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Kiss for Luck

Because fair is fair in magical healthy poly pb&j AU land.
And Look. In this universe in the inevitable future where the Aces and the Falconers play each other for the Stanley Cup, regardless of who wins, everybody wins. Because either way Bitty gets to figure out some sort of creative food for everyone to eat out of it.

(I drew this because I had a fierce need for playoff beards and hockey gear and flow!Jack and stuff.)

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Now well into its second decade, NCIS is a TV phenomenon, a worldwide megahit, which keeps on giving to its network (CBS) and to the legions of loyal followers around the globe. It also has spawned two offspring – NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles. The latter original spinoff series is now eight years old and it shows signs of following in the footsteps of its juggernaut parent show. The HFPA’s Jenny Coney and Mirai Konishi asked the cast about the show’s success before the panel at Paleyfest.


i’m in such pimmbits mood…..

  • Bitty coming home from his job and tiptoeing around bc he knows that his two boys are napping in their room
  • Kent being woken up by a kiss because it’s dinnertime and Jack got up early to help make burgers
  • the three of them talking about their day in the kitchen and laughing at the things that happened
  • kent and bitty laughing hilariously at jack’s terrible jokes because they love him too much and ergo jack thinks that he’s a genuinely funny guy
  • keeping kit away from the table is hard because kent used to let her jump up all the time when he was in vegas
  • bitty complaining about his coworkers and jack and kent nodding along
  • talking about how the game went, how the goals were and the defense of the other team
  • examining injuries and getting massages from each other 
  • they all sleep in same double king sized bed but there’s a smaller bed in their bedroom that one of them take when they want room for themselves
  • throwing bombass dinner parties where bitty gets to make dozens and dozens of minipies and quiches and other party favors and kent gets to lounge around holding a wine glass
  • kent is not as easy pick up and throw over the shoulder as bitty is, so jack bridal carries him when he wants to pick him up
  • the two of them love ganging up on bitty because he’s so small that they can toss him around with ease. not even in a sexy way but in a regular roughhousing way

“Bits?  Where are you?”

“Kenny and I are just making a quick trip to IKEA.”

Jack let out the smallest sigh, glancing round their condo which was slowly but surely filling up with…stuff.  Little stuff like tables and candle holders and bits of wall art that he didn’t exactly understand, but when he’d asked Kenny about it, he found himself on the receiving end of a dry stare.

He never did get an answer.

“Okay, Bud,” he replied.

“We’re just going for a couple of throw pillows,” Bitty added.  Kent said something in the background Jack missed.

Turning to the sofa, Jack noted that their original cushions were barely visible under the sea of throw pillows in various shapes, colours, and textures.  But the last time he’d pointed that out, Bitty had refused to bake apple pie for a week.


“Have fun.”

“Love you, sweetpea.”

Warmth flooded through his chest at the name, and he lowered himself into a nest of soft cotton and suede.  His eyes flickered over to the kitchen where three wine bottle holders hung, and several glass jars of well…he wasn’t sure what their function was…sat on the counter.  And four new pans.  And two vegetable steamers.  And a row of new, bright blue stirring spoons.

‘I’m just going for a couple of throw pillows,’ meant a car-full of…stuff.  Especially if Kent and Bits were together.

There was only one thing Jack could do in this situation.

He reached for his laptop, opened the top, and clicked on his search and typed:

New Homes, Providence RI, 3,000+ sqft.

The Men of NCIS

Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Scott Bakula as Dwayne Cassius Pride
Michael Weatherly as Anthony DiNozzo
LL Cool J as Sam Hanna
Chris O’Donnell as G. Callen
Sean Murray as Timothy McGee
Lucas Black as Christopher LaSalle
Eric Christian Olsen as Marty Deeks
Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer

You know how people have a list of five celebrities that they can sleep with without their partner getting mad?

Jack Zimmermann is on every SMH player’s list.  And they remind him of it constantly.

Bitty put Jack on there as a joke before everyone knew they were together, but one time at an All Stars game after-party he ended up changing Jack’s slot to Kent Parson.

I need a PB&J fic with like..established Pimms, and Jack meets and falls for Bitty and he keeps telling Kent, “You have to meet him, he’s so amazing.  He’s sweet and attractive and I know you’re going to love him.”

And Kent just keeps putting it off and putting it off.

Eventually Jack is like, “Kenny just tell me, WHY you won’t meet him!”

And Kent just goes, “Because I don’t trust your judgment.”

And Jack is like…???  What??  And Kent is like, “Babe…you fell in love with me.  You literally have the worst taste in men.  I’m sorry but I just don’t have any faith that this guy isn’t an epic disaster.  And we both know there’s only room for one of those in this relationship.”

Then of course Kent eventually does meet Bitty and falls in love (because how can he not) and they all live happily ever after.


The Lord of the Rings
J R R Tolkien
Illustrations by Ingahild Grathmer, drawn by Eric Fraser.

London The Folio Society 1977 /90

This binding features the “Seven (Silver) Rings for the Dwarf-lords”, within “Three (Gold) Rings for the Elven-kings”, surrounded by “Nine (Red) Rings for Mortal Men”, encompassed by the “One Ring” (Gold) “to rule them all”. Wonderful symbology, and beautiful execution to form the gilt design for the front boards of each book. Top edges of the pages stained in a dark ‘blood red’ color.

Hey y’all! This is what I’ve been working on the stream, as a couple of you can testify! :D It was an intense couple of hours, I didn’t expect to start and finish it in one setting, even less that I would have to cook in the meantime because I forgot to eat- again :P  So I hope you like, and most of all, miss A.H, who commissioned it! :D

Now I Know The Truth

3k of PB&J in a Soulmate AU

For the 14 Days of Love Fic-a-thon hosted by @softkent

Also on AO3

Despite the stories spun by Hollywood, every person had multiple soulmates. Every person was born with a phrase tattooed on their bodies. For centuries, people believed it to be the last words your soulmate (singular) would ever say to you. This inspired fear in most and lead to stories such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

In the last five centuries, however, global travel revealed the existence of multiple soulmates for each person. Even more interesting, telecommunications proved that each soul mark is in fact much more nuanced than simply ‘last words’. The mark is meant to indicate the moment when everything changes. Sometimes that means hardships, separation, or death. But sometimes, the words can lead to something greater. If only the soulmates know how to navigate life and each other.

Bitty didn’t know about this technicality until he got to Samwell. Until Shitty and Lardo literally run into Camilla at Winter Screw and realize all three of their marks synch up. The phrase “1 in 4, maybe more” is very appropriate considering the high percentage of soulmates that meet multiple partners at Samwell.

He tries to be happy for them as they fall into each other. He ignores the way Ransom, Holster, March and April circle around each other, avoiding the moment when they realize they’ve been in a relationship forever. He rolls his eyes when Ollie and Wicks sneak behind the docks before games to kiss their boyfriend, a Chad, for good luck. But Bitty thinks it’s sweet nonetheless.

He isn’t even jealous when Chowder breaks up a fight between Nursey and Dex saying “I love you, but this has got to stop.” Which just so happens to be Nursey’s phrase. And much later when Dex tells Chowder “you mean more to me than a stupid fight.” He’s happy for them. Especially when they meet Farmer and she ticks off every one of their phrases by the time their Frog year is over.

He doesn’t believe it’s gonna happen for him. Not at Samwell at least. His phrase could be worse.

We’re a team is branded in small font on his wrist. It’s still customary to keep your phrase hidden from the public eye, so he wore wrist guards when it’s hot out and long sleeves at every other opportunity.

Bitty thinks that’s nebulous, but distinct enough that he’ll know it when he hears it. His words don’t come for quite some time. In the interim, he falls in love with Jack whose phrase is supposedly hidden somewhere near his torso. He doesn’t think much of it when he overhears Jack and Parse fighting during the Epikegster.

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It’s 9pm and I just really fancied more PB&J, so here’s a Samwell AU where things didn’t go shite at Epikegster for Kent and Jack.  

Now I’m Standing Here (read here at ao3)

Pairings: Kent/Jack/Bitty, Kent/Jack

Rating: Mature

Summary:  Kent loves Jack. He loves him so much, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to see him happy, even if that means giving up on what they could be, for what Jack wants–Eric Bittle. If only Jack and Bitty weren’t so damn dense about it.


Kent stared at the scene in the kitchen. Jack chirping Bitty, Bitty throwing flour on Jack. Jack waxing poetic about his prospects, Bitty listening with his eyes practically glowing hearts. Hip-checks and standing too close and soft smiles.

Kent knows what love looks like. He’s had it before, and he still loves Jack enough to want to see him happy. And he likes Bitty enough that his jealousy over the blonde baker isn’t enough for Kent to want to stand in the way.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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