eric what are u

let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans
be your teenage dream tonight 


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Pls help I am in desperate need of a restaurant au with waiter bitty + ZIMMBITS

When Eric moved to Providence for college he really hadn’t envisaged being a waiter. Sure, he knew he’d need a job - don’t even get him started on the debt he was going to end up with by going to this school - but for whatever reason he’d never imagined that he’d end up in a little French restaurant, serving dishes with names that he can’t even translate. 

Honestly, he thinks he’s damn lucky he was even hired what with his lack of experience - the owner seems to have a soft spot for him though so Eric’s not going to complain. He’s been working there for just over a week now, finally settling into the habit of balancing plates on his arms and not causing a ruckus every time a customer requests something even slightly off the menu. He’s just dropped off a dessert bowl for a couple when he spots a new customer sitting alone at a table. 

“Hello, I’m Eric, and I’ll be your waiter for today. Can I get you something to drink?” He tries not to make it sound rehearsed, but truthfully he’s a little tired because he’d spent last night writing an essay into the early hours in the morning. When he properly looks at the guy he’s serving, he realises with a funny little flutter in his stomach that he’s - well. He’s hot.

“Uh…” says the customer, “Just some still water, thanks.” He’s got a heavy Québécois accent which is actually not that common for Providence even though they aren’t far from Canada. 

Eric thinks it’s fucking adorable. 

“Sure,” says Eric, “Do you need more time to decide on your food?”

He watches, fascinated as the man pulls his lower lip between his teeth and bites for a second, before answering. “What would you recommend?”

It takes Eric a moment to process his words, which is kind of embarrassing and he really hopes he’s not blushing. “Err - the croque monsieur is really good.” He knows he stumbles over the French and he really wishes he was fluent because his customer is smirking just a little bit at him now.

“Okay. I’ll have one of those, please?” He passes Eric the menu with a smile that makes Eric’s insides go all warm and squishy. He feels like facepalming or pulling out his phone to tweet about his new cute customer but resists the urge.

“Merci,” The guy says, and his eyes flicker down to Eric’s shirt for a second and he smiles, and in that same accent, “Eric.” 

Eric definitely blushes. (He also swears loudly once he’s back in the kitchen, but that’s not so important.)

Eric’s waiting aimlessly by the kitchen door when it happens. The cooks are talking to the waitress and he catches a bit of the conversation when the door opens.

“Jack Zimmermann, yeah!”

There’s a pause and then Eric hears, “Fucking hell, bro, that’s awesome!”

He frowns but thinks nothing of it, instead goes out to the restaurant and picks up a few empty plates before he goes to check on the cute guy by the window (again). 

“Everything okay?” he says, trying not to sound to eager. 

The customer smiles. “Yeah, it was really good, thanks.”

Eric hovers for a second while he takes Jack’s plate. “Do you wanna order anything else or…?”

“Wha - oh, no, sorry. I - um -”


It looks like the guy is having some sort of internal struggle before his shoulders sag. “Just the check, please.”

Eric smiles and fetches it for him. When he comes back, the guy is twiddling a pen between his fingers and there’s another guy who he’s waving at that’s walking away from his table with a huge grin on his face.

Eric looks between the two and raises an eyebrow. “Company?”

“I - uh -”

“Sorry, sorry,” he says, “None of my business.”

“No, it’s okay,” the guy says, looking embarrassed. “Just an autograph.”

Eric is taken aback by that - is this guy some famous celebrity that he’s never heard of? (Maybe he needs to catch up on his tv.) Still, he’s got a job to do so he shrugs it off and thanks the guy when he hands him back the receipt with money and a very generous tip.

It’s only when he gets to the kitchen that he realises there’s a note scrawled onto the bottom of the receipt:

You can totally ignore this but my friends say I need to get out more. Also, I think you’re really cute. - Jack (401-555-0147)

Eric would like to say that he’s an independent man who don’t need no boy but he can’t help letting out a little squeal anyway.

this au <3 thanks! send me writing prompts :)

check please ice princess au where bitty is the inexperienced figure skater whose parents want him to focus on opening up a bakery and and kent is the mean figure skater who tries to sabotage him and jack is the zamboni driver who woos him. literal zimmboni.

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Hello dear! I hope you're doing better. But could you please do a bullet form imagine of what it would be like being in a relationship with Eric? Thx! I love you and your imagines so much, I miss you! <3

hello love ! first off, i would like to thank all of u for all ur lovely messages. it means so much, u guys have no clue. i haven’t responded to everyone just yet because there’s so many but i’m trying my best to get back to all of u guys. i’m slowly trying to get myself back on here so as soon as i got this request i decided it’s time to post something for u guys. it’s not much, i know, but at least it’s something. so here u go anon, i hope this is what u wanted ! ♥

eric as your boyfriend would include;

- i’m not gonna lie and be all like “he would be so sweet and love you to death” because uh huh, we all know that shit ain’t true

 - you two meeting in your freshman year and him having an eye on you ever since  

- being in a relationship with eric would be both lovely and difficult at the same time.

- he would easily get jealous and be over protective because you know, he would NOT allow somebody else to  snatch you away from him

- but over all your relationship would be pretty okay even if you two would have heated arguments pretty often

- he would constantly have his hands on you; it didn’t matter where you guys where, he would always find a way to sneak his arms around you or hold your hand

- “oh c'mon y/n, stop fucking stealing my shirts all the god damn time!” but secretly he would love you walking around in his way to big shirts.

- dinner with his parents would literally be the best (even if eric hated it)

- not being able to leave the house without dyl joining which wasn’t that big of a problem

- he’d like to show others you’re his so pda at school would be a thing, but not that much

- and the sex!!!! i feel like it would be so good and he’d be so into trying out new things

- but in the end of the day he preferred it best when you would fuck yourself lazily on top of him and he’d be able to scan your whole body and appreciate you

- honestly, i feel like you’d be the only one who got to see his more emotional side and not the more tough side of him that he’d like to show at school or any other places where there was a lot of people 

- “eric david harris, get off of me!” “absolutely not.

- but in the end of the day he would love you uncontrollably and he’d be so thankful for each day that passed with you by his side, even if he could be the biggest douche sometimes.

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IM LITERALLY SCREAMING INTO THE VOID that anon reminds me of the time I mentioned a girl I liked who I knew for a FACT was gay and how I wanted to ask her out so badly and a #man whom I am no longer friends with was like "you take all the good ladies away from us lonely men" LISTEN HAROLD SHES GAY SHE DOESNT WANT YOU ANYWAY

right like listen hun,,,, wlw are not “stealing” your women…… we are freeing them…….. they did not want your crusy man ass anyway……. what did u even bring to the table eric?? dad jokes and hypermasculinity??? bc women tell dad jokes better 150% of the time and also women are amazing like thank you for playing but there is really no competition sweetie im sorry

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Bullet point of swimming with the guys?

- Neither of them would take their shirts off bc WHAT IF U SEE, like especially Eric being self-conscious about his pectus excavatum

- They’d both splash you I think, laughing when you screamed and being super happy when you splashed back.

- imagine Dylan’s hair being all wet and in his face and he had to tie it back and I think he would also wear his lil round sunglasses in the pool

- Eric would probably sit on the edge of the pool for a long time, not wanting to get in bc he would know that his t-shirt would be sheer

- ALso seeing you in your bathing suit would be super funny bc they would try to not look as much as poss but fail hugely, and you’d catch them looking @ u every time

- this was hard to write bc I feel like swimming wasn’t their thing?? ahhhh, was this ok tho?

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I just wanna thank u for all positive energy u gave me when we were chatting abt shinhwa. I had some concerns n worries but you kept on assuring me tht shinhwa is forever n everything will be just fine. u gave me strength when I needed it. even if u don't agree with somethings, u still support shinhwa n eric no matter what. you truly gave me an example to look up to & i luv u even more for that. I wish I can be like u. I'm lucky I met a shinchang like u <3. Shincom should hire you :D. Cheers :-)

oh this! you made my eyes teary! really thank you for ur nice words ♥
I’m merely doing what a true fan should do, nothing more. You don’t have to be agreeing with all ur friend’s decisions to be backing them up or giving them strength. “If you wanna find who a true friend is, screw up or go through a challenging time .. then see who sticks around ..Hard times will always reveal true friends”.
If you love someone, you love them, and when you have nothing else to give, you still give them love.
I’m just sticking around, like what many many true fans are doing. No matter what our perspectives are, Shinhwa needs us to be backing them up, and that’s what only matters.