eric what are u

let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans
be your teenage dream tonight 


“Jack is a food photographer with a very popular blog who finds inspiration in pastry chef Bitty, owner of a tiny downtown bakery. Things seems to go well until Jack starts to take less pictures of the food, and more of the baker himself…" (insp + thanks to @itsybittle for the caption)

anonymous asked:

hey shell whats ur favourite part of eric? when u guys do it whats the best thing he does?

Right to the point, huh? (>///<)

I can’t decide between his **** or his ****.  Honestly. His eyes are amazing, too, but something tells me that isn’t the context that you want? 

My favorite thing he does would have to be making me beg. He’ll get me so worked up, and not let me have any relief until I’m begging for it.

anonymous asked:

Can u tell me what kind of sweater eric wears in the video where he's shooting with dylan?

It’s an old Nike Denver Broncos sweatshirt. I was able to snag one from ebay a few months ago! Here’s a clear picture since it’s sort of hard to see in the video!

okay but imagine Jack taking a shower and forgets his towel and the only thing at hand is a small itty bitty shirt of Bittle and it’s not even enough to dry his head and Bittle isn’t home so Jack uses the shirt to cover his front while making a run to the room but at that minute Bittle walks in while saying “Oh no he’s very decent and respectful-” to his parents that he had gone to pick up because they were visiting and Bittle’s jaw drop along with his shirt. But not the one he had on.