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Eric Stoltz with Lea Thompson on the set of Back To the Future, 1984

Originally cast as Marty McFly for Back to the Future in late 1984, he was replaced after about a month of filming when Michael J. Fox (the director’s first choice for the role) agreed to divide time between the movie and his television sitcom Family Ties. The director, Robert Zemeckis, said that while Stoltz provided an admirable performance, it lacked the precise comedic sense that Zemeckis was seeking. Some of the original footage, where Stoltz does not appear but was on set, was used in the film. (x)

Kinda high-key hoping for Rowan to get her version of this moment in GM Hollyworld, ngl. But it sounds like they’ll be doing more of a movie-within-the-show rather than a KGAWTU-type thing. Still, this is probably one of my most favorite moments from one of my most favorite episodes of BMW, and I would DIE if they made Rowan yell something like this at Ben (who is directing, I think). 😂


Now well into its second decade, NCIS is a TV phenomenon, a worldwide megahit, which keeps on giving to its network (CBS) and to the legions of loyal followers around the globe. It also has spawned two offspring – NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles. The latter original spinoff series is now eight years old and it shows signs of following in the footsteps of its juggernaut parent show. The HFPA’s Jenny Coney and Mirai Konishi asked the cast about the show’s success before the panel at Paleyfest.



Voyage of The Little Mermaid by Jeremy Wong