eric haas

Luke 18:27

Since my first year studio, several upperclassman intimidated me and told me that third year is THE WORST. (And if they say it’s “THE WORST” and MOST DIFFICULT" that means, it’s more difficult…than the already ridiculously difficult first and second year. Third year = Housing. It throws in all these building codes that we students have to comply with…. our design must be not only aesthetic now, but also very practical and efficient. It must meet the needs of every individual in the household.

…Honestly, after I read the occupant profile list, I was excited to do this project. I was gonna choose working father, work at home mother, and school-age daughter. I already imagined drawing the mom cooking dinner for a section drawing… but then Jordan persuaded me to be “edgy”. so i changed my mind and chose a more unconventional household:

  1. Working father (PHd in chemistry, super smart)
  2. School age girl (10th grade)
  3. Large dog (Breed: Briar) (Name: Big Teddy) < (A little twist)

Yeah, very nostalgic :) though living like that was strange, i can only remember being happy and walking home and cooking for me & my dad and getting help on homework. i’m very excited. This proj will be due the day I leave for EFCI’s retreat. & my studio teacher (Eric Haas) is very gentle, encouraging, & cool. i’m happy with my studiomates. & even though Alau isn’t in my studio, catching up with him while we built our models was very nice…. and i can’t stop laughing with Olea behind me. thank you, God. This year will be demanding, but God’s strength will help me pull it through.