eric too i guess

imagine like a Falconers Face-off thingy where it’s one of those quickfire round of questions like:

interviewer: who is grumpiest in the morning?
Falconers: Guy
Interviewer: who eats the most?
Falconers: Tater
Interviewer: who spends the most time on their phone?
Falconers: JACK

which Jack finds odd because he’s never really been like attached to his phone much before but now he’s constantly texting or calling Bitty and the reality sinks in like ‘oh, i haven’t been subtle at all’

Falconers: We know what he’s really up to
Falconers: Little Jackie’s in lo~ve
Falconers: Shows on face
Interviewer: is that true, Jack?
Jack: *groans*


I find both this scenes super cute, it has Cartman and Kyle teaming up (Kenny too in the second) to get Stan into what they are into, in the first Kyle is sitting where Cartman was and Stan where Kyle used to be, repeating almost the same lines that were used on him, Cartman looks at them and smiles (he must feel proud) and in the second one it was cause they wanted him to enjoy the magic and fun (for them at least) facebook has to offer with them.

Part 6- Avery's Babysitting Adventure

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Pairing: Eric x Avery

Disclaimer: Like always, I own only the plot.

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“Aves,” A small voice whispered in the dark. Avery groaned in her sleep, turning on her side. “Avery, wake up.” This time, small hands shook her shoulder. She sighed and turned to face the little girl that stood by her bed. “What is it, Luce?” She asked groggily. The four year old in front of her fidgeted. It would’ve been cute if it weren’t for the fact that it was 2 am in the morning and Lucy had a troubled look on her.

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Making Eric jealous

  You were outside having a smoke with Eric and Dylan, your best friends. You had a crush on Eric and the only person who knew was Brooks. He also told you Eric had a crush on you as well. Brooks walked up to the three of you. “Are you guys going to the party?” he asked. “Hell no! It’s gonna be nothing but a bunch of jocks grinding up against a few whores” he said, blowing out smoke. “I’m totally going if you are.” you say to Brooks. You didn’t have a thing for him, but you knew it would make Eric jealous if you acted like you did.

  You watched as Eric furrowed his eyebrows. He sightly glared at Brooks. “I guess if you’re going I’ll go too.” Eric says to you. “Do you think I should wear a crop top and some short shorts?” you ask Brooks. You could tell he understood what you were doing to Eric and he played along. “Sounds good. What do you think Eric?” he asks, looking over at him. Eric looked fully pissed.

  You were going to get him to admit he likes you if it’s the last thing you do. “Do you want me to pick you up?” he asks, trying to hold back a grin. The bell rang and everyone smoking put out thier cigarettes. “Thanks for the offer Brooks, but I’m good.” you smile. “You know I was just joking.” you tell Eric. No response. “Admit it.” you say. “What?” he pretends to have no idea what you’re talking about. “You know you were jealous!” you tease him. “Maybe”he mumbled. “What was that?” you smile. “Shut up”


Today it’s 20 years since Oklahoma City bombing

Timothy James McVeigh (April 23, 1968 - June 11, 2001)
Perpetrator of this terrible crime was then 26 years old McVeigh. He was American war veteran who participated in The Gulf War. He later told that his motive for the bombing was revenge to federal authorities for tragic end of the Waco Siege (it was exactly two years before bombing and back then 76 people died there). McVeigh hoped to inspire a revolt against what he considered to be a tyrannical federal government.

On April 19, 1995 McVeigh parked truck next to the The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Inside of the truck were about 2300 kg mixture created of NH4NO3, nitromethane and diesel fuel. He then went away and detonated the bomb from the distance. Result? 168 dead people and many others injured. (19 victims were little kids)

McVeigh confessed to this crime. He was sentenced to death. McVeigh was executed by lethal injection on June 11, 2001, at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Well I was a little girl when this happened but it always hits me over again to hear or read somewhere about it. It makes me even more sad when I realize that Eric and Dylan wanted to carry out their plan on this date too… in the end they did it a day later. Cannot believe one of this tragedies happened a 20 years ago and the other one (tomorrow it will be) 16 years ago. I always felt very close to Eric and Dylan because I was bullied in the school too… and I guess it is because I am way different then my classmates… but they did something unforgivable… I just wish neither of these tragedies would never happened and all these people would be alive and living their lives…

but have you considered this zimbits au

Eric R. Bittle son of hockey legend Chris “coach” Bittle and world famous chef Suzanne Bittle. The hard-ass Samwell hockey team captain from the south who’s 5'6" and built like a brick wall, is pretty intense with checking bc he wants to prove to everyone that just bc he’s short doesn’t mean he can’t fuck you up.

Jack L. Zimmerman. The tall lanky talkative Canadian boy who has a vlog about-you guessed it, hockey. Has a suuuuper big crush on his new captain who is OBVIOUSLY straight bc did you see his playoff mullet??


I’ve made a fuck ton of these, but I’ve never uploaded any. So here, have my fucking nerds and gems. Craig is cobalt, Tweek is jade, and their fusion is demantoid garnet.