eric is king


Everyone should go see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. It was fantastic!
Just a fair warning, it’s an action fantasy, not historical, but boy was it epic. 
Guy Ritchie never disappoints. The cast was amazing, especially Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law, and the soundtrack was absolutely flawless.
I went to see it in 3D and I had chills all over my body.  If you’re a big fantasy fan like me, you should definitely go see it.


Can we take a moment to appreciate these two nerds?

I have turned to the sin side-ish-THANKS GUYS GARSH DANGIT!!

I-IDK!! If you guys wanna see some shiz then go here @rickcrte cause I am not gonna sin on this blog X”D 

Tho non sin Rick and Morty fanart will stay right here. But if you want SIN or just Rick and Morty pairings/ships then come on over if yah wanna 8D”