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Zimbits coffee shop au please!

Jack pulled his hoodie down lower over his forehead and glanced around nervously. He hoped no one recognized him. He better not recognize anyone here either, he silently added.

A new bakery-slash-coffee-shop had opened in the neighbourhood, just a block from Jack’s own bakery shop, and while he wasn’t concerned about losing any loyal customers, the competitive side of him got curious.

So, wearing what was probably the worst attempt ever at obscuring his identity, Jack had gone to the new coffee shop to see what they had to offer. He busy was glaring at the attractive display of lemon bars and danishes  when his attention was suddenly caught by the small, blond guy at the front counter.

He wasn’t sure how long he was openly staring, but the gorgeous specimen of a human being had to ask him twice if he was okay. Jack flushed; he could feel his face turning pink.

“Sorry,” Jack apologized. “I was trying to decide. Um, so many choices.”

The guy gave a small smile and beckoned for Jack to come closer. Jack was like a moth to a flame. “I recommend the maple praline squares,” he said with a charming, southern drawl.


“And,” the guy whispered conspiratorially, as if he was sharing an important secret with Jack, “I’ll even let you have a sample, on the house today.”

Jack swallowed. “You really don’t have to,” he started.

“My treat,” he said, already wrapping up the largest piece of the dessert in wax paper and sliding it across the counter to Jack. “Just don’t tell my boss,” he added with a wink.

Jack was back the next day. He really shouldn’t be here, but now, he was even more curious than before. The maple praline square yesterday had been pure deliciousness and he’d even gone so far as to lick the wrapper for the last, sweet crumbs. He’d crumpled up the wax paper and hidden it deep in the garbage can so that no one would find out where he’d gone.

He justified the next visit as a reconnaissance mission. The more he knew about this bakery with the cute cashier, the better Jack could formulate a plan on how to manage his own business.

The guy recognized him and gave him a wide grin when Jack went in. Just like the day before, he gave a recommendation (apple pie with maple sugar crust), except Jack insisted on paying this time. When he refused to take the money, Jack dropped a twenty in tip jar. On his way out, he heard the guy call out, “See you tomorrow!”

Jack was so gone for this guy, it stopped being funny.

He eventually learned his name (”It’s Eric. Or my friends call me Bitty too.”) and he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Bitty all the time He went every afternoon to the competitor to buy their baked goods just for a chance to see the human embodiment of sunshine.

Jack wondered if he could persuade Bitty to quit and then come work for him. He’d be willing to pay a much higher wage if it meant he could see Bitty at his bakery everyday. Anything to have to Bitty close.

It got harder and harder to hide this from his coworkers. Shitty, who’d started the bakery with Jack and co-owned it, had started giving him shifty looks every time he came back from seeing Bitty. Lardo, on the other hand, gave him knowing looks, and Jack supposed she already knew. Lardo knew everything.

He needed to consider what he was doing. Jack stopped going to the other bakery for a couple of days. He felt miserable, but he realized that he needed to stop fixating on the other business so much. He had his own bakery to manage, and it was probably better for him the long run anyways.

On the fourth day, Jack was working the late morning shift. The bakery had quieted down after the initial early morning rush. The door opened, and to Jack’s utter surprise, Bitty walked in.

“There you are! I thought you were sick or dead,” Bitty said.

“I–” Jack’s heart started beating like it wanted to escape his chest. Bitty was here. Bitty realized he was the rival bakery.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” Bitty casually hopped on one of the counter stools and looked expectantly at Jack.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Jack managed to choke out.

“I took the morning off. I can do that.”

“But why are you here?”

Bitty raised an eyebrow. “I am here because the guy I have been outrageously flirting with suddenly disappeared so I decided to track you down myself.”

Jack actually spluttered, but after he regained control of his breathing, he said, “You aren’t mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“I own this place, Bitty. I’m your bakery’s competition and I never said anything. You probably shouldn’t even be here. Your boss could fire you or–”

“Jack,” Bitty said sweetly. “I know.”

“Oh.” Jack wasn’t sure how Bitty knew, but he wasn’t mad and that was all that really mattered.

“And, Jack?”


“I’m the boss.” At Jack’s confused expression, Bitty clarified,  “Of the bakery. I own it. I bake.”

Jack took a moment to process the information. “So, did you know who I was the entire time? That I’m your rival?”

Bitty laughed. “I knew the first day you walked in.”

Jack felt out of his depth. He wasn’t sure if this was some kind of cruel joke and now Bitty had come to gloat.

Bitty, sensing the shift in his mood, softened his expression. He slid off the stool and walked around the counter until he stood in front of Jack. “I came to ask you out,” he said. “I was thinking lunch at that really nice bistro on the east side of the river.”

“Really? You want me?”

Bitty was inching ever closer. “You think I’m going to let go of the guy who can make a pecan pie to rival mine?”

The answer was pretty self-explanatory after Bitty pulled Jack down to kiss him.

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Not Alone

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 Requested by anon:  can you do and Eeic coulter x reader where the reader is always acting so happy and joyful but one day when him and the reader are hanging out he notices that something is wrong and then reader breaks down in frint of him and tells him all her problems that have been bugging her her whole life and the reason why she acts so happy is bc she doesnt want anyone to find out how sad she actually is and she doesnt want anyone feeling the same way as she does.

 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 703

 “How’s everybody?” You storm into the office, taking your time to hug everyone before sitting on your chair. “What’s the matter now?”

 “Nothing too serious, (Y/N). Just need to organize who’ll be taking care of the initiates this year.” Josh, who’s replacing Max since he’s sick, gives you a warm smile.

 “I’ll do it. You know how I love to meet new people.” Smiling back to him, you take the papers and write up your name. “Love helping to take some weight off your shoulders too, Eric.”

 “Your happiness may still corrupt me one day.” He doesn’t smile, but you’re used to it. Maybe someday he’ll be so good as you are to hide some feelings.

 “Well, gotta go, guys. See ya around.” Waving a goodbye, you walk out the office, being followed by Eric.

 “I’ll help you this year.” He mutters as you walk through the dark corridors. “Are you ok with that?”

 “Sure.” Your voice faints, but you pretend it was nothing, hoping he won’t notice.

 “That’s all?” He stares down at you, but you just keep walking. “Something happened?”

 “No, of course not.”

 “Stop.” He grabs your arm, forcing you to stop. “Spit it out, right now.”

 “Eric, what do you want me to say? I’m all good.” You try to move again, but he doesn’t let go of your arm.

 “Do you think I’m stupid? You know I’m a very perceptive person and now you made it pretty clear that your life isn’t always that perfect.”

 “So what? You really think my life is perfect? Or is that what people tell you?” Pushing away violently, you notice confusing all over his face. “I’m trying to let it go, alright? It’s better when people love me because I’m happy and cheerful and light. People don’t want to carry someone else’s problems on their shoulders. Now, will you let me go?”


 “No?” You giggle, leaning against the wall. “What do you think you can do, huh?”

 “Look, (Y/N), I’m a cold guy. People hate me and I know it, but I rather them to hate me for being an asshole than loving me for being a good guy.”

 “And?” Raising your eyebrows, you wait patiently for his next words. But they don’t come out. Eric stands there, staring at you like you’re an open book he can read. “Can I go now?”

 “No. You’re my friend and I want to know what’s hurting you.” His voice has never been so kind and warm. How can you keep lying to him like this? How can you keep a smile on your face when you feel like you’ve made yourself a mask and now you’re forced to wear it every day?

 “The truth is what I already told you. People don’t want…”

 “But I do.” He comes closer, lifting my chin so I’ll stare into his eyes. “You took me in even though I’ve always been an idiot with you and with everyone else. You still stick with me, no matter what. I want to return your kindness. I want to be here for you just like you did to me. Now, tell me.”

 “It’s just drama. Dad used to beat on mom so she disappeared suddenly and… there you go. All this shit made me fall into a dark hole and…” You’re crying. For the first time in years, you’re crying. You try to dry up your tears, but they keep coming down. You’d break down if it weren’t for Eric’s arms holding you up. Listening to his heartbeat, you smile. The first honest smile you put on since you came here.

 “Why don’t you come to my place? I’ll cook something and we can talk until morning if you want.”

 “Would you do that? You can just walk away right now and be free from all this…”

 “Shhh. Let’s go.” He interrupts you, taking your hand and pulling you with him. “I’ll talk about my family too if you want.”

 “Really? I know nothing about your family.”

 “Nobody does. But you will.” With a smile on your lips and the feeling that you’re finally not alone, makes you tug on his jacket, bringing a beautiful smile to Eric’s lips as well.

Fireworks and Dizzyland (Part 2 of A Week in LA)

so yes pt 2 of a week in la; the part after la la land “pilgrimage”! ok so i’m glad you guys liked part one i think? hahahaha ANYWAYS the next part will be set in california adventure so watch out for it!


part 1:

pairing: sam holland x reader

warnings: none! i don’t write smut or anything like that!

summary: for the first day of your trip to disney, you visit the happiest place on earth and it’s the happiest day of your life thus far

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* okay so you’re so hyped for two days of disney with sam like HYPED is an understatement * on the drive from la to anaheim you’re so giddy and sam is so happy to see you that way and it makes his heart so full * he keeps taking videos of you singing disney songs and he chuckles so intensely and he sings along too * you finally arrive at disney OH MY GOSH YOU’RE LIKE ON THE VERGE OF CRYING * which is actually kinda funny because you’ve already gone multiple times * you go to the disney hotel and check in * you’re so excited you keep bugging him to move faster so you could go in * he finishes up and you make your way to the park

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* FIRST STOP IS THE DISNEY STORE NO SHAME * you get minnie ears and they’re little mermaid themed because lord knows how much you love that film * he puts a video of you finding those on his story and it’s so cute * ‘SAM SAM SAM LOOK’ ‘what is it haha’ 'mINNIE EARS THAT ARE LITTLE MERMAID THEMED’ 'you’re so cute you know’ * he proceeds to hug you so tight * 'sAM STOP THE EARS ARE GOING TO POKE THROUGH MY CHEST aND THEY MIGHT BREAK’ 'but i love youuuu’ * he gets a cap that has a small silhouette of mickey in front * did i mention you were both wearing disney sweaters? well you were. well actually tom gave you both spider-man/marvel sweaters to wear so yeah * it was hella cute tho * first actual stop was space mountain because ICONIC * you keep screaming and you lean your head on his shoulder and he hugs you super tight * your picture from the end of the ride is one of you and sam doing the spider-man pose because you two dorks found it so funny * next you got churros WHICH HAD HANDLES THAT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A LIGHTSABER * you two pretend you have legit lightsabers, complete with sound effects * because the two of you are actual children you go to the teacups * you wanted to go on the pink one but he wanted to go on the blue one so you compromised and went on the blue one * you two kept giggling and he takes a picture of you whilst you laugh and he finds it so cute dang * you two get off the ride and YOU’RE SO DIZZY * 'why’d we do that again’ 'this was a bad idea sam’ * you meet up with harry who came from montreal to visit la for the rest of the week with you guys * the three of you made your way to it’s a small world * you actually were so tired of the song but you really wanted to go on it with sam * you two were hugging the entire time in line * harry takes photos then goes 'you two are gross, get a room’ * sam kisses your cheek * 'i hate you both why did i even come’ * he doesn’t actually hate you guys, but he does start laughing and you two follow and are laughing so hard * you go on the ride and sam has his arm over your shoulder whilst you hug his waist and lean your head on his shoulder * you hear a few 12-year olds go 'why can’t i have that’ 'i know right it’s so unfair’ * you two have a laugh about it * after the ride harry decides to go elsewhere because he feels like too much of a third wheel whoops * but before you seperate you three have lunch * main street cafe is where it’s at yo * harry talks to you two about canada and chaos walking and it makes you a little too excited * sam records a video of you and your dorkiness * “nO DONT POST THAT I LOOK LIKE A WEIRDO” * “hi guys i’m here too”

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* before you and sam seperate from harry you two beg him to take pics of you two in front of the castle * harry’s heart is secretly melting because you two look way too cute together * you two are looking into each other’s eyes holding each other’s waists, with your leg bent back (think princess diaries when she turned on the lights and stuff by accident) * one of you being carried by sam on his back !!! * you post the first picture with the caption: 'the eric to my ariel💙’ * he posts the second with the caption 'always gonna have your back, ariel💙’ * good lord you two define #couplegoals * y'all’s followers aRE LIVING * “goodbye i have died” “these are so cute i can’t” “sTOP IT GUYS” * harry comments “ehem where are my credits” * tom comments “when you brother leaves you alone in montreal to take photos for your other brother and his girl” * zendaya comments “my fave couple of all time” * harry leaves you two alone * you two wander some more * you watch the shows and WOW THE ACTORS ARE INCREDIBLE * you and sam singing the entire time * you go and get dole whips and your story is literally just boomerangs of him because he’s that cute * he secretly takes one of you laughing and posts it on his story * “sAM NO” * you go and do astro blasters because you are actual children as if it wasn’t already obvious * you are so competitive, competitive is an understatement * in the middle of the ride you look at your points and he’s winning and you’re like 'nOPE IM NOT LETTING YOU WIN SAM’ * spoiler alert he wins * you feel kinda sad about it but he’s kinda happy but he sees you and he’s like… OOPS * he buys you another churro and you’re happy again * “sorrrryyyyy i got too competitive” he says while kissing your forehead and hugging you super tight * “sTOP I SAID A HUNDRED TIMES IT’S OK I WANNA EAT MY CHURRO NOW” * it’s getting quite dark so you meet up with harry at main street

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* pretty light parades * just admiring all the pretty lights and costumes and everything * he’s not even paying attention to the parade he’s just staring at you in bewilderment * “SAM LOOK AT THE PRETTY LIGHTS, NOT ME”

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* fIREWORKS TIME * you lean on his shoulder and he has his arm over yours while you hold his hand * harry takes SUCH GOOD PICTURES IT’S SJSJSJSJUD * he times it perfectly and he takes one of you and sam kissing right as the biggest firework shines above the castle * all you two feel are fireworks * “love you” “love you too you dork”

OK I DIED WRITING THIS I DON’T KNOW IF MY SAM HOLLAND LOVING HEART CAN TAKE IT. also tell me if you wanna be added to the tag list!


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Head cannons of dating Peter Hayes?

Dating Peter Hayes would involve: 

***There will be a few spoilers in case you haven’t read/seen all the books/movies***

  • Being transfers together during Tris’ initiation year
  • Hating him at first because of his Candor smartmouth
  • Him going easy on you during your initiation fight because he likes you
  • Him constantly annoying you in the dorm rooms
  • Him using cheesy/dirty pick up lines on you just to see you blush
  • You finally deciding to give Peter a chance and becoming really good friends with him
  • Peter opening up to you about his rough past
  • Sharing your first kiss and confessing your feelings towards each other on the roof in the middle night after sneaking out of the dorms
  • Peter always sexually/playfully touching you, and you having to swat him away, even though you secretly liked it
  • Him being super overprotective especially around guys like Uriah and Caleb
  • Peter letting his walls down around you and showing you that he’s actually a good person
  • Him protecting you during the war
  • Hiding out in Amity together alongside Tris, Four, and Caleb
  • Comforting Peter after Eric’s death, little did most people know how close Eric and Peter actually were
  • Having to prove to him that you actually care about him once you go outside of the city
  • Doing everything in your power to have to stop him from taking the memory serum

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Busted (Eric Nam ft. Markson)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hello~ I loved your other Eric Nam scenario and i was wondering if you could do one where you are an MC for ASC and are dating Eric but it’s a secret and you let it slip while defending him from Markson’s teasing? Thank-you sorry it is so long

Summary: if people ragging on your boyfriend means you admit your relationship oh well.

“You look nice today” Eric said casually as you two sat down for one of the Markson show shows little script reviews before the two goofballs actually arrived on set. “Thank you. I like your suit jacket” you said looking at the pastel colored garment he had on. It was weird how casual you two could be with each other when not 20 minutes before arrive to the studio you were on each other like butter on bread. 

“You can wear it if you would like” he said slipping it off you laughed as you took it from him and slid it on. It went well with the light colored outfit you had on anyways, you slowly rolled up the sleeves just in case you got warm before you looked back down at your cards. “Don’t get it all wrinkly” he whined playfully “I don’t want to look like I have no arms Eric” you teased back “but you do that when you take my pull overs” he jokes. 

Soon you two were interrupted by the booming voice of none other than Jackson Wang as he came onto set with Mark in tow. “Ah it’s Y/N this time last time it was Jimin” Jackson says as he wraps his arms around you and Eric “how are my favorite hosts today?” he asks casually. “We were pretty good before you came along” you tell him “ah so I just made it better. Thank you Y/N” he jokes before he and Mark were handed things for their show.

As most people knew Jackson and Eric had a playful relationship, you and Mark had one as well. You basically yelled at Mark for not talking and then when he’d actually say something you would yell at him for talking too much. It was pretty funny to be around. You were someone who could add fuel to the fire in a humorous sense which made you a good choice for an MC for ASC.

As the show began and fans started asking questions you somehow ended up on the topic of relationship and were asked who do you think would be the one most likely to be dating within the 4 of you. “Obviously it would be Y/N” Eric says “really I was going to say you” you say back smirking at him knowing something the other two didn’t. “Why would anyone want to date Eric?” Jackson says you knew it was jokingly but it kinda riled you up. “He’s a good guy” you defend “but he’s Eric” Mark jokes “what’s wrong with being Eric?” Eric says with a laugh. “Well where do we start?” and that’s when the heavy teasing began on poor Eric.

“Can you stop” you say seriously making them all turn to you “Y/N it’s fine they’re just playing” Eric says. “But it’s so annoying it’s not even true” you say rolling your eyes almost completely forgetting the camera was on you guys. “Wait Eric has a girlfriend?” Mark asks confused “yes yes he does he’s had one for like a year” you say. “Y/N” Eric hisses getting more embarrassed from you saying something about your love lives. “I just think you’re trying to save him from embarrassment Y/N” Jackson says slowly catching onto why you were mad. “No I’m trying to stop you from teasing my boyfriend” and as soon as those words left your mouth your eyes went wide and your mouth stayed open. Eric’s jaw dropped and he was sure other people’s had as well “what?” Mark said looking at you and then Eric rapidly.

Jackson stood up and cheered “I knew something was going on ah. Mark you owe me money” he says as he ventures over to the two of you and pushes Eric’s seat closer to your’s before he rushed back over to his seat and sat himself down. “So now that has been spilled I hope that answers your ‘who would get in a relationship first?’ question. We should do more questions like these. I feel like I will be learning so much from Y/N, she seems to also have a big mouth” Jackson says while Eric, Mark, and You were still in shock from your out burst. 

“Guys the show” Jackson hints elbowing Mark making him snap out of his trance. Eric following after him, he glanced over at you slightly seeing the bright red face you had as your head fell forward onto the table with a thud “don’t hurt yourself because you’re that embarrassed” Eric says picking up your head sitting you up straight “at least we don’t have to hide anymore” he mumbles as he picks up his cards.

The Devil You Know Part 53

Beginning: The Devil You Know Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Violence

The Devil You Know Part 53

Chapter 96

“Far? (Father?)Melinda said as she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “What are you doing here? Visiting hours been over hours ago.”

“I know Hel. I’m here to take you home.” I said scooping her up in my arms. “Go back to sleep my little Valkyrie.”

“Okay.” Melinda said, closing her eyes and drafting back to sleep.

I looked out the window, watching the guards chasing the Detective to the gate. I quickly made my way out of her room and down the hallway. I headed down the stairs but soon stop in my tracks. I tighten my grip on Hel as I looked at the patience blocking the doorway.

“You want to know something Northman?”

I turn around and looked up the stairs to where the deep voice was coming from. I looked upon an unfamiliar face, staring back at me with cold eyes. He just casually lean against the rail, smiling like he didn’t he didn’t have a care in the world. Who was this man? Wait. Could it be him? Could it be….the wolf?

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He's jealous (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

“Bye Eric!”

I walked my best friend to his car before giving him a hug goodbye. We had just had breakfast together. Jack’s car then drove up to the front of my house and parked.

“I better go before your boyfriend tries anything again.” He lightly chuckled before hopping in his car and driving away.

I waved goodbye and walked over to Jack, who was now leaning against his car, arms crossed. Here we go.

“Hey babe.”

“Don’t babe me. y/n you know I don’t like that guy.”

I rolled my eyes and walked back into my house. I don’t want to argue with him right now.

“y/n! Don’t just walk away from me. I don’t want you hanging out with him anymore. I thought we were clear about this.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and quickly spun around. “All I hear is don’t, don’t, don’t! Since when are YOU allowed to tell me who I can and cannot hang out with. You know Eric and I have been best friends since middle school and that’s not gonna change.”

Jack made a face when I said Eric’s name. Ugh he’s such a child sometimes.

“Jack if you just came here to fight, then you should just leave. We can only have the same fight so many times.”

“I came here to hangout with my girlfriend because I missed her, but apparently she was already being entertained by another guy.”

I took a deep breath trying to keep my cool. At this point I knew it was better for him to say what he needs to say then try to talk with him. I walked back into the kitchen to clean up the pancake mixer while a ranting Jack followed closely behind.

“Oh what a gentleman! He left you to clean all the dishes…”

We were soon engaged in a screaming match, each trying to be louder than the other.

This is exactly what I was trying to avoid, but Jack is just so stubborn sometimes.

I then had an idea and picked up some of the pancake batter and smeared it on Jack’s face. I knew the best way to calm him down was to distract him with something fun. I made an “O” face, realizing how bad he looked. He looked so stupid I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

A small smile also spread across his face, but was soon turned into an evil smirk as he grabbed a huge handful of batter, but I had sprinted away before he had the chance to drench me.

“(your full name) come back here! You can run, but you can’t hide!”

I laughed and sprinted up the stairs. Shit he’s gaining up on me. I panicked and went into my room, hiding under the bed. God I’m an idiot. This is the first place anyone looks.

“BOO” Jack screamed while dropping to the ground. He laid there, ready for action, but I remained in my position, making eye contact with him.

“I have all day y/n. I can wait.” Jack said while resting his head on his folded arms.

I smirked and replied “Well, good thing I have all day also.” I copied his position while keeping eye contact.

*Jack’s POV*

As y/n and I waged in a staring contest I came to my senses. Seeing her goofy smile and eyes light up was such a contrast from her furrowing eyebrows just 20 minutes ago. I over reacted once again. I just can’t control myself when it comes to y/n. She makes me crazy in a good way, and seeing her with other guys makes me paranoid. Not that I don’t trust her, I do. I would trust her with my life, but I don’t trust the guy. Anyone in their right mind would see that y/n is amazing. She’s funny, playful, beautiful, God, she’s so beautiful, and- what am I doing? I should be telling HER this…

*Your POV*

“I’m sorry.” Jack quietly said.

I crawled out from under the bed and leaned against the bed frame, waiting for Jack to continue.

“I love you y/n and I trust you, I really do. I know you’re not gonna stop being friends with Eric, and I need to accept that. He just needs to know that you’re my girlfriend and he needs to keep his distance. You’re my beautiful, funny, smart, good-hearted girl, and I’m just afraid that one day another guy will try something.”

I was taken back by Jack’s speech. He’s never been afraid to tell me how he feels, but not to this extent. I quickly pressed my lips against his, cutting him off.

“I forgive you, Jack. Thank you.” I said before kissing him again.

“I love you y/n. I love you I love you I love you”

I laughed and covered his mouth with my hand. “Shut up you dork”

I then felt wetness on my palm.

“Ugh gross Jack.” I scrunched my noise and wiped my hand on his sleeve. I playfully rolled my eyes. He’s such a child, but he’s my child.

John Laurens and Eric Bittle are the same person?

· Southern belles
· High-profile boyfriends
· Strong feelings about everything
· C
· U
· T
· E
· Will fight anyone who disrespects their friends
· Good with feelings, as long as it’s not their own
· Tbh Laurens is probably really good at pie
· And Bitty is probably really good at ponytails
· Cannot stop smiling when bf is around
· In their group they are The Sweetheart™
· Has no time for egos (see Kent Parson/Aaron Burr)
· Number one priority is Being A Good Guy
· Number two is The Bf
· Should be protected
· But they can do it themselves