eric talerico


My “Don’t Tread on Me” moment.  
I was hiking near the San Pedro River the other day - I was distracted by a hummingbird and stopped to watch him for a few moments.  Its a good thing I did, because if I hadn’t stopped, I’d have tread on this handsome rattlesnake - I found myself standing just a few feet from him.  He was lethargic and seemed not to notice me at all.  Didn’t coil, or rattle or act menacing - so I took a few quick shots before giving him a wide berth and moving on.  


Here are the various states of my new Sketch Club drawing - I used the basic idea of the Misch Technique to paint this - Sketch Club is rapidly becoming my go-to app for drawing and painting.  It is a nice bridge between Paper 53 (which I still love) and Photoshop - there are a few features which just blow me away.  One is the screen orientation:  I can rotate my iPad to draw in portrait or landscape and the tools will reset appropriately. Onscreen, I can rotate my image any way I like while I work on it, without changing my device orientation, which is absolutely fantastic for line drawing!   It also has a very efficient zoom.  There are both swatch and color wheel options for color.  Every brush, pen, eraser or other tool offers adjustable size, transparency, taper and velocity settings.  There is a terrific and easy to use vector tool, support for multiple layers, layer modes, layer effects (including a nice gaussian blur and global color/contrast controls.  
The curser is delightfully responsive - no lag at all.  
The best word to describe it is just “Wow.”  
iPad art may be coming of age!