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“You… you’re sure you want us on the blog, right now? Butters, are you sure?”

Kyle faced Butters with the most concern he’d ever shown in days, brow set in deep thought as his boyfriend patted Butters’s arm awkwardly on the boy’s other side. ”I mean, I don’t think the blog is a good place to, like, get everything out, but that’s personally just-”

“I… this is something everyone has to know, Kyle,” Butters half-mumbled, staring angrily at his knees, but it didn’t sound like he believed himself. And really, was he really sure he was going to do this? Just… up and tell everyone what he had seen and hope everyone was going to believe him?

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I think Tumblr needs to take more time to appreciate the beautiful band that is Shinedown. They have lyrics like: Trademark the color blue and I don’t need a gun to take back what’s mine. The lead singer, Brent Smith, used to be an addict but he got clean all on his own in a hotel room and is one of the most inspirational people that exists (He also has a son named Lyric and I think that’s pretty fucking cool), and the drummer, Barry Kerch, is an anthropologist, and not to mention their music is just top. Like the songs can be so ballad-y or they can be really angry but they’re all really deep and shit. GO CHECK THEM OUT AND SUPPORT THE FUCK OUT OF THIS BAND RIGHT HERE.


1991. Time Does Not Heal

 is the fourth album by band Dark Angel, When the album was released, it came with a sticker, reading “9 songs, 67 minutes, 246 riffs!”. Time Does Not Heal was Dark Angel’s final album before their break up in 1992. Work on a follow-up album, under the name Atrocity Exhibition, was prepared, but never advanced past a few demos. Time Does Not Heal was also Dark Angel’s only album with former Viking guitarist Brett Eriksen, who replaced Jim Durkin two years earlier.

All can say is that ‘Dark Angel’ succeed here with creating a powerful mass of riffs which never let down. No weak riffs, very good album.

Ron Rinehart     Eric Meyer    Brett Eriksen    Mike Gonzalez    Gene Hoglan  


Airs on September 14th at 10pm on Comedy Central!

Also..please…please bring Pip back! I’ll sell my soul to Satan just for him to show up..i beg of you..


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Eric Meyers sings “Good Kid” from The Lightning Thief

Eric was the original Percy in the first production of The Lighting Thief musical. This song was not in the original musical.

A summer day Encounter

So it finally happened. My dreams of sharing the same air with Sweden’s best export ever came true. Alex went to the Seth Meyers on June 21st and I got to speak with him! I’m writing this while still on a daze!
My hope was to get in the show and just watch him from afar… That alone would have made my day and, and-oh well who am I kidding… my life for that matter LOL. I didn’t have confirmed tickets but they always hand out stand-by tickets for the ones that stand in line. The average chance for Seth Meyers is the first 40-45 people (for Fallon is half that number for example). I arrived super early and got the #1 stand-by ticket, I was feeling very happy and confident since even the employees told me that I’m definitely getting in. However, it turned out that for the first time in the history of the show not a single stand-by ticket holder got in!!! I was utterly heartbroken and just wanted to leave. I thought of waiting a little in case I would see him coming out as he was probably already recording his segment. Sadly 30 Rock has too many exits so I decided to just let it go. It’s not the same to “stalk” Alex via Tumblr 11000 kilometers away as I’ve done it for years than on the flesh. As much as I admire him and wanted to meet him he is a human being and for those very same reasons he deserves non-creepy stalking fans. Anyway I’m leaving the building all sad and hopeless and then bam! …I raise my head and see him. I had to blink as I thought he was already inside and also because I swear there was a golden halo around him LOL.
After almost a decade of reading or watching fan encounters, and people always describing him not only as breathtakingly stunning but as being the sweetest and the kindest, the best, etc I can only say that’s exactly who he is but at the same time that is quite the understatement, as he is all that and so much more. I know, I know, I’m starstruck and biased of course, but that’s what I experienced. A true gentleman. Her assistant was rushing him because he was in a hurry indeed; the show was being recorded and he had to do his segment. Nevertheless he took time to speak with me. Took multiple pictures, hugged me, signed his autograph, received a present I gave him and even gave me an “exclusive”. The total was like 4 minutes, which doesn’t sound much but believe me it is an eternity for celebrities, and like I said before, he was in a hurry and being expected upstairs, yet he was gracious enough to caught up with me.
He has the sweetest voice and he speaks in such a gentle manner. I know I’m Shakespeare right? But please bear with me as English is not my first language and I have not recovered from the encounter. That’s as complex as my adjectives go.
Good thing is that I stayed frosty, friends. I’m quite surprised at myself and proud too why not LOL. We talked as if we were good old friends! Of course the minute he left and entered the building I lost it and had a major meltdown. I was over the moon. I still am and is going to be preserved forever in my memory.
He just irradiates pure love. Now I know why he doesn’t have a sweet tooth; he is 6 ft 4 in of pure Swedish sweetness himself.

Thank you Alex for being who you are.
And fellow fans don’t fret, if I’ve met him… there’s hope for everyone! And there’s certainly plenty of generosity of spirit in him to meet and greet all of us. Just hang in there. Your time will come and it will be AMAZING.


PS: As the fans already knew, the Latin America premiere is going to be in Argentina. The movie will be in theatres on July 21st so I thought he was going to visit the country around that date. However Alex told me he’ll be in Argentina in two weeks time. Which makes it soon after the London and Stockholm premiere. So there you go Argentina, get ready!

– Alex will be in Argentina July 15th! –