eric is so cute omg


Eric “Bitty” Bittle + Lyrics/Titles from Lemonade

I think that these might be some of Bitty’s favorite lyrics from the songs, or at least ones he likes or feels apply to him B)

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I was running out of creative juice and these took hours to make because I’m still new to the whole edit process but I’m pretty happy with most of them (especially the last one, which is funny because that was the easiest)

I’m sorry I didn’t get to Daddy Lessons or Forward, I wanted them all to fit in one post lol those were the two that had to go unfortunately

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No but Aaron’s little freak out when he saw the signal being shot into the sky he was like, “I have to go, it’s all over, I have to go, let me out!” it was so adorable especially when they showed that Aaron and Eric were in fact a couple that’s so cute and when Eric gave Aaron the license plate omg -

“While you were out I scavenged the town and I found this.”
“You lost the license plates..”
“I lost the car.”

Too much cuteness