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Demigod AU

·      Jack is the son of Venus and Bad Bob Zimmermann, hockey legend and son of Jupiter. Because of that, everyone expects him to be more powerful than the average demigod.

     o   Jack has lived at Camp Jupiter ever since he was around 12, and, as Praetor, he faces a lot of pressure to be the best.

     o   He gets the chance to prove himself when he get’s assigned a quest to find the with Kent Parson, son of Mars

     o   The quest goes badly.  Nobody talks about it in the years following it.

     o   Years later, Kent goes missing.  And two weeks later, none other than Eric Bittle shows up.

·      Bitty is a son of Demeter.  He finds Camp Half-Blood when he’s 15, and meets Shitty, Lardo, Ransom and Holster.

     o   Shitty is a son of Aphrodite and he hates it.  He actively lectures people about the irrationality about beauty standards and stereotypes.

     o   Lardo is a daughter of Apollo.  She’s a painter and an archer, and when she was younger considered joining the Hunter’s of Artemis, but she likes her friends too much to leave them.  Boys aren’t that bad.

     o   Ransom is a son of Athena. Very smart, works too hard.

     o   Holster is a son of Hermes.  Between his cleverness and Ransom’s intelligence, they’re pretty much a power couple

·      A few years later, Bitty disappears from Camp.

     o   A few weeks later, Kent Parson comes running up Half-Blood Hill, while being chased by monsters.

     o   He has no memories before waking up in the subways of Manhattan

     o   Somehow, he ends up at Camp Half-Blood, but not before being attacked by a fair few monsters.

·      Now Shitty, Lardo, Ransom and Holster are all worried sick about Bitty.  They want to go looking for him, but they have no idea where or how.

     o   Until they receive a note signed by Johnson, the son of Hypnos.  All it says is, “San Francisco, CA”

     o   (When they ask him about it, he just says, “Gotta get this story moving somehow” and then goes back to sleep)

     o   And so, they take Kent, because he’s somehow a part of this, and they start their roadtrip quest to San Francisco to find Bitty.

·      While on the trip, they come across Derek Nurse and William Poindexter. They’re demigods, as shown by their ability to attract monsters, but they aren’t claimed, and they didn’t know what demigods were until Shits & Co. find them.  

     o   They find Nursey (son of Apollo–amazing poet and more inclined to the future than most children of Apollo) in Ohio.  He’s on a walk, being trailed by some Drachnae.  Lardo shoots them just before they attack Nursey, and after insisting that he is perfectly “chill” and uninjured, he joins the group.

     o   They find Dex (son of Hephaestus who can use fire) (Of course nobody has made that joke before. Never.) a little later in Chicago (for the sake of the story).  Dex is fending off two Empousi.  After being helped by the CHB crew, Dex is also dragged along on this quest.  He’s not entirely happy about it, but at least he’s not being attacked.  Dex and Nursey do not get along well at all, in the beginning obviously.  

·      The kids from CHB continue their journey to find Bitty, and along the way, they end up finding several monsters that warn them about Gaea and the Earth Mother rising.

     o   At first they assume it’s nothing, but after monster number eight mentions Gaea, they start to worry.

          §  Of course, they have no idea what it means, so they can’t even do anything about it.

     o   A few more days into their trip, Nursey has a dream (and being inclined to  the future, it is pretty significant, but none of them know that yet, because they don’t know he’s a son of Apollo) about “some small blond kid fighting with this tall black haired dude in some kind of child army”

          §  It’s clear that he’s talking about Jack and Bitty.

          §  Everyone tries to brush it off, but Kent points out that Nursey has never seen Jack or Bitty, so how would he know exactly what they look like?

          §  The group gets kinda quiet after that. Whatever is about to go down isn’t good, but they aren’t really sure what else they can do but keep going.

·      Meanwhile, Bitty shows up at Camp Jupiter, and it’s obvious that he’s a demigod, but not Roman. So who is he?  He can’t get the hang of sword fighting (but he slays with throwing knives), and that’s mostly how the Romans fight.  Not only is he clearly not Roman, but he also gets assigned to Jack’s Cohort.  

     o   Jack is livid. He wants to complain.  He would complain. But he’s the praetor, and Chris Chow, son of Neptune, and member of the First Cohort decides to sponsor Bitty.

     o   Cue Jack training Bitty in sword fighting, in a fashion similar to morning checking practice.

     o   At the beginning of week five of training, Jack is notified about seven outsiders trying to get into the camp.

Maybe I’ll write more of this later?  Maybe a fic is coming? Who knows? Contributions are welcome! And thanks to @slytherinsexgoddess and @theunknownfalls for helping me with ideas and reading this first.

Eric Meyers & Teal Wicks

Check out Percy (Eric Meyers), Grover (Jordan Stanley), and Annabeth (Kristin Stokes) embarking on their quest in “In the Same Boat”. Also good luck getting this song out of your head, it has been stuck in our heads for weeks!

Filed under unconventional ideas: a Little Mermaid AU featuring Perc’ahlia only with Percy as Ariel and Vex as prince Eric. Now bear with me. 

Percy who has been collecting things he longs to understand, desperate to know more about the world above until his curiosity gets the better of him and he makes a deal with the sea witch known as Orthax so he can walk among humans.

Princess Vex who swims back to a burning ship without a second thought just to save her beloved dog Trinket and who later falls for the strange young man who can’t speak a word but seems so awfully familiar, and goes on to save the day by ramming a ship through Orthax’s form. 

Bonus: Scanlan as Sebastian. Grog as Scuttle the sea gull. And Keyleth as Flounder. Need I say more?