eric storey

Pebble Beach

June 1968 - Ringo, Maureen, Pattie and road manager Eric Storey in photo with article about Ringo Starr’s and George Harrison’s visit with their wives to the Pebble Beach area when George filmed a scene with Ravi Shankar in Big Sur for the film, Raga. While George was busy filming, Ringo, Maureen and Pattie enjoyed playing golf and horseback riding. Can’t imagine why the writer of this article thought it was scandalous or a secret that any of the Beatles played golf or rode horses? The Beatles Monthly Book and 16 Magazine, to name two, reported all the details about this trip in 1968 with no hint of a scandal! The photo caption erroneously misidentifies Eric Storey as George Harrison. Xerox of the article shared with the Something About Pattie Boyd group at Yahoo! 

Horseback Riding in Pebble Beach

June 1968 - Ringo Starr with road manager Eric Storey and Pattie Boyd in the background on horse back in Pebble Beach. Ringo, Maureen and Pattie went horseback riding together while George was busy filming a scene in Big Sur with Ravi Shankar for the film, Raga. An ebay auction listing photo from the Pebble Beach Heritage Collection.