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So today I learned about a character who was cut from the film The Crow named ‘’The Skull Cowboy.’’ The Skull Cowboy, along with The Crow, watched over Eric, helping him understand what he had become and what he needed to do, The Skull Cowboy communicated with Eric through visions.  The Skull Cowboy was supposed to appear in the first The Crow movie, but was cut from it. In one of the cut scenes The Skull Cowboy confronts Eric, saying that his business is done and he needs to move on, but Eric ignores him and chooses to rescue Sarah, even if damnation is a possibility. This version of the Skull Cowboy suggested to Eric that he himself was once an Avatar of The Crow who made the mistake of staying too long.

An Angel In A Leather Jacket (Ch. 3)

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SUMMARY: An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

A/N: If this actually goes up, let’s all hail Tumblr planned posts *hails Tumblr*
This chapter was entirely different at the beginning when I was writing it. After the fire and all the problems that came with it I came up with something that wasn’t something I’d like this story to be (??) I’m not sure, I remember I typed it automatically, but after reading it, I cringed so much I felt my muscles seizing, it was horrible at the beginning o.o
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you’re not missing out anything, and that I worked lot of time to get this one done well. I hope you enjoy!

WARNINGS: violence

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