eric homan

Eric Homan @ Frederator Studios!

Today was a busy day. First, I went to visit the CalArts campus in Valencia for two hours. Came back to Sherman Oaks and scarfed down some Panera, and made my way out to Burbank to meet Eric Homan, VP of Development at Frederator Studios.

Eric was the nicest guy. When I emailed him, I asked for, if nothing else, 15-20 minutes of his time. He talked to me for about an hour, and I was just so thrilled to have the opportunity to even set foot into Frederator! He told me about some good networking opportunities and discussed with me how I could get into the industry, and aside from his business card, he gave me another little gift too! 

A Bravest Warriors shirt of my choosing! This Catbug shirt spoke to me on a spiritual level.

I have had an amazing time out here in California, and I’m feeling very excited and hopeful for my future! I’m so excited to be here!!