eric lefcowitz

Eric Lefcowitz on WABC Radio
March 2012

In the wake of Eric Lefcowitz’s publication of an updated version of his book, Monkee Business, and certain pieces of “shocking” information contained therein, we are reposting the audio of statements that Mr. Lefcowitz made on a radio show only days after Davy’s death last year.

It is important to note that we cannot even call this an interview, because Mr. Lefcowitz actually called in to this radio show that was doing a retrospective on Davy. He called in and, for over six minutes straight, used the show as a platform to promote himself as “the foremost Monkees historian,“ while trash-talking Davy, the other Monkees, and everything else under the sun. Ultimately, he showed himself to be little more than a dirt-dishing, spineless opportunist who has no respect for the dead and who seems to delight in heartlessly savaging the reputations of the Monkees. 

It is with all of this in mind that we urge everyone to review the statements made by Mr. Lefcowitz in the new edition of his book, It is said that within every piece of gossip there is a kernel of truth, and we believe that kernel does exist in his book, but is buried far beneath a mountain of sensationalism. It is for this reason and the audio above that we are taking what is written in the book with a very, very large grain of salt. If there truly is information about the 2011 tour to be known or uncovered, we only hope that it will eventually come from a much more reputable source.

That Eric Lefcowitz Thing

The thing that got me when I read Lefcowitz’s book (the old edition) was his gleeful spinning of the most negative take possible on the Monkees’ story. and ‘gleeful’ is the word that comes to mind. He seemed to take great pleasure in it. Especially when it comes to his take on the infighting and disagreements (which we know there has been plenty of)

Lefcowitz’s whole agenda in writing about the Monkees is to argue the position “they all hate each other really. That affectionate buddy act on the tv show? It WAS ALL A FREAKIN LIE! How could you possibly believe they loved each other or even liked each other! You naive fool! Fortunately I, Eric Lefcowitz am here to tell you the truth! Ha ha ha you pollyanna fluffy bunny sap!”

Hence his going on the radio after Davy’s death to crow about how Micky wasn’t really upset and that he was 'crying crocodile tears’ and that he and Davy Really Hated Each Other Really. (Even if that were true, which it isn’t, but even if that were true what would Micky possibly gain by pretending to do that? Of course such logic does not exist in Lefcowitz Land).

Lefcowitz twists the facts to push his “they hated each other really and they still all hate each other” agenda. The reality, as everyone else who has studied the story agrees, is somewhat more nuanced than that.

Anyway, I thought when I first read the book (and I won’t be reading it again) that it was a damn odd position for somebody who calls themselves a lifelong Monkees fan to take.

He seems to take joy and pleasure in his central (and only) argument - that The Monkees Really Hate Each Other. And has to twist the facts to fit this preconcieved notion. (case in point Micky’s obvious grief over Davy’s death. Of course he was faking it says Eric! um okay Eric whatever.)

Eric seems to be a very strange person.