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The opening credits to the tv series South Park (1997-present) has had many people wondering what Kenny McCormick is mumbling under that bright orange parka. Kenny is as foul-mouthed as his friends and has mumbled many different things under that jacket. 

For Seasons 1 & 2 he said “I love girls with deep vaginas, I love girls with big fat titties.”
For Season 3-5 he said "I have got a 10 inch penis, use your mouth if you want to clean it”. 
Kenny was “permanently” killed in Season 6 and his lines were replaced by Timmy. 
Kenny was brought back to life at the end of Season 6 and from Season 7 to the first half of Season 10 he said “Some day I’ll be old enough to stick my dick in Britney’s butt”. 
From the second half of season 10 through now he says “I like fucking silly bitches cuz I know my penis likes it”. 

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So I have a South Park youtuber au where all and or most of the boys are all pretty popular youtubers that collab with eachother sometimes and meet in real life and its like a huge big cute thing

Their Channel’s and what they consist of:

Stan & Kyle: Youtube memes, challenges and vlogs, something like Dan and Phil. They’re both housemates. (Stan on his own does low quality but beautiful song covers)

Cartman: Anti Social Justice Vlogger, conspiracy theorist and sometimes rants about things about his day.

Kenny: Body Modifications, Medicinal Marijuana and Sex vlogging. Mostly popular and known as hypersexual and cute so people watch him. (Body Mod involved sex failures amirite)

Butters: Gender Nonconforming youtuber, make up and vlogging.

Craig: Aesthetic band vlogger. Sometimes bath bomb reviewer. Extremely interested and inspired by space travel.

Tweek: Mental Health help. Anxiety vlogger. Extremely open about his experiences with mental illness and makes good anxiety calm down songs

Wendy & Bebe: Sex Education, Social Justice, Equality, Womans Rights and the importance of such. (Bebe also has her own channel for nail art and gender nonconforming fem presenting looks.)

Jimmy: Comedy sketches, reaction videos, vlogs with Timmy on being handicapped and capable in todays society

Clyde: Kindof like jackass but on youtube (or daremattg124) with clyde and sometimes Craig (who lives 4 hours away) and Tweek who lives a state or two away.

Token: Sports vlogging, working out. Health and fitness info.

Kevin: Star Trek enthusiast. Collector, comic con goer, cosplayer and cosplay help


Like imagine Token coming on Wendy and Bebe’s channel and helping them work out good dieting and weight loss plans because too many girls are being affected with eating disorders.

Imagine Kenny joining Craig and Clyde on a “Dare Clyde” Video and doing the chubby bunny challenge

Imagine Butters coming on Kenny’s channel to talk about good sex proof makeup to wear on a fancy ‘im totally going home with this person’- date.

Imagine Kevin and Butters meeting up to learn how to make your eyes look bigger for cosplay

Imagine Cartman and Bebe having a debate on womens decisions to dress how they want and the correlation of mens entitlement

The possibilities are endless and its so fucking fun to come up with this shit and I’m not even putting this under a readmore because I’m obsessed

South Park Team Stan sticker set (die cut)

They are around A5 sized. 3USD per set

A lot of these are old art but I WAS NOT ACTIVE ON TUMBLR– at all. I want to be ÒnO starting lately but–I’m having my finals. :’D

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