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Few expected this little school from Massachusetts to return for yet another Frozen Four appearance. But Samwell University is yet again in the NCAA Championship after an unbelievable run through the playoffs.

In the magical land of Netflix, they have a separate poster set for Year 2 Spring Semester. 


I didn’t want to mess up the flow of my release dates, so just accept this comes out July 4th. 

Year 1

Year 2 Fall Semester

Year 3 Set 1

Year 3 Set 2

Spin off

-Okay so back to the op of Jack and Bits having twins. You know that Bad Bob would spend so much money on them??? Like one of the twjns would be like “Gramps :( I broke my toy :(“ and Bob is just immediately at the store, trying to figure out Which toy would make his grandkids happy.

-One day the kids break a vase and one of them is crying and the other is just trying to clean it up and trying to take the blame for it and Bob is like “no no it’s fine please don’t be upset” and Alicia is like “Bob that vase was a wedding present from my mother” and Bob is like “I’ve been trying to break it for years, Alicia” and Alicia rolls her eyes but laughs anyway because damn if Bob wasn’t right.

-The twins getting made fun of for any reason at all and half of the Providence Falconers (still playing and retired), former Stanley cup winners Jack Zimmermann, Alexei Mashkov, and Kent Parson, cook show host Eric Bittle, NHL coach Bad Bob Zimmermann, former model and current judge on America’s Next Top Model Alicia Zimmermann, renowned biologist Justin Oluransi, sitcom actor Adam Birkholtz, a decidedly not chill award winning poet, an angry redhead, the goalie for the San Jose Sharks, famous artist Larissa Duan-Knight and her lawyer husband, Georgia Martin, and an angry southern woman who is honestly is the most terrifying of them all are all at school, dealing with the problem and Bits is like “Jack, honey, half of the team and your parents didn’t have to come.” and Jack is like “Bud, you brought your mom, I needed people to hold her back in case it got messy.”

-The twins are just done with their family, rolling their eyes but ever grateful, while Patater’s kid is in the midst of a fistfight with the kid that messed with them.

-One twin is a cis boy and the other is more fluid in their gender, Patater’s kid is a transgirl, and when Patater’s daughter gets her first partner the twins are happy for her, but a little apprehensive. She’s constantly shaking her head and going on about “her twins”.

-She mellows out as the years go on but still has a fiery temper that helps her in boxing.

-One of the twins plays the violin, she plays piano, and the other twin plays an electric guitar. They win their 10th grade talent show.

-One twin is valedictorian and the other gets his GED, which took a lot of thinking about. School was never his forte and he feels like he’s going to fail in life until he talks to Jack and Bits, who let him know they’ll love him and support him no matter what.

Honestly please talk to me about the twins and Patater’s daughter because I’m bored af and I want to share my ideas and I want to hear yours.

I Knew You Were Trouble

It should be another ordinary night for Deputy Jack Zimmermann while he guards the drunk tank in Samwell, MA.

It is not.

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Jack Zimmermann is fairly sure he’s a good person. He has his moments, at the very least. He’s a perfectly decent sheriff’s deputy and is good at his job and he’s always the one to volunteer to babysit the drunk tank overnight in their tiny town. He has never had an incident on record.

He’s going to hold onto the “no priors” thing when he has to explain tonight.

The first person deposited in his drunk tank is a tall – but not as tall as Jack – wiry fellow with unnecessarily long – but stunningly well groomed – hair, a spectacular moustache, and a warm grin. He’s wearing only a pair of cargo shorts even though it is not warm outside. Jack rolls his eyes when the guy says his name is Shitty.

“I need your actual name for the booking sheet,” Jack says.

“B,” the guy says. “Seriously. It’s just B. B. Simeon Knight III if you really want to know.”

Jack is pretty sure he’s high, which goes a long way to explaining his presence in the drunk tank. Jack records B. Simeon Knight’s name on the sheet and gets the charge from the arresting officer – drunk and disorderly with a healthy dose of malicious mischief.

The next people are brought in together, a pair of shockingly large men who bow their heads and sit down across from Shitty in the drunk tank. They’re clearly going for remorseful and apologetic, but after Jack collects their names (Justin Oluransi and Adam Birkholtz) one of them starts giggling lowly and Jack shakes his head. Oluransi punches Birkholtz in the shoulder and the giggling stops. Jack is reminded for some reason of the quote, “A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting there next to you laughing.”

The fourth person brought to him is absolutely tiny. He’s blond, he’s got huge brown eyes, his whole face is glowing red from alcohol consumption, and once he’s deposited in the drunk tank, he proceeds to lean up against the bars and stare at Jack with big eyes.

“You’re the prettiest police officer I’ve ever seen,” he says in a heavy southern drawl.

“Deputy,” Jack corrects, trying not to look at his latest acquisition, who is apparently named Eric Bittle.

“You’re the prettiest police deputy I’ve ever seen,” Eric Bittle says, still staring at him. Jack doesn’t look. Because Eric Bittle is definitely the cutest detainee he’s ever had.

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Fact 26 poster

“Durutti in Paris” 

April 1980

Design by Stephen Horsfall (concept by Alan Erasmus)

Silver on black poster for a gig by A Certain Ratio, Section 25, The Durutti Column and Eric Random (A Boy Alone). Only 7 posters were printed before the concert was cancelled. The concert was to have been at Bataclan, 50 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris 750011, on Sunday 27 April 1980.

‘Et alors, Factory Records emporté à Paris la nouvelle musique Anglais à la recherche du temps avenir…’

Referred to as the 'Paris video show’ in FACT 400 Palatine.


aaron and eric in a modern au.

      in which aaron posts random day-to-day photos on his insta and eric is all about that aesthetic a.k.a they’re happy and all is as it should be.

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Cartman would you sacrifice Kyle to the Gods for a donut?