eric shiner

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is Boing Boing’s podcast featuring artists, writers, filmmakers, and other creative people discussing their work, ideas, and the practical side of how they do what they do. In episode 22, we speak to Eric Shiner, Director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.

“To Give Voice to Those That Don’t Have It” and “Making the Anomalies of Society Into the Paradigms of Society” are among his responsibilities as the museum’s director. Over the past twenty years, Andy Warhol’s popularity has soared. Shiner talks with us about Warhol’s legacy, about exhibiting the museum’s collection in the Middle East, China, and Japan, and about engaging fans of the legendary pop artist through social media and interactive technology (on-site at the museum, and online).

Finally, Shiner discusses the impact of the internet on the art world and how he finds new and exciting artists. 

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