eric legrande


Hey, I haven’t been on lately but I thought this was an appropriate post for the marching community.

So as many of you know, The Wiz Live! finally premiered on NBC this past Thursday!  Shanice Williams was INCREDIBLE as Dorothy Gale and simply blew everyone away.Shanice actually went to high school with me at Rahway High School. Her and I performed on several levels together. At times, it wasn’t even for a formal performance. I would just take out my ukulele or guitar and she’d start singing.  There was even one time Eric LeGrand came to our school to talk to some students and a few of the security guards heard Shanice singing as I played the piano in the auditorium before his arrival.  They had asked us if we would play a short song for his entrance. We happily said yes and then 30 minutes later, we were performing “Roar” by Katy Perry for a whole auditorium of people. 

I knew Shanice as “Shanice Scales-Williams” and on a more personal level as “Shayonce” and as our old band director would call her, “Shanaynay”. Shanice had started color guard when I was a freshman.  Even she accidentally hit people with flags and weapons.  The next year, our show was called “Rainforest” (my favorite show) and she actually helped choreograph most of the “Island Krump Dance” in the Percussion and Guard feature.  When she was a senior, she was one of 3 Color Guard Captains while I was the Junior Drum Major. Our salute that year was probably one of my most favorite things in my marching career. Another fond memory would have to be partying in the stands during games with her because the Color Guard and Flutes danced and played all the way at the top of the stands.   

 The fact that she had the same humble beginnings, same teachers, and that we worked with each other during high school makes me SO PROUD of her now.  She’s caught her big break and this is really all she’s wanted.  This is her life.  She’s getting a chance to live it. Shanice, if you end up finding this somehow, I just want to let you know that there was no doubt in my mind you wouldn’t continue to slay the game, Shayonce. Stay fierce.