eric kanye

Artists I wanna see live:

¤ Drake
¤ Big Sean(Seeing Friday)
¤ Chris Brown
¤ The Weeknd
¤ Kanye West
¤ Bryson Tiller
¤ Childish Gambino
¤ Eric Bellinger
¤ J. Cole
¤ Jaxon
¤ Jeremih
¤ Justin Bieber
¤ Travis $cott
¤ Trey Songz
¤ Tory Lanez
¤ Omarion
¤ Nick Jonas
¤ Sam Hunt
¤ Jesse McCartney

Artists to see before I kick the bucket

• Chris Brown

• Drake

• Trey Songz

• The Weeknd

• Travis $cott

• Eric Bellinger

• Justin Bieber


• Bryson Tiller

• Jaxon

• Childish Gambino 

• J. Cole

• Tory Lanez

• Sam Hunt

• Kid Ink

• Kanye West

• Jeremih

(That’s all I can think of off the top of my head)

Beyoncé Lemonade fan fiction author speaks out: ‘I’ve been having so much fun’

“At first in one of the tweets I posted I said like, ‘Taraji and Ava and my sister and my mom are coming over.’ I thought it was a funny group of women to have but as I wrote it they became their own characters. It became so fun for me.”

During a recent trip to Italy, self-proclaimed pasta-lover Aziz Ansari spent a LOT of time consuming his favorite food (and gleefully documenting his gastronomical exploits on his Instagram account). He did manage to squeeze in a bit of work while he was there, though. Today he tweeted out a link to an unofficial music video for Kanye West’s “Famous,” which he and Eric Wareheim apparently filmed “in between eating pasta.” At least they had their priorities straight. Not surprisingly, Ansari’s numerous pasta pics are featured throughout. Obviously, we applaud and support his enthusiasm. Aziz Ansari, Instagram, 2016.

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