eric jaye

“There is a very, very dark gravity to politics. It pulls people in.

City Government is not necessarily run for the benefit of San Franciscans. There’s a culture in San Francisco government that’s run for the benefit of only those few who are empowered by it.

And that’s not just the employees. That’s the people who get the contracts. That’s the consultants, like me, who help those people get the contracts.

Look, people say things about the city government that are very derogatory. They don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s much, much worse than that.

I mean, there’s a fiction in politics. You try to participate in politics; I try to to elect people. We all participate in this system. In this fictional system, politicians are going to help us. They are not going to help us. Even politicians who want to help us, can’t help us. We put to much faith in them.

You know, Jefferson gave us the answer. Politics is bloody and you need to stay engaged. We have to be revolutionaries all the time.”

- Eric Jaye