

Word Count: 1.8k

Pairing: Eric x Reader

Prompt:  You have too much to drink and Eric, whom of which is your best friend, gets called down to the bar to take you home. Once safely in an apartment, you drunkenly admit something.

A/N: Y’all…I’m so sorry if this sucks/if there are errors. I’m also very sorry for not posting in a while. Hope you enjoy!

“Next time I’m accompanying her.” Eric mutters to himself as he makes his way over to your swaying body that was on the dance floor, your eyes shut as you hum along to the music. The bartender, Ed, glanced at you from time to time as he wiped the counter, making sure you didn’t do something stupid. After trying to get you out of the bar many times, since it had been time to close, he gave up and called Dauntless leader Eric, whom of which happened to be your best friend. It was surprising when your friendship was known throughout the faction, mostly because Eric was quite admittingly the biggest asshole alive and you were nothing but kind, but in this case you guessed opposites do attract.

“Eric!” You squeal as you spot him walking in, his dirty blonde hair tousled and sweatpants hanging low on his torso, “Wanna dance?”

“No.” He replies bluntly as he trudges towards you, his grey-blue eyes piercing yours for quite a while. You weren’t sure what emotion was playing in them, but maybe that was because you were totally shitfaced.

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won me over (check, please! jack/bitty, 3.6k)

As promised, I’m posting a fic before 2016 ends!  It isn’t beta’d, and I’ll be posting a more refined version on AO3 at some point, but… well, almost 4k of words is better than nothing right? 

This is technically a sequel to my fic head over feet, but you don’t really need to know it to understand this one. 

It’s a Sunday morning when Bitty is woken up by the incessant buzzing of his phone.  

He rubs the sleep from his eyes and glances out the window.  There’s a stillness on campus that comes only after the first snowfall of the season—a perfect excuse to stay inside and avoid responsibilities. Normally, Bitty would be an advocate for such procrastination, but he remembers that he has plans and he can’t afford to mess them up.

“Ugh, turn it off,” Jack grumbles when Bitty’s phone starts buzzing again.

Bitty chuckles. “I would, but I can’t exactly move right now,” he informs from where he’s sandwiched between the wall and Jack’s body.  He gently shakes Jack’s shoulder. “You’re hogging the bed.”

“’m not,” Jack mumbles, still half-asleep.  He rolls over onto his back and pulls Bitty on top of him, which puts Bitty in close enough proximity to his phone to dismiss his alarm.

Bitty tries to wriggle out of Jack’s hold, but the other man retaliates and tightens his grip around Bitty’s waist.  

“Jack, sweetheart, let me up.  I have things to do.”

“I want you to stay here and sleep with me.”  

“Honey, you can’t still be tired.  It’s nearly ten!”  

Jack cracks one eye open and smiles lazily. “Who said anything about being tired?”

“What—” Bitty narrows his eyes. “Jack Laurent Zimmermann, was that a come on?”

“Maybe,” Jack responds. “Is it working?”

Bitty’s mind recalls the image of a blissed and fucked-out Jack sprawled on his bed just over eight hours ago. “Was last night not enough for you, honey?”

“I’ll never get enough of you, Bits.”

“You really know how to sweettalk a guy, don’t ya?”

“You’re the only one I’m interested in sweettalking,” Jack informs.

Bitty rolls his eyes but kisses him anyway.  Jack tries to deepen the kiss after a few moments, but Bitty stops him. “I have to study for midterms.”

Jack honest-to-god pouts. “You’ve had all week to study.”

“Not all of us have a work ethic like yours, Captain.”  

“You’d get more done if you didn’t tweet so much.”

“Okay, there’s got to be some sort of rule against chirping your boyfriend in bed,” Bitty says with a huff.  

Jack smiles. “You love it.”

“Unfortunately.” Bitty kisses him again, but abruptly pulls away when Jack’s hands starts traveling below the waistband of his shorts.

“Bits, why—”

Bitty ignores him and climbs off the bed. “I’m going to Founders to study with Lardo,” he announces.

Jack sits up and frowns when Bitty starts getting dressed. “You’re actually going?”

“I have two midterms on Tuesday,” Bitty says. “I’d rather not fail them and have to take summer classes.”

“Since when did you become the voice of reason in this relationship?”

“Mmm… probably when my future-NHL player boyfriend invited me to spend the summer with him,” Bitty says as he packs up his laptop and notebooks.

“I can still take you out to dinner later, right?” Jack asks.

“Of course, sweetheart.” Bitty says, grabbing his coat and backpack.  He pauses at the door on his way out and looks back at Jack.  It takes all of Bitty’s willpower to not jump back in his bed with a half-naked Jack Zimmermann, but he trudges on.  “In the meantime, maybe you can think of a few ideas on how you can wear me out tonight?” 

“Trust me, Bits.  I’ve already got more than a few ideas.” 

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Back In Time: Part 4

Eric Harris birthday was coming up very soon. Dylan wanted you to come so desperately but sad part is you can’t control when or where you go back to. Its only been about a week or so since you last showed up. Dylan e-mailed you almost everyday after that day.

VoDka: “Hey spacey!”

(Your User): “Hey Dyl. What’s up?”

VoDkA: “Reb wants you to show up in a few days”

You let out a small sigh and looked over the dozens of e-mails between you and him. You started getting more nervous a few days ago when you noticed there were even bigger changes than just a later starting time or Dylan being even less vocal and angry in the tape transcripts. You noticed now that the event happened almost a whole week later and there were less ammo and pipebombs.

VoDkA: “Hello?”

(Your User): “Sorry. I slipped away into my thoughts. I’m going to take a nap alright?”

VoDkA: “No problem”

You closed your computer and let out a deep breath. You climbed into your bed and closed your eyes just waiting to fall asleep. You started to feel your body get extremely heavy and your breaths began to slow. You knew this feeling all too well and you just waited for the adventure too start.


You stood in an empty girls’ bathroom and opened the stall door. You looked at yourself in the dirty and smudged mirror and saw how drained you looked. You splashed your face with some cold water and patted your face with a napkin. You slowly walked out of the bathroom into the familiar wide hallway corridor with the soft carpet underneath you.

You deicided to climb up the stairs that led to the second floor when you noticed a teacher or principle walking towards you. You walked fast down the hallway not really focused on who was there or what was going on. There were a few more students out on the second floor rather then the ghost town downstairs.


You heard a very familiar yell and turned around quickly. You saw a tall and lanky teenage boy and began to smile. You walked towards what appeared to be his locker.

“Hey Dyl!”

You found yourself in his small embrace and felt your cheeks turn red. You looked at opposite way.

“So what’s up? Why are you here?”

“I don’t really know Dyl. I don’t really control when I come over here.”

He let out a small laugh and continued rummaging around his messy locker. You looked at the familiar placement of the locker but the unusual numbering.

“Hey I think I actually have your locker Dyl. But that’s not my locker number.”

He gave an audible noise to assure you that he heard you and finally found what he was looking for. He threw it into his bag and began to walk towards the school doors nodding at you to follow him. Once you reached the large doors you saw another familiar face.

“Hey stranger! I haven’t seen you in forever dude.”

“Yeah I know ma-”

“Not you V, I saw you like fucking 20 minutes ago”

You laughed at his response and at how Dylan mocked the boy’s voice afterwards.

“Hey Eric.”

“Hey! So you coming to my little birthday get together?”

“I honestly don’t know. I’m going to try though.”

He gave you a small nod and began to walk towards Dylan’s car. You all climbing and blasted some very familiar music. Eric made fun of you almost 100 times when you tried to sing any of the German songs.

“You fucking suck dude.”

You stuck your tongue out and keep singing, now obviously trying to sing it badly. Sooner or later the boys both joined in pretending to be terrible at the German words.

Dylan pulled into the Blackjacks parking lot and told you and Eric to stay in the car that he would be right back. The air grew very still once the engine turned off and Dylan closed his door behind him. A few slient moment passed by when Eric finally spoke.

“So why are you never really in school much? Like no one knows who you are.”

You shifted nervously in your seat, hoping Dylan would hurry up and come back but he didn’t. You were still stuck in the car with a lingering question. You tried not to look into Eric’s stone cold eyes.

“You don’t go to Columbine do you?”

You shifted a bit more and tried to speak.

“Uh not reall-”

You heard the heavy door and saw a flying white envelope hit Eric in the back of the head.

“What the fuck”

You felt a shift in the car and let out a small sigh.

“So where too next?”

“Any ideas spacey?”

“Uh.. I’m just down for anything”

You guys just decided to drive around a bit until you guys figured out what to do. You felt an off balance mood in the air. It made you very uncomforfable.

“Hey V, why do you call y/n spacey?”

Dylan cleared his throat and looked back at you from the over head mirror. You shifted your weight and looked at him helplessly. He must have not noticed how long he was slient for because Eric asked the same question, a little more annoyed.

“She is just a very… Spacey person.”

“I call bullshit on that.”

Eric turned directly at you and burned your soul with his powerful eyes. You felt the hard glare. He didn’t have to say anything, you knew he wanted an explanation and he wasn’t stopping until he got an answer.

“It’s just a nickname he sorta came up with. I can be a real Space Cadet sometimes”

“I hope you don’t think I’m stupid because I know damn well you don’t go to our school. So why are you always there?”

You began feeling sick and dizzy. You knew you were about to fade out. But you can’t just fade away with Eric watching your every move. Dylan noticed right away.

“Reb fucking chill out on her.”

“I just want to know what’s going on.”

You felt like everything was getting light and airy.


That was the last thing you heard before waking up in your bed hot and sweaty. Your covers were a messy and your pillows were thrown about. You felt a lump in your throat. You knew something bad must have happened but you were to scared to even check your e-mail. You finally gained the courage and opened your computer.

REBdomine: “What the fuck happened ?”

VoDkA: “Well we have to tell him now.”

Imagine Eric

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Imagine Erik teasing you about being nervous to get your first tattoo.

“Come on, (Y/N). It’s not that bad.” Eric said in an annoyed tone. He had been trying to get you to go with him to the tattoo parlor for the past couple days but you had always come up with an excuse. Sadly today was an off day so none of the initiates had anything they had to do, giving you no excuse not to go.

“I’ll come watch but I am NOT getting one of those things.” You stated as you crossed your arms for emphasis.

A teasing smile spread across Eric’s face, “Why not? Are you afraid?”

“What? No, of course not.”

“Really? Cause it seems to me like you are.”

You shot him a death glare, “I’m not afraid.”

“Then you wouldn’t mind getting one with me?” He playfully bumped his shoulder up against you.

You gave him a mischievous smirk, “Ya know what, Eric? I think I will get one.” Eric broke out into a smile, happy he had won the argument, “On one condition. I get to pick out what you get.”

Eric’s smile faltered for a split second but then he regained his composure. “You’re on, (Y/L/N). But it would only be fair if I get to pick something out for you in return.”

You rolled your eyes and let out a sigh, “Deal.” The two of you shook on it.

As the two of you started walking off Eric stopped in his tracks causing you to turn and see why he had stopped. Eric looked slightly concerned.

“You okay, Babe?”

“Um yeah, just…just don’t make it something embarrassing, I do have a reputation to uphold.”

You let out a short laugh and grabbed his hand, leading him towards the tattoo parlor, “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

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I used to have a friend that was in the tcc and they were super nasty. Like, they always talked about how they wanted to fuck Eric and Dylan and that Dylann Roof wasn't racist. What really crossed the line was when they told me that they condone murder. I have a huge fear of death so I got really mad and told them off. Then they went to their friend and gave them my social media and their friend began to threaten me. It was bad. Hence why I hate the tcc more than a lot of things.

holy shit did you report them though??

Hard To Trust ch. 4

Give a round of love to @pathybo this is her baby and shes writting it from now on!!! So proud of you!!

Hope ya’ll enjoy!!

Chapter one is here

Chapter two here

Chapter three here

Hard to Trust 4

The next day you were awake at 5:30 am. You knew you weren’t supposed to be at the training room until 7 for your punishment with Eric, but you recalled Four’s words telling you that you could use the training room whenever you wanted before everybody else arrived there. You took your time getting ready, grabbing some leggings and a large t shirt and went straight to the training room. As an abnegation girl you were not used to showing your curves, so the large t shirt was working well for you. When you arrived the place was deserted and you started to run a few laps. You were taken by surprise when someone started jogging along with you. You knew who it had to be.
“Initiate, what are you doing here so early? You’re not supposed to be here for another hour,” Eric said
“I’m used to get up and early, sir. Back in my old faction I got up early to help around my house. Four told me it was ok for me to use the training room if I wanted to,” you tried to explain yourself.
“Ok,” the leader said. “What’s your deal with Four anyway? I noticed how preoccupied he was with you at the incident yesterday.”
“I’m sorry if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to control herself. I don’t know how she got the idea that I was somehow interested in you,” you were getting more furious by the second and unable to control your tongue.
“She’s not my girlfriend, you don’t have to worry about her. And that’s not the point. Answer my question,” He stated.
“I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. Nobody is supposed to know, but Four and I grew up together back in abnegation. We’ve been best friends since we first started school and he helped me a lot when I was having some trouble last year,” you told him. “And I’m not worried about her.”
He was looking at you intensely while jogging, like he was trying to figure something out. “What happened,” he finally asked you.
“I’d rather not talk about it, sir,” you were afraid that he might snap at you.
“You will tell me, one way or another. It doesn’t need to be today. Now come with me, your punishment is about to start.”

You and Eric placed all the mats on the room and set the knives and guns up, ready to practice. Everybody else started to arrive and Eric came close to you.
“You skipped breakfast, initiate. You have 20 minutes to go eat something. I don’t want my initiates passing out from starvation,” He ordered you.
Four was already by your side and heard Eric’s command, so he just winked at you and you walked out.
When you were about to leave, your favorite person in the world (note the sarcasm), Zack, came to you.
“Already being the trainers favorite, huh stiff? That’s so unfair, to get special treatment,” Zack provoked you.
“If you think that dragging mats all over the place is special treatment, please, feel free to take my place tomorrow morning. I will be more than happy to let you have that special treatment,” You spat at him and left. After your breakfast you came back to the training room and started your day.

The first week was already halfway through and you were getting used to Eric’s manners. He was hard on you, and on the rest of the class, but you noticed he aimed his anger more at you. You had never seen the guy smile, so you just treated him with respect and kept to yourself like Four suggested.
One day you were practicing shooting and were unable to hit the target, even once. You looked around and Four was helping a girl from Erudite on her stance, you sighed and felt a presence behind you.
“Your stance is wrong, initiate,” Eric whispered in your ear. You could feel his warm breath on your neck and suddenly you felt his hands on your hips. Your heart beat increased and you couldn’t think straight. He fixed your feet with his own, moved your body a little bit and grabbed the gun with his hands over yours. “Let’s try together, and then you will be on your own. Now shoot.”
You pulled the trigger and hit the center of the target. When you looked at him he was already walking away. You felt cold without his warm body behind yours.
You didn’t miss the target after that. That night you laid down on your cot asking yourself what was going on with you, were you attracted to Eric? Why was he making you feel that way? You fell asleep thinking about those beautiful blue eyes that were haunting you.

The rest of the week went by fast and Zack’s verbal abuse on you just increased more and more and by the end of first week you beyond hated the guy.
“Ok, listen up,” Eric’s voice was loud and strong. “Today is going to be your first fight day, we need to evaluate how ready you are for personal combat. Also by the end of the day your scores will be up and you will have a clue of how you are doing in your training. After your rankings you can go have some fun because you will have the day off tomorrow.” The group cheered. “First fight, Chris versus Jonathan,” Eric called out.
The fights were going well and your friend Chris had beaten up the guy named Jonathan very easily. Alicia had a hard time fighting a Candor boy named Stuart and ended up knocked out and in the infirmary. You were so worried about your friend but you couldn’t leave the room until your fight.
And it suddenly came
“Next fight Y/N versus Zack.”
You were stunned, how were you supposed to fight a guy twice your size? You started to freak out when Four approached you and grabbed your arm.
“Remember everything we trained on back in abnegation. You can do this, you’re strong and he’s not as trained as you are. Focus on everything I taught you, wait for him to attack and react,” He advised you.
You stepped in the ring under Eric’s stares and got in your stance, as Four predicted, Zack attacked first. You ditched his blows and managed to hit him in the face. He punched you in the stomach and you winced in pain, he approached you and you hit his knee. When he fell down you straddled him and started to punch him in the face. All you could think about was all the bullying he did to you, the nicknames he called you and how he embarrassed you in front of everybody. The next thing you knew, Four was grabbing your arms and pulling you from Zack’s unconscious body.
You couldn’t believe what just happened, but most of all you couldn’t believe how you lost control over your anger.

When the fights were over Eric gathered everybody so he could post the rankings.
You and Chris stood nervously together, excited to see your rankings, but worried for Alicia at the same time. You laced your arm in his and waited for the rankings:


And you just zoned out, you were third. You were almost having a panic attack when Chris elbowed you. Alicia was 15, and there were only 20 of you.
You and Chris went to the infirmary together still with your arms locked together. When the two of you reached the infirmary, Alicia was already up and good to go. Kate, the doctor in charge, told you that she just had a mild blow to the head, but everything was fine. Kate looked at you and said, “So, you’re the famous Y/N, it’s very nice to finally meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too. Famous, me?, No, I’m just a regular former abnegation girl,” You said wanting to disappear
“Oh, ok, it’s just that my friend talks a lot about you, so I was curious to meet you,” She complemented.
“Who’s your friend? Who’s talking about me, Four,” You asked.
“Eric” she said and left the room leaving you with your face frozen and your two best friends looking at you with their jaws dropped.

The three of you had dinner talking and laughing. Alicia was sad because she had missed the fight you had with Zack and said that she was at the infirmary when he woke up and he was furious that “the stiff” knocked him out.
“So, are we talking about what Kate said? Eric has been talking about you, girl.” Alicia said
You fidgeted with your fingers feeling excited and embarrassed at the same time. Eric talked about you to his friend, but why? What did he said? The questions kept playing through your mind.

After dinner you decided to hang out at the pit as you had the day off the next day. You were talking to your friends when Four and two other guys approached you.
“Hey guys, these are my friends Zeke and Warren. Zeke was in my initiation class, but Warren is an initiate this year with the dauntless born. Guys this is Y/N, my friend that I told you about. And these are Chris and Alicia, also initiates.”
“Nice to meet you” Zeke said. “We usually have some parties at my place, just to play games, like Dauntless or Candor, or truth or dare as you please. I will let you know when the next one comes up, you’re all invited.”
Then the other guy took your hand and kissed it. “Four, you never mentioned how beautiful she is. My name is Warren and I would like to take you out anytime you want.” Warren was hitting on you did not even care when Four stepped up, taking your hand from his claws.
“She’s not for you, man, just leave it.” Four said to his friend.

You all stayed there talking and having fun. Warren was flirting with you. Everyone was talking and you were having a very pleasant time. You felt like someone was watching you and when you looked up at the balcony you saw Eric staring at you. He seemed very angry, but you weren’t doing anything wrong, and your trainer was right by your side to tell you if you were doing something wrong. Eric’s anger looking at you was bothering you so much that you grabbed Four’s arm and pulled him away from the others.

“Four, what’s wrong with Eric? Why does he seems so mad?”

“I told you he’s bad news. He’s always mad at anything involving me, we used to be friends at the beginning of initiation, but he became very competitive and I was better than him. So he started to hate me, even more when I beat him up and ended up as first in initiation and he was second.” Four explained.

“He asked me about us, how we were close and why. I told him you’re my best friend in the whole world and that you helped me when I was sick.” You admitted.

“You told him about Jordan?” Your friend asked.

“No, he asked but I didn’t want to talk about it.” You said sadly.

“There’s no time for sadness right now, you are having a good time, so let’s continue.” Your friend was holding you making you sure that you were safe here.

Eric was pissed at all the attention you were getting from the guys around you.

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Don't Sink

Summary: Dan thought he knew what love was. He thought the possessiveness, the name calling, and the rough-housing were normal. Phil is terrified for Dan and Dan is just an empty shell of what he used to be.
Word Count: 3965
Note: So, this is based on kind of a true story so this is pretty personal to me. I used a few real quotes and stuff and it’s an all-around deep story. I hope you guys enjoy because I worked quite hard. Enjoy & thanks for reading (:
Warnings: self harm, suicidal thoughts, abusive relationship

Dan didn’t notice when he first started to deteriorate. It’s quite ironic, actually, how things can change gradually over time until they seem completely normal, taking over your past and making you into an entirely different person. You don’t even realize that it’s happening, that someone had taken ahold of your very own personality and locked it into a cage, restricting what you used to be until there is nothing left except for a shell of the past, a memory of what you could have been one day that is now in complete ruin. And that’s how it happened - slowly. Because Dan didn’t realize how toxic things will tear him down faster than he could scream for help. In fact, he didn’t even notice and he can’t decide what’s worse; noticing that you’re just an empty shell of depression, or waking up one day to realize that you would rather stop breathing than to have to live through another day.

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I didn’t want to talk about any of this because I’m so disgusted by it, but I’m getting anons making excuses as to why it’s okay to bully people and not only are the messages inaccurate, how do you guys defend bullying? A lot of you are columbiners who will excuse what Eric and Dylan did due to their bullying, but you have no issue acting just like the people who treated them bad and I guess I just don’t get it. @ericfuckingharris has always received so much negativity from so many people on here and it mainly stems from him getting attention from females on here. I see you all going around talking about he pretended to be some kinda “sex God” but the thing is, he didn’t. There were a lot of different girls on here who built him up like that, but it wasn’t him doing it. And I see a lot of you saying you didn’t like his attitude/ego/etc and that’s fine. You don’t have to like everyone on here. There are so many fucking people on here I dislike. But you know, I don’t follow them, I don’t read their blogs and I most certainly don’t send them messages telling them to kill themselves. If you don’t like a person and they aren’t personally bothering you, don’t pay them any mind. You guys are treating him exactly like how people treated James before he killed himself and I was so fucking offended when that was happening to him and I’m offended now. All of the lies you make up to justify your deplorable behavior toward him may help you feel better about the situation, but there’s really no excuse. He wasn’t a pedophile, he didn’t pick on or bully anyone and seemed to mind his own business and I don’t know why you catty people seem to always have a target on someone to bully and there always has to be drama. What the fuck is wrong with y'all?
Don’t send me any more messages trying to explain why you act the way you do because it isn’t helping at all, I’m not going to see things your way. Try to put yourself in their situation and ask if it’s how you’d want to be treated. You have no idea what some people are going through in their lives–some people have it really bad and would you want to contribute to that? If you find yourself just being totally ugly and disgusting, sending cruel anonymous messages to people on here, it’s probably time to take a break from your blog.

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Being Erics girlfriend and he's being sexist and telling you its your job to do his laundry and cook for him, idk why but i need this

If you’re one of those extreme feminists, literally just don’t read this because it’s about to get so sexist. Eric would never be this bad unless it was a kink thing 😅

“Y/n!” Eric calls. You walk out of the living room to find him all dirty and sweaty. He pulls off his shirt and you smile as you trail your eyes over him, “Hey, baby.” He wraps his arms around you with a grin and pulls you in for a kiss, “Mmm… we won.” Eric plays soccer with his friends on weekends sometimes and he always comes home so tired. He seems pretty energetic today, though. “You did?” you grin, “That’s great!” “Yeah, I scored the winning goal,” he murmurs. “I’m so proud of you,” you say softly, pressing against him. “How proud, baby?” he asks. You grin, tugging him up to your room.

After you have sex, Eric rolls over with a sigh, balling up his dirty clothes. “I need these washed,” he says, tossing them over to you. You glance at him and kiss his cheek, starting to pull on your underwear, “I’ll do it before dinner.” He watches you with a small smile, murmuring, “I want you to make that chicken.” You roll your eyes to yourself with a small smile. Eric’s so demanding sometimes but he treats you so well that you don’t mind. “Sure, Reb,” you say softly, reaching for your shirt. “No,” he says, putting his hand on your wrist, “I want you to cook like that for me. Maybe you can lose the underwear all together and just put on those heels I like.” You feel a small twinge of excitement in your heart. It’s such a guilty pleasure, but you love it when he bosses you around. “Okay,” you grin faintly.

Eric follows you downstairs and you start his laundry, walking to the kitchen to make dinner. “Have you seen the big pan?” you ask Eric. He laughs, “Babe, it’s not my job to know where that stuff is.” His eyes trail over your body and he hums, “Try one of the bottom cupboards.” Eric licks his lips as you bend over and he decides to walk over. “You see it?” he asks. “No,” you murmur, feeling his hand rest on your back. He gently starts pushing you down until you have to catch yourself on the ground, kneeling. “What are you doing?” you laugh quietly, looking up when you hear his belt buckle. You look up at Eric eagerly as he pulls himself out of his pants, thrusting into your mouth with a groan. You gag a few times as he keeps the back of your head still, thrusting erratically. “You’re so pretty when you choke,” he moans, coming with a final deep thrust. You cough as he pulls away and tugs you up, kissing you for a few moments. “Let me know when dinner’s ready,” he winks, smacking your ass before going to the living room to watch TV.

You cook dinner and call Eric to the table, the two of you talking and eating. You’re still naked and you’re a little cold but you love the way he’s looking at you. He keeps telling you how good it is and how amazing you are. When you’re both done, Eric sighs, “That was great, babe.” “Thanks,” you say softly with a smile. You bite your lip, “You still hungry?” Eric glances towards the kitchen, “Yeah, I could go for some dessert.” You nod, watching him with a smile, “Come here, honey,” you motion him over. Eric raises an eyebrow, walking over to you, “What?” You tap your foot on the ground and nod encouragingly, gently pulling him down to kneel in front of you. He hums as you lean in and kiss him for a moment, watching you pull away and you spread your legs. Eric bites his lip, looking up in your eyes. “It’s sweet,” you say softly. Eric starts to form a small, crooked smile and he pushes your legs apart even more. He leans in to give you a slow lick and he moans softly, making you shiver. You gasp as he suddenly starts eating you out ravenously, resting your hand on the back of his neck. You’ve just found one of Eric’s weaknesses that definitely works in your favor.

Say Something ~A Shawn Mendes Fanfic~

Chapter 1

“Cassie, I think we need to take a break.” My now ex boyfriend Eric told me. My mouth gapped open as I tried to process what he was telling me. Was he seriously dumping me?

“You’re dumping me?” I clenched my fists at my side trying to hold myself back from punching him.

“Don’t think of it as me dumping you.” He paused for a moment as if he were pondering for what to say next. “Think of it more as us just not being together all the time and not kissing each other. We can still be friends though.” He held his arms out towards me inviting me in. I pushed away from me and left his house.

I can’t believe that he actually just dumped me. Eric and I had been dating for almost 2 years and he just decides to randomly dump me. I was furious.

As I continued walking I found myself at the front door of the one person who I could vent to and knocked.

“Hey Cass what are you doing here?” Shawn asked opening the door wider as I pushed passed him with my arms crossed. “Need to talk about it?” I looked at him and gave him a small smile. Shawn was my best friend and has been since the 3rd grade.

We headed up to his room. I sat down on his bed and he took his desk chair giving me his full attention.

“Okay Dr.Shawn is here to lesson so please Miss.Cassandra, tell me what troubles you.” I rolled my eyes but smiled at how goofy he was.

“Well Eric dumped me. Plus he told me that we can still be friends. How fucking cheesy could he even get?” I huffed

Shawn scratched the back of his head. “I’m sorry to here that Cassie. But on the bright side it proves my point for all the times I said that he was an ass.” I laughed because Shawn was in fact right. He was always telling me that he didn’t like Eric. Now I guess I can see why.

“You know what you need?” I raised my eyebrow at him. “You need to get away!”

“Yeah Shawn thats a wonderful idea because I can definitely just pick up and go and miss school.” I said sarcastically. I looked at Shawn who on the other hand looked dead serious. “Shawn?”

“I’m serious. You know I’m going away for the Magcon tour in two days, so why don’t you come with me?” I thought about it. It really wasn’t a bad idea, and it would be nice to not deal with school or stupid ex’s.

“Alright Shawn, I think you just might have convinced me. I’m gonna go home and ask my mom.” I gave him a quick hug before leaving and walking down the street to my house.

“Mom I’m home!” I shouted throughout my house.

“In the kitchen.”

“Okay mom so I need to talk to you.” She was standing at the sink doing the dishes.

“Go ahead.”

“Okay so mom before you say anything please just let me finish my entire proposal. So today Eric broke up with me and honestly I don’t really give a shit-”

“Language!” She warned.

“Sorry. Anyway so I went over to Shawn’s house because I just needed to talk to someone for a minute. And then after I was finished talking to him, he just threw out this crazy idea that maybe I should get away from all the stress and go with him on his tour.”

“Cassandra I actually think that’s a good idea.”

“Okay mom please just think..wait what?” I stopped and looked at her. She was now facing me as well.

“You have seemed to be pretty on edge lately and I trust you. Tomorrow you can talk to your teachers about what you would be missing and then after that you’ll be on vacation anyway.”

“Are you serious?” She smiled and nodded her head. I couldn’t help but let out a shriek and run up to hug her tight.

“Thank you mom! I’m gonna go call Shawn and tell him!”

This was definitely going to be the best trip of my life.


Okay so hi! This was kind if just like an introduction chapter to just introduce everything. I really hope you guys liked it! Thank you so much for reading! Xx

Where Do We Go Now?

This is my second one shot, and I like it better than the first :) I’m thinking there will be a part 2, let me know if you want one!

Title: Where Do We Go Now?

Summery: Reader lives with the Winchester Brothers after they save her from a demon that had been on her tail since she was young. She immediatly developed feelings for Dean, but never told him. But when she finally did, it did not go as planned.


You were starting to feel claustrophobic, surrounded by piles of papers, bags of clothes for Good Will, and stacks of memories. It had been far too long since you did a big cleanout like this. You were tired of the clutter. You sat crosslegged on the floor of your room in the bunker, in the middle of what seemed like all your things. You’d been at this for hours now. Not just throwing everything away, but going through every box, every folder, every piece one at a time. You had been called a packrat more than once, but everything you kept held a memory for you. Some good, some bad, but you found it really hard to part with anything. As you started to retrieve the next box, which was shoved in the far back of your closet, you heard a snicker behind you.

“Nice view (y/n).” You flushed when you realized the position you were in, head in the closet, backside protruding in the air outside. The flush was also associated with the owner of the voice, Dean. You could feel your cheeks warm and blush. You definitely had a thing for the older Winchester. How could you not? He was gorgeous, strong, passionate, kind…and way out of your league. You never told him how you felt, you couldn’t ruin the friendship you had with him. It was what kept you afloat most days.

You lived with Dean and his brother, Sam. The bunker that used to belong to The Men of Letters now belonged to the brothers, as the last surviving legacies. After they saved you from a demon three years back, they asked you to stay with them. You had nowhere else to go, and it was supposed to be temporary. Now though, you couldn’t think of anywhere else you would want to be. This was the only real home you could remember, same for the boys.

“Don’t be snooping around people’s doors.” you scolded Dean while still in the closet. You were pretty sure the blush was still on your cheeks, and you just couldn’t deal with the harassment that could cause.

“Sorry, but not sorry.” he joked as he kept on walking. You smiled and shook your head as you pulled the box out of the closet, and returned to your spot on the floor. You moved aside the flaps of the box and immediately regretted it. There was a reason this box was at the bottom back of the closet. This was the box of memories you didn’t want to remember. It was too late now though, you realized, as you grabbed the first item of the top of the box. A photograph of you and your parents taken when you were little, probably 4 or 5. You were all smiling. It was hard to remember those days. With a sigh, you laid the picture on the top of the “Keep” pile, and grabbed for the next item. It was a small, wrinkled, almost illegible scrap of paper, but you knew immediately what it was. It saved your life. You leaned back against the wall with the scrap of paper with the phone number on it, and began to remember that day when a hunter by the name of John Winchester saved you from a demon that had just killed your parents. You happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. You were only 10 years old. The demon smoked out of the man he was possessing, right after he looked at you with a warning that he would see you again. John gave you his phone number that night. Told you to call him if he ever came back. You held on to that number, and you were glad you did, as it was what brought you to the brothers.

You drew yourself back into reality, and wiped the tear that was slowly making its way down your face. You grabbed the box again, and reached in blindly for the next item. You pulled out the old wooden frame, and turned it around to view the picture. Your breath stopped and your heart thudded in your chest. It was him. You did not remember keeping a picture of him. Seeing his face brought back all the terrible memories of that night.

Eric. It wasn’t easy thinking about him. You loved him. You were going to marry him. He was perfect for you. That was probably why it hurt so much when things went sour. It was amazing at first. So many smiles, and so much love. Then, it went bad. It started with the anger. He would always be angry. Not always at you, but it was always terrifying. After the anger came the abuse. You couldn’t understand how someone so loving a few months ago could turn so quickly. Then, one day, you saw it. The black eyes. It finally made sense. It wasn’t him. It was a demon. You found out that it was the same demon that killed your parents. He had been keeping a trace on your all your life, since that day. The idea that Eric was actually a demon didn’t hurt as much as the fact that he was possessed the whole time you were with him. You actually fell in love with the monster, not the man. How messed up are you? The night you hid in the storm cellar three houses down from the monster was the night that you remembered that your savior John gave you a piece of paper with his phone number on it the day he saved you. He told you to call him if you ever needed him again. You figured, tonight was definitely a night that you “needed him”. You pulled the worn and wrinkled paper from the forgotten pocket in your wallet you were glad you had on you. Also glad that you remembered your phone. Almost silly that the two things you needed most right now you remembered to bring with you when you ran. You frantically dialed the number and prayed that he answered. Of course, John didn’t, but Sam did. And with only the short story you told him, he and Dean busted in and saved your life, just like their dad did. Just like your knights in shining armour. That was the day you moved into the bunker with them, as you had nowhere else to go after Eric. That was the day your life changed forever.

The past two years have been great. Sam and Dean became family. Your relationship with Sam was so strong, he was your best friend and you loved him like a brother. Dean, however, was different. You loved him, but it wasn’t a love for a brother. He made you feel whole. The first few months after Eric, you didn’t think you would feel for anyone again. You were broken. Dean put you back together again. He let you be yourself, and didn’t judge. You knew you couldn’t let him know how you felt. You knew yourself too well. You fall fast, and hard. He was your rock. What if he said he didn’t feel the same? I mean, yeah, he flirted with you, but doesn’t he flirt with everyone? You couldn’t lose him. That is what you told yourself every time you got up the slightest nerve to tell Dean how you felt. Those times were usually on nights when you remembered Eric. They would always start with your nightmares. Dean would always seem to know when you were seeing the demon in your sleep. He always found his way into your room, by your side. He always knew what to say to calm you down. What would you do without him?

You looked down at the framed photograph in your hands once more, and you could no longer contain the sobs. You broke down. You threw the frame against the wall with all the strength you could muster while letting out a primal yell. It hit the wall with a crash, sending broken wood and glass all over your floor. Dean, thinking you were in danger, ran back to your room at full speed.

“(Y/n)? What’s wrong? Are you alright?” His voice was filled with concern as he saw you sat on the floor, your body heaving with sobs. He scanned the floor for the perpetrator of the breaking glass, and found the frame. Cautiously, so as to not cut his hands, he picked up the photograph. Shock and realization hit him as he saw the face of the man you are with. That was why you are crying. That is where that angry scream came from. Dean dropped the photo back onto the floor, and with just 2 large strides, he was at your side. Sitting next to you on the floor, he wrapped an arm around your shoulder, and pulled your head to rest on his chest, as he enveloped you in a comforting embrace. He just let you cry, while rubbing circles on your back and whispering encouragements in your ear.

You didn’t know how long the tears lasted, could have been minutes or hours, but Dean was patient with you while you cried yourself out. Once the sobs turned to sniffles, Dean placed his fingers under your chin and tilted your head to look at him.

“Hey.” he said with a smirk. You couldn’t help but smirk back.

“Hey. Look, I’m sorry…”

“Don’t you dare apologize. Everyone is allowed a break down once and awhile.”

“You’re right. Thanks for sitting mine out with me.”

“(Y/n), you don’t have to thank me. I care about you, and it hurts when you’re hurt.” You weren’t sure if the bravery came from the proximity, or from Dean admitting to caring about you, but you couldn’t help yourself. With yourself still wrapped in his arms and your faces inches apart, you closed the gap, and pressed your lips to his. They were so soft, and you felt like you were home. But it ended too soon. Dean quickly pulled his head away from yours, and looked at you with such confusion in his eyes.

“Ummm, what was that about?”

“Dean, I’m sorry. I just…” Now was the time, you had no other option. You had to tell him how you felt. “…I care about you too Dean. I have since the moment you rushed into that cellar to save me. Being with you made me realize I could love again. Dean, I love you.” You weren’t prepared for the look that he gave you next. Pity. This was it. Your worst fears were coming true.

“(Y/n), I am so sorry. I didn’t know that you felt that way about me. But, I just don’t feel the same. I can’t. You are like a little sister to me.”

“But you said you care about me.” Your voice sounded much whinier that you intended.

“I do care. You are like family. But that’s all. I’m sorry.” Your face flushed with embarrassment and anger. He flirted with you openly since you met. How could he lead you on like that. What kind of person does that to a girl? You pushed hard against his chest to break his hold on you and stood up fast. He tried reaching for your hand to bring you back, but you pulled away.

“No Dean, don’t. You couldn’t have been oblivious to how I felt about you. I mean, we flirted so openly. Even Sam has made comments about it. If you didn’t feel the same, why did you play along?”

“I didn’t think you meant anything by it. I thought it was all for fun. You can’t be angry with me, you never told me you cared about me.” Dean’s voice was starting to raise as well as yours.

“I never told you because deep down, I was afraid this was going to happen. Please, just go. I want to be alone.” You turned your back on him, and crossed your arms. You waited until you heard the door click closed before falling onto your bed, wracked with a new wave of sobs.

How could this have happened? Everything was going so well with you and the boys, and you had to go mess it up. You should have kept your feelings to yourself. How were you ever going to face him again? That thought made your decision for you about what to do next. You couldn’t ever face Dean. You ruined what you had, and you had to go. You couldn’t look at him everyday and mourn the loss of your love, even if it were one sided. With a newfound purpose, you lifted yourself to your feet, and grabbed your duffle bag. You didn’t want to keep everything, knowing how most of your things will remind you of him. You grabbed a few pieces of clothes, your stash of money, and one photograph. It was of yourself and the boys, taken when you first moved in. You were all smiling, and you wanted to hold on to that memory. You sat down at your desk and scrawled a quick note. Then, as quiet as you could, you left your room, headed to the door of the bunker, and with one last look around, closed the door to that chapter of your life behind.


Dean couldn’t sleep. Not with what happened with (y/n). He felt awful. He didn’t mean to hurt her. He really didn’t realize she felt that way towards him. He thought the playful flirting was just that, playing around. After tossing and turning on his bed for the past hour, he decided to get up. He had to apologize again. He didn’t want to lose her.

He quietly stopped at her door and knocked, waiting for a response. None came. Maybe she was asleep? He slowly opened the door and peered inside. The light was on, but she wasn’t there. Her stuff was still scattered on the floor the way it was when he left her room hours ago. Where was she? He looked towards her desk, and saw a folded piece of paper, with his name printed in her hand on the front. With a deep breath, afraid of what it was going to say, he sat down at her wooden desk chair, and began to read.

Goodbye was the one thing I never thought I would say to you. But now it seems I have to. I can’t stay, knowing that we will never have what I want. I can’t look at you everyday because I will only see the future that will never happen. I’m sorry I spoiled what we had. Please take care of yourself, and Sam. And find someone that will make you as happy as I thought we would be. Even though it doesn’t mean anything to you, I love you and always will.
Yours always,

Dean didn’t realize the tears were running down his cheeks until they started to fall on the note in his hands. He jumped out of the chair and ran to his brothers room, pounding on the door.

“Sammy! Sammy get up!” When Sam opened the door he was shocked to see a tear stained Dean.

“Dude, what’s wrong? What happened?” New tears began to form in Dean’s sad green eyes as he handed his baby brother the note.

“It’s (y/n) man. I messed up. She’s gone!”