eric says no to drugs

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Can you please write one where the reader is doing drugs and Eric fights to get them away from her but it ends in sweet smut? I need this rn I'm struggling tbh

Eric paused as he pulled into your driveway, music blasting from your homes open windows.

“That’s different…” he muttered, getting out of his car and walking to your front door. You’d called him earlier and invited him round seeing as your parents were away till the following day. Something in the way you sounded over the phone set him on edge. You sounded like you just, just different in a way he couldn’t put his finger on.
After knocking for several minutes he gave up and walked inside, he watched as the glass in pictures on your walls vibrated. He found you head banging and dancing around like a lunatic in your living room.

“Y/N!” He tried to yell but was drowned out by rammstien. He reached over and turned the music down making your shriek in surprise.

“Eric!!! You scared the shit out of me! Come dance!!”

Eric stared hard at you. Your hair was plastered to your forehead with sweat, your eyes dilated and a stupid unnatural grin spread across your face.

“Are you fucking on something again y/n?” He asked carefully. Eric knew you liked to escape reality but never had known you to take anything other than mushies or smoke a joint. You scoffed at him rolling your eyes.

“Just a lil bit of E Eric no big deal”
“I look awesome don’t I”
“The exact fucking opposite actually, how much have you had?!”
“Yea enough for maybe 3 people y/n!”

He grabbed your arms, shocked at how hot your skin felt, you smiled stupidly at him bouncing on the spot.

“I saved you some though”
“I don’t fucking want any y/n”
“All the more got me then!!”
“Oh no! No fucking way y/n! Where is it?”
“Your lines are waiting on the table Eric”

You happily pointed over to your family dinner table, there were 3 neat lines waiting. Eric stomped over and scattered the powder with his hands and glared at you.

“So fucking what y/n, we gotta cool you the fuck down, your like a furnace!”
“Hot like my bodaaay”
“Jesus fucking Christ move it y/n I’m not playing!”
“Party pooper!”

You stuck your tongue out at Eric and darted out of his grip, singing stupidly “catch me if you can!”. Eric growled in frustration as he chased you about your house, finally cornering you and gripping your arm tightly. His eyes stared daggers at you as you laughed.

“Oooo ya caught me! Now what are you gonna go with me big boy?”
“Put you in a fucking cold shower that’s what, MOVE IT NOW!”
“You gonna join me?!”
“Don’t fucking test my patience right now y/n.”

He threw you into your shower and quickly dowsed you in luke warm water. You giggled yelling that it was raining. Eric groaned loudly as he struggled to keep you in the waters stream. After about 20 minutes he forcefully pulled you out and shook your shoulders.

“Why y/n?! How could you be so fucking stupid?! It’s bad enough with the shrooms and weed but this?! What’s the fucking matter with you!”

Eric yelled at you, his body shaking with anger. You shrugged and smiled at him again.

“Coz it’s fun, coz it makes me feel so fucking good when nothing else does”

Eric paused, a glimpse of your real self surfaced in your face. All the pain and sorrow you hid deep down inside of you.
His voice caught in his throat as you continued, your whole demeanour changed.

“It all y/n do this y/n do that but not how you want! Be a good little girl, do as your told. Don’t make issues. Your grades are not good enough, that music is poisoning you, you need to look more ladylike, your friends are bad influences, drugs and drink are the path of the weak. So I guess I’m the weakest mother fucker in existence since I can’t feel shit without then. Oh look there goes y/n stupid druggie freak whore! Hey give her a joint and she’ll suck your cock!! Yea I fucking hear everything that people say about me and you know what Eric?! Their fucking right! Not the blowing dudes for drugs but the rest of it! All I want is to feel happy! Feel loved! Feel fucking whole again!! What’s wrong with that huh? You fucking tell me Eric?!”

Eric stared in awe at you, before he could answer you shrugged his hold off you and pushed past him.

“Y/n wait! your fucking soaking wet! You’ll slip”
“Good! Maybe I’ll fucking break my neck and be at peace!”
“Will you fucking stop and fucking come back here!”

You smiled and shook your head, quickly locking yourself in your room. Eric kicked and shook your door, screaming at you to open it. You giggled and found a joint you’d been saving for later but fuck it. As you lit it and took s deep puff Eric finally kicked your door open.

“Jesus Eric way to break my house!”
“Are you fucking serious right now! Put that out!”

Eric ripped the joint from your hand and tossed it out of your window.

“Hey that was good shut asshole!!”
“You don’t need that shit”
“How the fuck would you know what I need?!”
“You need this y/n!”

He grabbed your face s kissed you softly. You froze as the feeling of his lips on yours. He pulled back from you and watched your face. You swallowed hard.

“Why’d you do that?”
“Coz you need to see how much you mean to people, how much you fucking mean to me!”
“Your lying…”
“I’m not! Coz if I was I couldn’t do this”

He kissed you again. So gently. The sensation of it shooting through your brain as pure happiness. You moaned quietly as his tongue brushed against your lips, asking for access. Parting your own he gently massaged your tongue with his. Your brain trying to process that you were making out with one of your best friends and that you both shouldn’t be doing this, but your animal side screamed through. Begging for you to get lost in the feelings.

Eric pulled you closer to him as your kiss intensified, low moans escaping his throat.

“Let me love you y/n, let me prove that your everything good in this world. That I can make you feel more complete and whole than any fucking drug.”

You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. Eric slowly began to remove you wet clothes, kissing your skin wherever goosebumps popped up. He brushed your hair out of your eyes and smiled at you. A genuine smile that radiated love.

He kissed you again, manoeuvring you over to your bed pushing you down into it and falling with you.

“Eric wait”
“We shouldn’t, I don’t want to ruin our friendship”
“Me loving you won’t do shit y/n, I have for so long and now I’m just finally showing you”

He trailed kisses down your stomach, pausing at your panty line. He looked up at you, life and love burning in his eyes. His fingers slowly peeled them from your skin.

“Oh my god y/n, your so fucking beautiful, everything about you is perfect”

He ran his tongue over your folds, making you gasp and writhe around. He gently grabbed your hips holding them still as he licked and probed at you sex with his tongue. Sending bursts of light in your eyes from the sensations. Your fingers curled, gripping at your sheets. The feeling was so much more intense than usual thanks to the E. you whimpered and squirmed as he brought you closer and closer to climax.

“Oh shit, fuck!” You gasped as he drove his tongue deep into you, tipping you over the edge into orgasmic bliss. He chuckled as you lay there panting in your aftermath. He quickly shed his own clothes. His cock standing to attention. He stroked himself a few times before he pushed quickly inside of you.

You gasped as he buried himself fully inside of you. Still not moving his kissed you deeply.

“This is me y/n, this is us being one, your everything and more to me.”

He thrusted gently as he told you this, kissing and nipping at your neck. This wasn’t the Eric you’d heard about regarding sex. Eric was know to fuck girls as roughly as he could. Leaving bites and marks all over them. But here he was, not fucking you as you’d expected but making love to you.
You hooked your arms around his neck as his thrust harder but still slowly into you. He groaned and moaned against your skin. You knew he was holding back on what was so primal for him.

“Eric!…fuck!” You gasped
“Yea baby, that dick good? Bet it feels better than any fucking drug huh?”
“Yes! Oh god yes Eric!”
“You want that big dick to fuck you y/n”
“Ugh! Harder! Harder!”
“You want it hard baby?”

He chuckled as he raised off you and began slamming his hip to yours. Your hands released his neck as you writhed under him.

“Who’s making you feel so fucking good y/n?”
“You! You are Eric!”
“Say it again!”
“You make me feel so good Eric!”
“Ugh! Fuck y/n!”
“Fuck me! Fuck me eric!”
“Mmmm gladly baby”

He kept slamming his hips to yours muttering at how good you felt around his dick. How tight and wet you were and all for him. He kissed you biting at your lips as he did. You felt yourself building again, slowly threatening to explode.

“Oh fuck Eric! Your gonna make me cum again”
“Mm that’s right y/n, I’m Gonna make you cum over and over again. I want to be your drugs now, I want you addicted to my dick!”
“Eric give it to me! Fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!”

You screamed as he grasped your hips and drove himself into you over and over. He mumbled over his groans for you to cum for him, let him make you feel alive. Your orgasm floored you as Eric cried out loudly as you clenched on him. His quickened his pace moaning that you felt so fucking good, how he always wanted to make you feel this good. How he was your and your were his. As his pace faltered you felt him cum deep inside of you. His cock pulsing as he groaned out your name. He looked down at you and blushed, still inside.

He lent down and kissed you softly.
“See? You mean the universe to me y/n”
“And your definitely better than any drug eric”
“I hoped you’d say that baby”

Another Kyman idea...

Okay, so Eric gets his wisdom teeth out and because he’s American he goes under lots of anaesthesia and when he comes round he is totally out of it, and because they thought he would say lots of stupid and funny things, Stan, Kyle and Kenny pick him up to drive him home. 

He is totally off his head and has no ide what is going on, and as soon as Kyle walks in he s like ‘woah!’ and he tells Kyle he is the most beautiful person  he’d ever seen and starts slurring out loads of compliments and he rambles on about the cuteness of Kyles ass (and how much he wants to wear it has a hat)

Embarrassed yet intrigued, Kyle plays along. Eric tries telling him cheesy pick up lines but he gets them wrong or he slurs his words so they don’t make sense. Kenny is taping the whole event and is shitting himself while Stan is uncomfortable and he wasn’t even aware Cartman was gay until now.

Cartman asks Kyle who he is, and when Kyle tells him his name he instantly recognises it and is amazed, and begins to ramble on about this guy he knows called Kyle that he loves and hoe he is the best guy ever even if he is a stupid Jew. He would tell them they were going to get married and live in a mansion and have 2.5 dogs and 2.5 kids, much to Kenny’s amusement and Kyle’s confusion.

Kenny distributed the tape amongst the classmates, and needless to say Kyle was dating Eric within the week.