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Eric Stuart (Seto Kaiba) Interview


My friends and I made the 14 hour drive from New York to Chattanooga, TN this past weekend to attend JAMPcon. There, we were really proud and excited to debut our DSoD outfits we have been working so hard on the last few months. The overall positive reaction from the con staff, guests, and Dan and Eric themselves was overwhelming. Thank you everyone who supported us and complimented our cosplay <3

Seto Kaiba (me)
Yugi Muto / Mokuba Kaiba ( @mokuba-the-celery-slayer )
Aigami (killer_coma -> Instagram)

You guys don’t understand how much this got me, my heart literally jumped over the moon, I am SO happy!
So many good things have happened this year. I’m speechless aside all of the screaming. I CANNOT wait for this film, I absolutely CANNOT wait.


Okay so this is one of the projects that I’m really excited about. Eric Stuart (official voice of Seto Kaiba), Dan Green (official voice of Yami and Yugi) as well as several other awesome voice actors are working together on an original audio drama coming out in 2018 and I’m personally beyond hyped!

These guys are our inspiration and I’m sure it’s gonna be just awesome!

How could I possibly show up to an anime convention Eric Stuart and LittleKuriboh will be at without bringing a print of my all time favorite rich nerd anti-hero!? 

This is my MTAC2016 Special Edition Print peeps! I’ll have Special discount pricing and limited copies so come visit me at my table! 

BIG FAT THANK YOU to my wonderful man Ben, who was kind enough to lay down the colors and cell shading while I was stuck at work. He spared me from a hellish all nighter and deserves the biggest Gold Star ever. 


Yugioh Duel - Dan Green and Eric Stuart (MTAC 2014)

OMFG, I can’t stop laughing. Dan Green…er Yugi/Yami just called Kaiba heartless. More or less any ways. You must watch it. OMG they are dueling with cosplayers XD and apparently they dueling with love XD



Did you guess Eric Stuart, voice of Seto Kaiba in the English dub and drinker of fine whiskeys? Because if so, you would be correct!

That’s a (pretty bad) selfie of me and Eric in a pub while drinking neat whiskeys together, and a photo of tiny!Yami showing off my autographed business card. (Yes, I have business cards for this blog, which you wouldn’t know unless you met me at an irl YGO event.) 

(Or unless I met a YGO voice actor at an irl YGO event, and they signed one, and then I posted a picture of it, I suppose.)


Seto Kaiba’s Japanese Voice Actor, Tsuda Kenjiro, singing. 

There is something about his vocal timbre that sends shivers down my spine. After seeing the entire series in Japanese, I prefer the deeper and lower tone to his voice than the English dub. It is much more intimidating, even in the quiet parts.