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Eric Roux-Fontaine (b.1966, France) - Outbond (2014)

How do lost worlds survive? What do they draw on to come back to life? On the memories and dreams which had lingered before setting off again in a swarm.

Eric Roux-Fontaine knows this only too well. He has lived in a different world. There is no suggestion that we were not there too, nor that we were incapable of lending an ear or feasting our eyes on it as he has; but he is more closely attuned to it than we. More than anyone else, he can capture the precise interplay of whispers and warm resonances so as to heighten the colors of these lost worlds and revive the rough drafts, allowing gentle jungles to wrest back control of worn out kingdoms.

Roux-Fontaine works in layers of matter and sensation, with a happy collision of texture and transparency. He does not mask or disguise. His only cosmetics are pigment and marble dust enabling the artist to delve deep into what lies behind matter and revive its reflections. A lake, an impatient roiling sky, a burning shack in the blazing light of an icy sun. The painter savors an opaque transparency. He cannot resist it. In this deep-breathing plant world, icebergs rise up like ghostly steamers, preserving a secret ovulation mechanism within their hulls. The Moon too harbors secrets, and without it, dreams are impossible. Mirroring its chilly incandescence, swimming pools yield to the whims of towering trees. The husks of bridges or fairground temples encircle the foliage like bracelets. In this recast synthetic Eden, animals reassert their rights and live in harmony.  A sudden flight of birds. An encounter with an elephant. The not-so-still life portrait of a hare. All lulled by a pervasive gentleness.

When a human form surfaces, it is ultimately transitory, with no sure promise of integration, merely passing through these virgin surroundings. Children swing upward again toward dizzy heights, but without stirring the air. Man, with his curious adventures, his lust for disorder, and his appetite for havoc, is no longer the prime mover in this world. The dazzlingly dense paths open to him here require a leap of faith. Artists today must borrow techniques from the animal world. Let them scent out the world with an inquisitive soul. Eric Roux-Fontaine is one of this new breed. (text by Pierre Vavasseur)

Solo exhibition Outbond @ Galerie Felli
127 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris - 15.05-20.06.2014
Opening cocktail Thursday May 15, 2014 from 19h
© All images courtesy the artist

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